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HOLLA ON THE GO: “Afraid to be by myself”

I walked out of my town house to meet the tow truck for my car (really bad day). I walk into this guy at my front gate. He looked me up and down and asked me my name. I was silent and glaring at him. I turn around to go inside my house. And he asks “you a daughter?” He cat called me and assumed I couldn’t afford my own place. I went inside and waited while peaking out the window to see if he left. Went back out afraid to be by myself.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “At least 4 times”

Cat called at least 4 times while walking alone in St. Louis yesterday.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Mall creepers

When I was 14, my female friend and I were walking around the mall, when this group of guys a couple years older than us started following us. They were about a foot behind us, and one of them was telling the other to touch my friend’s butt. He was reaching his hand out, and we walked faster and hid in a store until they moved on to play that really funny joke~ on someone else probably

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Punnie’s Story: Catcalling is FAR from a minor infraction

It was about 3:30 am on a Friday night/Saturday morning when I decided to walk to the Dunkin’ Donuts near my apartment to grab a scoop of ice cream. I crossed the brightly-lit intersection, seeing in the corners of my eyes, the cars waiting for their light to change. I noted a convertible at the front of the intersection and closest to me, which was fully seated with three men and a girl. Suddenly, I heard a male voice yell from the car, “How much?” With a quick glance back, I retorted, “Go fuck yourself! to which the man haughtily replied, “She said, ‘Go fuck yourself!’ Hahahaha!!!”

Needless to say, I was incredibly offended by this stranger’s unabashed objectification of me and my body, by his diminishing me into something that can be bought. I feel extremely angry thinking about it. The sexual objectification of women in our culture is pervasive. Some people feel that cat-calling is a minor, practically non-issue. But as a young woman in my twenties, I am telling the world that it is far from a minor infraction. Nearly every day, I deal with cat-calling. I’d like to be able to walk out of my apartment to run errands or buy some ice cream without worrying that I will be verbally or physically violated. I cannot wait for our society to be one that demands respect for women at all times.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Approaching harasser

I was getting into my car but the key wasn’t working, I heard a man getting closer, he started saying things like sexy beautiful gorgeous, I got nervous and it made the key more hard to work, finally he was right in front of me and he yelled “hey bitch,” I stared at him and yelled shut up and finally my key worked and I got in my car and drove away

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Denise’s Story: “It felt hostile and frightening”

On an extra hot day, I had decided to wear- albeit hesitating very much- a tank and jean shorts. I felt uncomfortable wearing this outfit, because of the kind of harassment women and minors get in my neighborhood. However, I realized that if I was restricting my outfit that much to avoid any kind of demeaning attention, whether or not the men (and boys) cared if I was an adult or that I just simply didn’t want it, I was giving these people a kind of power over me. I decided to opt for comfort.

My fiance and I went around the area, walking our dog and getting an errand done. I had in fact, half an hour later, almost completely forgotten about the anxiety of the very thought of being approached by a stranger via harassment or assault. On our way back, a group of rowdy men stopped suddenly. I wasn’t sure if it was at a red light, but they immediately spotted me and began to yell from the vehicle. Making very odd, inappropriately dramatic gestures. Grinning, speaking straight in our direction. I felt like they were looking straight at me.

At first, I didn’t understand what had happened. I was in the middle of a conversation with my partner when this moment abruptly interrupted us. But I immediately felt like something bad was happening or something worse could happen. I frowned at them in confusion, perhaps looking displeased.

The driver, with his window down, repeated his remarks and he drove off really fast. A block of walking in silence and we had realized what they were asking was how much my partner had paid for me.

I was being propositioned. And I knew that day I looked young enough to pass for a minor even though I am 23. In either case, it felt hostile and frightening and made me feel disgusting about myself and furious at not having pepper sprayed them immediately.

My mother took my account with an air of tiredness. All she could say was, “Some┬ámen are like that”, and to ignore what had happened.

Sexual/gender based violence (among other serious issues) is very prevalent in my area. And the more I experience this, the more driven I am to do something about it. I’m just not sure how to stop the violence if I see it, and get the community to stand with me without actually getting hurt.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Bystander tactics

Some young men in a car whistled at a group of two women and a man.

I was standing on the same corner as the group of three, so to distract the young men in the car, I pretended to believe that they had whistled at me. I called out, “Hey, how *you* doin’?” in a flirtatious manner. They seemed to react appreciatively, even though I am a man.

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Zoe’s Story: “I thought someone was calling their dog or something”

It was late in the evening and my father and I were going to pick up my brother, who was meeting us in a restaurant. My father had gone in and I was lagging behind, tying my shoe or something. That’s when I heard the whistling. I thought someone was calling their dog or something. then I saw them, 3 guys across the road hooting and stuff. oh BTW I was wearing pjs. yep, my dowdiest full length pjs and a dressing gown. I had done nothing to bring this on. What the hell?

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Creeper bus

Bus full of man pigs harassing women as they walked by

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Lizi’s Story: Pizza wielding bystander

I had stopped for a slice of pizza on my way home from seeing my boyfriend at the bar where he works in downtown Orlando. I grabbed my to-go box of pizza and started walking towards my car when I found myself behind two guys. A woman was walking towards them and they immediately invaded her space. I’m not sure what they said to her at that moment but she kept walking and said, “No, I’m good,” with her entire body bending away from them and her hand in the air, palm up towards them as if pushing them away without touching them. They then started screaming at her as she hurriedly continued walking.


“You’re f*cking ugly anyway!”
“I wouldn’t even f*ck you!”
“You got a flat ass, you need a f*cking pizza, bitch!”

They stopped at the next bar and as I got close enough for them to hear me, I chose to stand in solidarity with this woman, intervene as a bystander, and said, “So disgusting.” One piped up and said, “What’s disgusting??!” Straight up, I said, “You. You are disgusting.” The barrage of insults then ensued in my direction.

More examples:

“YOU are fucking gross!” (Good one.)
“You’re wearing glasses, what the fuck?!” (Umm…?)
“I would never fuck you!” (To which I responded, “I couldn’t care less.”)

And then finally I got what is apparently one of the guy’s go-to lines, “You got a flat ass!!”

At this point, I turned around (yes, I was still walking away and was fairly far away as they continued to harass me) and knew it was time #iHollaback. I said, “Well, at least I’VE got a pizza then, right?!!”

Fortunately, this made me laugh and was clearly a bit too clever for them to process so they shut up. It isn’t to say I wasn’t worried they were going to follow me, I was worried. But I felt at that time that it was appropriate for me take one for my ladies and femmefolk and not let these types of men perpetuate the idea that all spaces are men’s spaces and those that don’t identify as “one of them” should just shut up and be harassed. Nope, not gonna take it.

P.S. Officers from the Orlando Police Department were across the street the entire time watching this, outside of their vehicles, arms crossed, seriously WATCHING this go down, and did nothing. Absolutely nothing.

#StopStreetHarassment #catcallingISNOTacompliment #iHollaback

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