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HOLLA ON THE GO: road rage, harassment edition

Coming home from work, a man nearly hit me coming into my lane. To alert him of this, I honked. In retaliation, he thought following me was a good idea. He followed me for 30 minutes, including waiting around the corner out of sight while I deposited a check at the bank, which took nearly 10. Then he circled highway patrol when I ran in to get help. I’m unsure if they caught them. What’s worse is the highway patrol was unhelpful and dismissive until I told them my father was a police officer.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: rude&crude

I had just walked out of a club and was helping out my drunk guy friend that I was with when a couple of men started yelling over at me to come over by them. So I ignore it and kept walking and unfortunately had to walk by them to get to my car, so they started making fun of how drunk my friend was and whistling at me. They made a few other crude remarks i cant remember exactly. Something about my ass i believe. It was so inappropriate.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: you clearly don’t have my back, dude.

Trying to decide which chips or crackers to buy. Someone grabbed my side and ran his hand down the small of my back and started suggesting certain type of crackers. GROSS DISRESPECTFUL!! This is why I hate goin in public place anywhere alone.

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State of the Streets: Israel

“I see the reports of the terrible things women and LGBTQ people such as myself go through every time we go out on the street, and being part of the Hollaback! team gives me an outlet to the rage and helplessness I feel when reading these stories. I’m not helpless anymore. I can do something to bring more good to the streets of my country.”  -Maital Rozenboim

Hollaback! Israel is currently involved in a joint project with the Israeli Association of Hotlines for Sexual Assault Victims to raise awareness about the broad spectrum of sexual violence, and to point out the way street harassment is often a gateway crime that creates a culture in which other forms of sexual violence are tolerated.  Site Leader Maital notes that Hollaback! Israel’s greatest accomplishment has been to gain credibility even in the orthodox community where the word “feminist,” is frowned upon, and homosexuality is still, albeit in name only, punishable by death. Maital explains, “In short, we’ve become mainstream… We’re making a difference in the public discourse in Israel, and that’s probably the best thing we can possibly do.”

To read our entire 2012 State of the Streets Report, click here.  Donate to keep this movement moving.


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State of the Streets: Chandigarh, India

“I experienced a lot of street harassment over the years and one day I finally had enough. I knew I had to do something about it and I came across Hollaback!. I had just quit my job and I really wanted to put my energy into something I believed in and I started the Chandigarh chapter.” – Rubina Singh

When Rubina began organizing as the site leader for Hollaback! Chandigarh, street harassment was not often discussed or taken seriously. Despite this challenge, the site has been well received by the community, has gained press coverage and has garnered increased overall support. Most importantly, people have been sharing their stories and breaking the silence on street harassment in Chandigarh.  In addition to a variety of community events and film screenings, Hollaback! Chandigarh participated in Punjab Engineering College’s annual festival, an event which the entire college attended.  Rubina is especially excited about the potential for Hollaback! Chandigarh’s LGBTQ focused efforts, as Chandigarh is a very conservative city and Hollaback! is currently the only organization dealing openly with LGBTQ rights.

To read our entire 2012 State of the Streets Report, click here.  Donate to keep this movement moving.


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Today is match day! Give in honor of LGBTQ individuals who experience street harassment.

Hollaback Match Request from Raphael Rosenblatt on Vimeo.


You deserve:

To walk down the street without being asked if you’re “a girl or a boy.”

To hold hands with your girlfriend without some creep asking if he can watch.

To sit in a park without someone muttering “dyke” or “fag” under their breath.

You deserve a world without street harassment. Our site leaders are 44% LGBTQ, and in 2013 we want to train an additional 50 LGBTQ leaders internationally. But we need your support.

Donate today – and have the happiest of HOLLAdays!

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HOLLA ON THE GO: San Fran Creeper

My friends and I were at Sugar Lounge in San Francisco and was constantly staring at us. The whole time he stared but didn’t initiate any conversation. It was uncomfortable and scary.

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State of the Streets: Buenos Aires

“I found it important to bring the issue up in the public realm. It was not an issue that had been addressed very widely, but it was certainly the case that it was an issue that needed attention. Hollaback! offered the tools and the support to create a new paradigm using digital technology, which wasn’t being used in that way here yet…” –Inti Maria

Last year, when Hollaback! Buenos Aires leader Inti Maria received a public rape threat from prominent and influential journalist Juan Terranova, Holalaback! sprang into action to respond.  Terranova made his threat in reaction to Hollaback! Buenos Aires’s sudden rise in publicity surrounding an advertising campaign by Coca-Cola which encouraged piropos, a kind of street harassment.  Sending a clear message that Hollaback! takes violent threats seriously, Emily May, Inti, and Hollaback! site leaders from around the globe created and circulated an online petition that gathered signatures from over 3,500 people in 75 different countries.  Next, Hollaback! focused their energy on convincing advertisers to withdraw support from the magazine that printed the threat.  Through brilliant use of online organizing and their global network, the united Hollaback! groups convinced advertisers Fiat and Lacoste to pull their advertisements, prompting the magazine to distance itself from Terranova.  More recently, Inti has been working on building a stronger local network and volunteer community, organizing alongside feminist organisations with strong digital platforms, such as Con.textuadas, AnyBody Argentina, Especie en Riesgo de Extincion and Chicas Bondiola, in opposition to a website, Chicas Bondi, which posts photos of women on public transportation without their knowledge or permission. In her own words, Inti is most proud of “having inspired personal and professional growth in the volunteers of the chapter.”  Most recently, Inti has raised the issue of street harassment at the National Annual Women’s Meeting, attended by 25,000 women. She has also singlehandledly set up a screen printing studio in her garage to make hand crafted merchandize, which helps visbilize and bring brand awarenes to the movement. Hollaback! Buenos aires has joined forces with the feminist self defense workshop to create a safe space for women to talk about strategies of self defense and street harassment, and participated this years Marcha de Las Putas Festival with an information stall, t-shirts, and a self-defense workshop.


To read our entire 2012 State of the Streets Report, click here.  Donate to keep this movement moving.


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State of the Streets: Brussels

“I personally feel I walk differently on the streets now. There’s a strength that wasn’t there before, and that’s all thanks to Hollaback.” – Ingrid Vanderhoeven

Angelika Hild, Julie Richel, Ingrid Vanderhoeven, and Anna Whaley started Hollaback! Brussels because they wanted to make their community a better place to live.  They celebrated their site launch with a flash mob, and have since been working with partner organizations like Outrage, which focuses on ending harassment of LGBT individuals, Garance, which specializes in violence prevention, and Zij-kant, a sociocultural movement focused on gender and equal rights.  Hollaback! Brussels has seen an outpouring of support from their community, which helped make their 2nd Chalk-Walk (Reclaim the Streets) this past June a huge success (Their First Chalk-Walk was held in March, serving as an event for the International Anti-Street-Harassment Week , but also serving as a pre-launch ritual for the four site leaders). During the Chalk-Walk in June, members & volunteers of Hollaback! Brussels covered streets and sidewalks with eye-catching slogans advocating for a harassment-free city. In the next year, Angelika looks forward to continuing to meet with government leaders, and is excited by the upcoming opportunity to speak at a session of Parliament. Angelika notes that, “More and more politicians want to meet us and are recognizing that street harassment is a problem.” Brussels’ Parliament Members Yamilla Idrissi and Bianca Debaets have recently contacted and declared their support for Hollaback! Brussels. MP Yamilla Idrissi spoke up in Parliament on the subject of sexual violence and street harassment asking what the Parliament intended to do about it and mentioned Hollaback! Brussels as a great initiative in the fight against these issues.  As a result, Equal Opportunity Minister Pascal Smet said he intended to lead a year-long project to map incidents of sexual violence, street harassment and homophobia in an attempt to better understand the roots of misogyny and homophobia in Brussels.

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A week in our shoes: HOLLAday PARTY EDITION!

Hey Hollabackers!

The HOLLAdays are here! Here at the mothership we released our state of the streets report, held our second annual HOLLAday party, and continued our 31 DAYS OF HOLLA campaign on Facebook.


We’re knee deep in our end of year campaign, and we’ve raised $5,500 so far thank you awesome people. But we’ve got a ways to go, so if you’re planning on giving, we want you to know one very important thing: YOU RULE. (also, here’s the link).


The HOLLAdays haven’t slowed our site leaders down. Check out this magic:

southafricacosmoHollaback South Africa was in Cosmo!

Hollaback Chandigarh launches “The Pledge Project” to encourage their city to stand up and take action when they see harassment or rape happening.

Hollaback Philly needs you to vote for them for the DoGooder Awards! Co-site leader Anna Kegler also wrote this great article on sexual violence prevention for HuffPo.

Hollaback Buenos Aires was interviewed by

Hollaback Melbourne’s “Days of Christmas” campaign brings the sassy anti-street harassment sentiment to the holidays.

Hollaback Fredericksburg’s discussion panel on ways to promote the role of women in Fredericksburg’s music scene got press.

Hollaback Brussels has had one incredible year. You’ve got to read it to believe it.

Hollaback Victoria participated in the Red Umbrella March on International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Hollaback Winnipeg releases its second-ever vlog – on bystanders!

Hollaback London releases the second-ever Langdon Olgar zine.

Hollaback Delhi reacts to a terrible local local rape.

Hollaback Edinburgh got funding from the Feminist Review Trust!

Hollaback Des Moines’s HOLLAday GIFs continue!

Hollaback Rutgers screams against gender-based violence on campus.

Busy, busy, busy! Make 2013 even better by donating now.

HOLLA and out —



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