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HOLLA ON THE GO: Threatened for no reason

These guys on the bus are threatening a young woman on the bus for seemingly no reason.

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Fernanda’s story: Leave me alone!

I’m Mexican, but I spent 6 months at Bordeaux, France as an international exchange. It was my first time traveling alone, and I arrived really tired. A friend there helped me finding my place (I decided to rent a room at Village 2, Pessac) and everything was perfect, but I wanted to send an e-mail to my family saying I was alright. I discovered the internet wasn’t free, because my iphone couldn’t receive the internet without a password, so I was a little bit sad because I felt alone and not communicated. I decided with little hope to go through the aisle near my room to look for some internet signal and when I passed through the showers I saw a guy. This guy told me if I had any problems and I asked him about the internet, he told me that it wasn’t free, so I said it was ok that I could fix it later, and I said thanks, but he told me he could lend me his laptop to send and e-mail if I wanted to. So I told him it was ok (I really wanted to send my family an e-mail), then he told me he could go to my room with my laptop (I should have been more cautious about this I know, but he was another student, and I thought he would be decent), anyway I said yes and told him the number of my room. Then after some minutes he was on my door , I opened, and left the door opened while talking to him. He gave me his laptop but the internet wasn’t working either, so he told me it should be something wrong, however he didn’t try anymore to fix it , and then I told him it was ok, and that I wanted to rest, but he told me that he could give me a foot massage. I felt really uncomfortable after that, so I get up and told him I was fine and I wanted to be alone, but he got nearer and told me that he could really help me unpacking my clothes and then maybe pass the night with me. So I really became afraid because he started to get really close to me, so I told him to leave me alone, so he was upset and told me that I was afraid, but I shouldn’t be, that every woman in France is like that, so I told him to leave me, and he really didn’t want to. After that I left my room making him leave it to, and then I turned quickly and told him to leave me alone, so I closed the door quickly and couldn’t opened it until the other they in the morning. I felt so scared, was alone at night, and I thought the worst thing, I also felt really bad considering I felt vulnerable and alone, without any friend to call neither any kind of communication, I was alone in an unknown country. I cried that night, and felt horrible. After some nights he came again knocking my room and told me to please talk, but I never answered and asked him to leave, I almost asked to change my room, but then I never saw him again. My international experience got better as I met many persons and I started to feel secure. It wasn’t a good experience as my first night in France, but hopefully everything turned out ok and I really love that city ,and with such good persons , but it is really sad some people like him live in a such lovely place! 🙁

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Lou’s story: This is why hollering back is so important!

I was walking on my way to work when two cars, one after the other, on the same block slowed down to “holler” at me. It took a while to get rid of the first one because i was going along with their conversation so i wouldn’t seem rude since i am new to the neighborhood. They finally left me alone after i explained that i was not interested in hanging out because i had someplace to be.

As they drove away a second car slowed down to follow me and “holler”. I told the guy that someone else had JUST done this to me and that it wasn’t gonna work. He continued by saying that i should take it as a compliment. He was very confused when i told him that it WASN’T flattering. I had to explain that it was scary, intimidating, and annoying for a lady to be followed by men in cars. He thanked me for our exchange by saying “wow I’d never heard a woman’s perspective before!” and he finally drove away.

THIS IS WHY HOLLERING BACK IS SO IMPORTANT. Many harassers have no idea they are being creepy! They think they are being nice and cool! We must stand up for each other and ourselves! I didn’t use to be this brave and I am often frightened by the angry responses post hollerback but I feel so much better doing it than when I walk by and say nothing!

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Just trying to shop

I was walking to the store when these two guys pulled up in there car and start talking to me.

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How can we change the lives of women worldwide using technology? Join the discussion

Join us and other change-makers all over the world in a twitter-based discussion about improving the lives of women using technology.


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MEAT: A Raunchy Role Reversing Street Harassment Skit

From the creators at Slampow! Productions:

“Cat calls and wolf whistles shouldn’t be a city girl’s soundtrack. “Meat” is a role reversing comedic short video that parodies  raunchy and  obscene street harassment experiences felt by women.  Although this 3 minute skit is clearly an exageration, it speaks to the absurdity of vocalized objectification.”

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THIS WOMAN IS A BADASS: Returning the Male Gaze

Thanks to Nevline Nnaji for making this and sending it to us.  You can find more of her work at www.yellokatproductions.com.


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HOLLABACK TO SCHOOL: Bump and Grind from Behind Guy


Back to school means back to harassment for 61% of men and 62% of women on college campuses.  This year, we’ve decided to poke a little fun at the harassers by developing fake facebook profiles of all the different types of harassers we’ve come to know and hate over the years.

Name: Bump and Grind From Behind

Favorite Quote: “I don’t see nothin’ wrong with a lil’ bump and grind, baby”~By the King of R&Baby-Making R Kelly!

About You:  I’m a quiet guy who likes to let my hands and hips do the talking.  I’ve got the moves like Jagger.

Political Views: My views are always from behind! Dayum, girl!

Relationship Status: Single, but looking 😉

Work/ Education: B.A. in Anthropology.

(Please note, the pictures are fake too. No dudes were harmed in the making of this spoof).

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Hey Hollabackers!

Another exciting week here at Hollaback! We’re gearing up for our big event with Cornell tomorrow, where we will release somepowerful research on street harassment, and then celebrate our success with a benefit dra g show (what else?). On Saturday, September 22nd, join us at Stonewall for RIOT! A drag show and benefit.  Also this week, I was named one of Brooklyn Magazine’s “Brooklyn 20.” To congratulate me they dressed me up as a hipster super villain. Seriously. Check the picture (right).

Check out what our site leaders around the world have been up to this week:

Hollaback NYC Calls on State Leaders to Pass New Law Protecting Straphangers from Sexual Assault.  In the current lawsubway “grinding” (also known as masturbating against someone) isn’t considered “forcible,” which means that it’s not categorized as sexual assault. We’re working with Public Advocate DeBlasio to close the loophole — check out our letter here.

Hollaback Czech holds its first workshop! It took place this week at the QueerFEM*Days conference and was a huge success.

Hollaback joins V-DAY’s “One Billion Rising” campaign! Want to join, too? Make a “Why I am Rising” video and they will post it!

Hollaback Berlin on the radio! If you speak German, listen in here. (posted on fb Sept 14)

Hollaback Sheffield is working with the students union and police officers to make a safer city.  To learn more, check out their recent article in “Forget Today.”

Hollaback was at the Congress of Women in Poland!  A video of us was shown at a panel called, “No more violence against women,” (Saturday, 15/09/2012, 12 – 1.30 pm), during which Greta, one of our site leader in Poland, also briefly spoke about Hollaback Polska, its goals and achievements so far. Among others, she presented some of the data from their recently conducted study on street harassment in Poland. Joanna, our other site leader in Poland, also spoke about Hollaback Polska and the notion of street harassment, why it is so harmful, etc., during another event at the Congress. Hollaback Poleska also had a stand where we conducted various activities, discussed street harassment, presented the results of our study, gave out leaflets and badges, and made contacts. Go Hollaback Poleska!

Hollaback Des Moines is running a HOLLAween campaign, and they need your help! Last year, they spoke at Iowa Pride Network Leadership Summit, partnered with the Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault to make street harassment part of SAAT programming, worked with Drake University student activists and tabled at their “Vagina Carnival,” prior to three performances of Eve Ensler’s play, partnered with the Chrysalis Foundation to facilitate a screening of the documentary, “Miss Representation.” Check out their website for information on how you can help their efforts this year!

Hollaback UK site leaders met this week at feminist summer school in Bristol! They are collaborating on developing policy recommendations, campaigns, and garnering media attention. Stay tuned for more awesome updates coming from the UK!

Hollaback NYU in BUST online! Site leader Catie Brown talks about NYU’s plan for the future: “We’re going to be popping up all over campus this semester, getting the word out about our site and encouraging submissions. We’re also planning a fundraiser concert for the spring, and we’re always reaching out to and looking to collaborate with other campus organizations.” To read the full article, click here.

Did you miss Hollaback Edinburgh‘s launch party? Watch it here:

Last but not least, you’ve gotta check out our “Cats Against Catcalls” tumblr if you haven’t already. Here’s Kitty Gaga as a teaser:

HOLLA and out —

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Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights Reports that Street Harasser Killed Harassment Victim


Earlier this week, the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR) reported that a 20 year old woman was shot to death immediately after responding to a street harasser by whom she had been sexually assaulted.  No one should have to ignore a sexual assault, and no one should walk in fear because she is accessing a public space.  Our hearts and voices go out to this young woman and her loved ones.

As it is in many countries, street harassment has been “epidemic” in Egypt, but “now more women are talking about it,” ECWR’s Nehad Abul Komsan said recently.   ECWR has been a strong advocate for harassment victims, gathering research statistics on street harassment and submitting proposed law drafts regarding the problem to Egyptian lawmakers, including Egyptian President Morsi.

Hollaback encourages all women to keep speaking out against street harassment—stories change the world and can shape policy.  We urge all governments to take this problem seriously because we agree with ECRW that sexual harassment is a social cancer.  In New York, we’re calling upon elected officials to pass a new law that would enable prosecutors to bring felony charges against sex offenders who assault their victims on crowded trains and buses.  Add your voice: let your community and elected officials know that you won’t tolerate street harassment.

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