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HOLLA ON THE GO: Biking Catcalls

Biking in corvallis on my way home from work and doing errands I was subjected to several incidents in June 2013. I had “nice tits, bitch”, “hey, you, you doing anything tonight baby?” (out the window of a truck at an intersection), and various whistles and catcalls from passing cars.

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Isabella’s Story: I Am A PERSON

I am 15 years old, and I have dealt with sexual harassment from age 11 up until now. I now see men as animals, instead of human beings.. but worse I now see myself, as just a piece of meat. This still happens, but in 8th grade I decided I wasn’t going to stand for being groped in the halls everyday, and whistled at, and yelled at from cars, and windows. One day at school, a guy walked up to me and said “hey… Let me ‘titty fuck’ you right there in the corner!”, as you can imagine I was appalled at the fact he would have such disrespect for a female, no forget female, as a person!! I stood there completely silent, just taking his crude harassment. Eventually when he was done touching me, and yelling at me, I calmly walked away, he followed me. I finally lost my temper and decided I had nothing to lose, I tuned around And yelled back “IM A PERSON!” And he said “yeah a person with big tits!”, that is about the point where I lost it completely, and broke down, I screamed at the top of my lungs, “you objectify women! You have no respect, and because of that, nobody will have respect for you!” And he laughed and laughed at me… But believe it or not, I felt better afterwards! :O alas I continue to get harassed…. I hate highschool, and I hate how assholish guys can be… The worst parts are- I’ve told the office and they simply responded with “oh I’m Sorry we can’t help you.”, how fucking awful is that? The second worst part is that I don’t feel safe anymore as a person and a girl… I hate it

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “I couldn’t feel comfortable on my own campus”

I was walking to my school’s student union when a man who appeared to be another student accompanied by his friend started following me and yelling things at me like “Ay yo gurl, lemme lick your butt.” And they both laughed at me when I would turn back to look at them.

I didn’t know how to respond so I didn’t say anything and kept walking til I got inside. It made me mad that I couldn’t feel comfortable on my own campus.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Unoriginal creeper response

I was just on my way to the shop not long ago, about an hour ago with my friend and this lad who we have seen before, who’s younger than us shouts ‘hey’ at us so my friend tells him to shutup and he says ‘fucking ugly bitches’.

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Juliet’s Story: “And please, don’t call me baby”

This story is just one of countless amounts that I have acquired over the years. I was walking home from the grocery store, which was only about four or five blocks away, which required me to walk past the local precinct on the way. As i was aproaching the intersection in front of the police station, an officer who was standing on the opposite side of the street suddenly stepped out into the intersection and stopped oncoming cars. He then proceeded to cross the street towards me. When he finally reached me, he gave me a giant toothy grin and held his hand out. He said “come with me baby” as he creepily smiled at me and tried to hold my hand as I crossed the street. (Important side note: I was nineteen years old at the time and in now way required assistance crossing the street.)

I stared at him blankly before laughing both nervously and amused. I said “No thank you” with a sarcastic smile and crossed the street ahead of him. When I looked back he was still standing in the middle of the intersection, cars waiting, staring me down with a shocked look in his eyes as if he couldn’t believe a young woman would turn down an officer in uniform. This interaction only confirmed my beliefs that police officers are creeps who expect everything to go their way just because of their job title. I resisted him arresting my walk home, but he could not resist me arresting his heart I guess. And please, don’t call me baby. All I am wondering now is, why can’t I have this power over cops when they are actually arresting me?

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Surrounded by creepers

Three large men surrounded me while I was on a busy street, on my way to a bar, all of them propositioned sex to me together.

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Jayme’s Story: “I felt intimidated, threatened”

I had just started gardening outside the front of my house and a grey sedan with black out windows drove by and the man in the passenger’s side yelled a cat call at me. Then the car slowed down and they pulled over right in front of my house.

I felt threatened because there were several guys in the car and they clearly pulled over to harass me.

I went into my house and called 911. I gave the cops the color and make of the car and liscense plate number. As I was waiting for police to come, a couple of them got out of their car and walked around. They then drove away. The cop showed up a few minutes later asked me which direction they went in and went looking for them. I felt intimidated, threatened. Not fun.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Creeper in the car window

Man stuck his head in my open car window as I was about to pull out of my parking spot. Man was forcefully telling me to come with him. Man refused to let go of car or remove his head so I began backing up and dragged him until he finally let go. Incident happened 7/2013

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I am 16 years old from the UK and I get beeped at and wolf whistled at pretty much everyday. I have had guys shout ‘get your tits out’ from their cars. I had a man tell me I was going to be gorgeous when I’m older. I get stared at. I also had a man say to me the other day ‘hey how you doing, looking nice’. Some creep tried to get me to buy him a drink in starbucks, A taxi driver touched my arm and hand excessively. I got asked do I still work in a strip club when I never have .

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Rachel’s Story: Standing Up for Myself

I was walking out of my office building to join a friend for lunch. There’s a nice patio area outside the entrance to the building, and I was crossing it to reach the sidewalk. I was wearing a pretty outfit, and it was sunny and nice outside. An older man was standing a few feet away from me, and I walked past him on my way. He was 60ish, with a nice face, and a brightly colored polo shirt. As I approached him he smiled, so I smiled back.

He said to me, “Oh, I just love big girls like you. You’re just what I like to have.”

I quickly felt a cold feeling descend all over me, and my pulse started going through the roof. I knew I had to say something to make him stop, and to tell him to go to hell, or I would regret not standing up for myself (this happens to me all. the. time.).

“Fuck you,” I said, giving me a cold, angry glare.

“That can be arranged,” he called as I stalked away.

I can’t stand that he had a good day after that, and that he felt like he was giving me a compliment. I’m fat, right? Why is it that they always have to call me fat, and sexually harass me? Fuck that guy. I went to lunch afterwards with a male friend, and he said maybe I was making too big of a deal. He doesn’t get it.

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