Meg’s Story: Speaking up gave a little relief

I went to my first college dance last semester as a sophomore with friends. A guy I only knew from one of my classes was intoxicated and was leaning on me and asked if me and my friend could get a pic in the photo booth. In the booth he groped me below the waist and leaned into me from behind while doing it. I was shocked and scared so my friend and I eventually got away from him. A few minutes later he came by grabbed me and started to pull me away from my friends but they stopped him. It freaked me out but I reported him to the college and he was punished. Speaking up felt like a weight off my shoulders, but it still scares me.

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S.L.’s Story: “The worst is how my male friends dismiss it…”

I’ve been getting followed and harassed by some guys in the neighborhood. I’m freaked out about it. I’m a single mom and live with my son, and the harassers live in front of us. One kinda stalked me today, watching me. Later today his buddy started shouting shit at me and then approached me because I wouldn’t respond. My guy friend was right next to me, too. I had just told him about the dude acting shady earlier, then we were outside and the guy started calling me blondie, getting mad that I didn’t respond, then approached and started trying to call me beautiful and stuff, I didn’t respond because I was uncomfortable and scared, and him and another bystander did NOTHING. It was really scary and upsetting. They live nearby and I see them daily, and they seem to watch me when I come and go. While this is bothersome, the worst is how my male friends dismiss it, invalidating my feelings just because they don’t understand the threat women feel constantly. We are taught as children that we are prey, and men can be predators. Some men just seem so ignorant of what it may be like for us women, and are not sensitive at all. With my friend, it isnt like I expected anything crazy, but I expected at least something like “Hey, you ok? That seemed scary”.

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Erin’s Story: Walking the dog is not an invitation

I try to walk my dog every day. When I was very good about it, we would often go through the trails of the park and explore. One day, I decided to cut the walk short, so I went through the shortcut that leads back to the playground and parking lot. The shortcut is a wide stretch of grass, clearly visible from both ends of the park, and not private at all. As I walked, there were two men, (who behaved like boys) and one shouted at me something along the lines of, “Walk that dog, girl!” I knew they wouldn’t try anything because my dog is large, but it didn’t stop me from feeling paranoid and unsafe.

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Ella’s Story: Harassed because of hand holding

Today, I held hands with another woman for the first time in public. It was her first time, as well. Within less than 30 seconds of intertwining hands, a man drove by us in a truck, honked the horn multiple times, and lifted his face to the sky and howled towards us. Imagine grotesque “Mad Max”-like, war-like facial expressions.

Surely this must qualify as trauma: the first moment this incredibly sweet, thoughtful, lovely woman was bold enough to ask to hold my hand, we experienced oppressive harassment.

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HOLLA ON THE GO : Heathens.

Man yelling at young women that they are heathens for wearing shorts. Seems religiously oriented.

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Quentin’s Story: Birthday blues.

It was my 12th birthday. I and two of my friends were walking back from Walgreens (we had bought ice cream) and we were waiting to cross the street back to the neighborhood. Two guys driving past yelled “Daaamn!’ at us. My friends laughed. I wasn’t even a teenager and was already being sexualized by complete strangers.

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Story, Verbal, youth

HOLLA ON THE GO: “I’m fourteen”

Was looking at a menu on the side of a building and two men walked by and they appeared drunk (it was 4 o’clock) and one preceded to say something inaudible and I managed to pick out the words “you look nice and tight” and they walked away. I’m fourteen and was with my parents although they weren’t directly next to me at the time so they didn’t overhear.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: No I don’t want a ride.

A car kept verbally harassing me while I was waiting for the bus. They kept asking me if I wanted a ride in a really sleazy way. They wouldn’t stop asking me until I started taking photos of his car.

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Native New Yorker’s Story: “sniffed my hair”

A man in his late 30’s and early 40’s was walking up and down inside the A,C,E train platform (Chambers Street) as I was waiting to catch a train. About 145-165 pounds and about 5’6″ or 5’8,” with fringe bangs and a bowl hair cut. He came up really close behind me and sniffed my hair. As I was pretty shaken up by this, I turned around and saw him jerking off his erect penis. I told a nearby couple and they saw him too, but they just kept their distance (the woman screamed, her boyfriend was appalled). The perpetrator, still with penis in hand, jacking off, walked up the stairs and disappeared. He had a tan jacket.

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homophobic, Story, Verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: “You got a boyfriend?”

“You got a boyfriend?”
“I’m gay”
“I’ll turn you straight”

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