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Sethu’s Story: “Most of all, I was scared”

This happened over a year ago, but after posting one (unrelated) story on Hollaback!, I realized that I couldn’t let this guy get away with it too. I was a senior in high school and had to ride the school bus for that day. I noticed one kid staring at me on the bus but I didn’t think much of it. I knew he lived by my apartment so I was not even surprised when he got off at my stop and came to walk a step behind me. I finally reached my apartment and as I was about to head in through the main door, he asked me if I wanted to “come over for a good time” and, when I politely refused, that he would, in his exact words, “suck my tits dry”.

I was shocked and angry that he would even dare to say that. But most of all, I was scared. This guy, even though he was younger than me, he was physically much larger. I ran inside my apartment and just collapsed onto my bed, relieved that nothing more had happened.

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Story, Verbal

Sarah’s Story: The “smile” request

I went into the liquor store to get a bottle of wine for a party this evening. As I was waiting in line to pay, an employee walked in front of me and leered at me. I ignored him and kept staring straight ahead. Then, as I was paying, the same employee came up and stood right next to me, and asked the cashier if I had smiled. The cashier said I had not and then asked me why I wasn’t smiling. I didn’t know what to do or say, so I just mumbled something about how I didn’t want to, and he continued to ask me to smile. At the same time, the first man was still standing beside me, alternating between joking with the cashier and telling me to smile. He told the cashier not to let me leave until I smiled. I tried to ignore it all and keep my face blank until the transaction was finished, and then I got out of there as quickly as possible. I want to report the incident, but I’m afraid that if I email the store, it will just go to one of them and nothing will be done about it. It makes me so mad because I was so excited to find a conveniently located liquor store, and now I can’t go back.

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Sophia’s Story: Creeper on the MAX

Me and a friend were waiting for the MAX (a lightrail public transit) under the Burnside bridge, at a stop that is very sketchy and known to be bad for harassment.
An older man came up to us and asked, “20 bucks for the both of you together? I live just down the street…” I didn’t get it at first, I was kind of in shock, but my friend immediately shot back with a “Excuse me? Fuck you! We’re underage!” and soon after I helped in the verbal defense.
Typically, he raised his hands in defense, saying something like “Oops sorry girls, I thought you guys looked 18!” and backed away. We glared at him until he was out of sight.

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Story, Verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: All too common

“Hey sexy” as I walked by.

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Victoria’s Story: “I feel humiliated and dirty”

I was walking across the street and I heard someone yelling from a car up ahead. A man in the passenger street very hatefully screamed suck my dick and then they sped off honking at slow cars at the intersection ahead. At first I though someone had cut them off they were yelling so hatefully but I realized it was me when there was no one else around. I feel humiliated and dirty. I’ve had men say gross things or just call at me, but never like that. How can someone think it is funny, yelling at an innocent young woman just walking to the store? I don’t understand it.

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Lizzie’s Story: “Was he serious?”

This is just one of the many times a guy has felt he could make a disgusting comment or “invitation” to me, but it’s the one that shook me up most. Walking home in broad daylight a guy in his mid-late 20’s pulled up in his car and said “Excuse me?” Thinking he was lost I stepped toward the car but took a few steps back (just in case).

The man proceeded to say “You look like a friend of mine. Let me give you a ride?” Was he serious? I looked like someone, so I would jump in his car?? Politely and firmly declining I started walking away.

He then yelled “WOULD BANG THAT” and when I didn’t reply he yelled “FRIGID BITCH” and slowly drove away after I ducked down a residential side street. Was holding my breath as every guy on his own in a similar car drove past until I made my way home.

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Daiana’s Story: Facebook fail

Last week I was coming from work at 8 pm and I walked trough the park in the center of my city. It’s almost summer so it was full of people, yet this guy (I think he was my age) told me it was “dangerous for a beautiful girl like me to be alone.” I just kept walking so he would leave me alone, but he followed me for five blocks asking me for my number, wanting to know if I was single, if the food I was carrying was enough for him too and offering himself to be my bodyguard.
I told him that I was not interested, yet he insisted and I told him to leave me alone, he said “don’t be so rude, I just wanted to get to know you” Then I started crying until I finally got to a store that was open and he just went away.
So after this traumatic experience when all I could think while it was happening was “he’s going to rape me or murder me”, I went to Facebook the next day because I needed to talk about it and maybe get some support. I wrote “So yesterday this guy followed me for five blocks after work, why some people can’t accept ‘no’ for an answer? I never had been so scared in my life” and I received answers (all from girls) like “I feel so lucky that I’m not attractive”, “you’re a heartbreaker” “you should have gave him a wrong number and problem solved” and when I responded and said I felt threathened, some “friend” told me I was exaggerating, it wasn’t that big of a deal.
It was a big deal for me, even tho I (like pretty much every female) have been dealing with this since I was 11. I have social anxiety and this is the kind of thing that I just can’t face and I would really like to end forever.

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Story, Verbal

Mollie’s Story: A picture is worth a thousand words

I was walking back to my car down the fairly busy street I live off of, and I was the only person on the side walk. I passed a local Auto College and there were some boys standing on the second level of the dorms. They were all in the dickies uniforms, all had about the same hair cut and one of them yelled down to me: “Hey Gurl, Lemme lick dat butt hole.”

Ladies we don’t do anything to ignite this behavior, it’s a sick way weak guys manipulate a situation to make us feel uncomfortable so they can feel more dominant. On this day I was wearing an oversized flannel on top of my hoodie with black jeans and combat boots.

I didn’t think to take a picture but I did a drawing of the situation.

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Story, Verbal

Lindsey’s Story: “It is not an excuse”

I was walking through student housing neighborhoods on my way home to my apartment. I was with another female friend and we passed a house at the same moment that five males came out the front door. We were talking and only glanced at the noise, but one of them shouted “Hey sluts!!” to us.

I instinctively turned around to say something but realized a reaction is what they were seeking. So I turned back around and we kept walking. They continued to shout things at us: rude, insulting comments.

I do not care if they were sober or highly intoxicated – it is not an excuse. Who do these people think they are? How could someone possibly think they have the right to speak to a stranger in such an offensive way? The worst part is that that one word will stick with me forever. I am sure they have forgotten about it and will never think about it again. But I will not forget. How it felt to be talked to in such a way. They don’t know me. How dare someone speak to another human being that way. It infuriates me that we live in a world like this.

I am so angry at these monsters that think they can treat women this way. And what’s unbearable is that their goal of seeking control is sometimes, it works. Every time this happens to me, I plan a new route, or avoid going out late at night. When I do this, they have gained control over public space by removing my comfort and feelings of safety in that area. How do I stand up against this while still being safe? I am so incredibly frustrated.

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Stalking, Story, Verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: Followed home

Walking back from the fast station, I refused to give six individuals a cigarette so the group decided to follow me all the way home, all the while being screamed at and threatened. It was horrifying.

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