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HOLLA ON THE GO: “wanna bang us?”

A van full of boys passed by me and the driver yelled “wanna bang us?” out the window at me. He was going at least 10mph above the speed limit. No, I don’t want to bang you, and you don’t look cool driving your Mom’s minivan.

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Story, Verbal

Clara’s Story: At least the message was sent

I was coming out of a large chain gas station, and there was a group of men hanging around an SUV who started to make sexual comments about my body. I ignored them and kept walking to my car. As I passed, I heard one of them say, “Oh, look at her get that power-walk on.”

Then another of them began to follow me and call after me. At this point, I was alarmed. So I turned around and told him to “Get away from me.” He kept walking toward me.

“You get away from me now,” I shouted. “Or I’m calling the police.”

I was safely on the road as I pulled around and from my vantage point could see there was actually a large group of them hanging around that SUV and neither going in nor coming out of the store. I pulled over, looked up the number of the store chain, and called their manager who promised to have the cops come and get rid of them. I wish I could have done the report myself, but at least the message was sent.

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Story, Verbal

Freya’s Story: “I was the rude one?”

I was waiting to be served at a bar. A guy came up and stood really close to me, acting creepy, and said “oh mmm damn you are so sexy, I’ll buy you a drink and you can come dance with me gorgeous”

I ignored him and carried on looking forward, not in the mood to even reply. He waved his hand right in front of my face saying “hey don’t be so rude, why are you ignoring me I offered to buy you a fucking drink”.

I said “I don’t want you to buy me a drink and I don’t want to talk to strangers, I’m just here with my friends”.

So then he said “well that’s fucking rude it’s just a drink. Don’t know why I even started talking to you in the first place, you’re ugly as pig shit” and leant over the bar to shout at the barman “don’t serve this bitch she’s rude as fuck”.

So you called me sexy and gorgeous until I didn’t want to talk to you then I became a bitch and ugly as pig shit. And I was the rude one?

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Nonverbal Harassment, Story

Eridyn’s Story: “I froze.”

I was walking down Durant Ave. around 10:45pm, just to get some chocolate chip cookies – they’re my favorite. Im wearing a half buttoned shirt (so unbuttoned at the top few buttons) and a low cut tank top, showing my chest, breasts and cleavage, but that shouldn’t matter for what happened next. (Im biologically male btw.) I was on my phone texting and I saw a group of 4 slightly bigger guys walking slower in the opposite direction. They must have seen my low cut tank and cleavage, because they firmly touched and cupped my breast and said “big titties!” and laughed. I froze. I had no idea what just happened. I don’t know who did this, but I ran to the cookie store, bought my cookies, and felt so angry and bewildered and frozen inside. I told one of my online close friends what happened, and she recommended I report it to Berkeley’s counseling center. I will never forget this every time I touch my body, it was such a violation of my body. And I like physical intimacy in the sense I like hugging my friends, holding their hands. But this was it. This was way way over a line I couldn’t handle.

Story, Verbal

Julia’s Story: “I just want to tell you you’re beautiful!!”

My coworker and I (both women) were ending one of our regular lunchtime walks around the park when a guy started walking next to us and saying “Excuse me, excuse me”. We ignored him at first and hurry by him (there are a bunch of bike rental people at that entrance so you usually have to dodge a few people trying to get your attention like this). He kept walking very close to my coworker facing us.
And then the conversation went like this-

my coworker: sorry, no thanks
him: I just want to walk with you . . . (now shouting) I JUST WANT TO TELL YOU YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL
my coworker: I don’t want you to tell me that
(we abruptly change directions)
me: sorry we have to go

he kept shouting things along those lines until we had crossed the intersection and were out of ear shot.

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Story, Verbal

Werda’s Story: Three Incidents Around Same Subway Station

All these incidents happened within a week and around the same subway station since its near my home:

1. I am not from New York or USA. I feel cold even when the locals do not. I was wearing a jacket and had the hood up and I passed by a bar. Two men were hanging outside it. One of them said, “Aww come on, it isn’t that cold. Want me to warm you up?”.

2. I was waiting to cross the street and someone cut the signal and crossed the street. He then turned around and was encouraging his friend to cross as well when he saw me. He kept staring at me till the light changed and I crossed. As I passed by him, he commented to his friend “She is gorgeous, isn’t she?” and his friend made an appreciative noise. I thought that was it but as I kept walking a sharp, loud whistle followed.

3. Two men were standing a couple of steps away from each other. I passed the first one by. He was like “hey baby, hey, you look fine. Mm-mmm.” As I was passing the next one, he was like “Is this man bothering you? If he is let me know. I will set him straight.” When they were behind me, the second one was like “at least I got a smile from her”. I didn’t smile at all.

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Story, Verbal

Allison’s Story: In a Taxi

My cab driver was taking me to a dance studio and started to tell me about how much he liked my figure…I felt trapped.

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Nonverbal Harassment, Story


A coworker was taking pictures of my butt while I was trying to load a plane. He then started showing the pics to other coworkers, laughing, no one else thought it was funny……

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Nonverbal Harassment, Story

Meg’s Story: In the Library

I was in the library working on a review article for a journal. I’d chosen a fairly large table because I wanted to have room to spread all of my books out. I had been working for about an hour when this guy comes up and sits directly across me and puts his laptop down and his headphones in. Keep in mind, this library is huge, there are many places to sit, and he didn’t ask my permission to sit so close to me. I choose to ignore him and continue working. After about 10 minutes, I look up and he’s staring intently at his computer and (what looks like from my table-top perspective) rubbing his crotch furiously. I packed up my stuff and walked away immediately.

Nonverbal Harassment, Story, Verbal

Whitney Gahbasin’s Story: Harassed from a Car

So I was on the phone to one of my girlfriends when two guys in a Toyota corolla came up to me and asked me how I had phone signal in this area. To this i replied that my network was good and, as i was saying that they slowly started driving their car onto the pavement blocking my path. I then considered crossing the road but i was fearful of what would happen. Also it was my right of way therefore I kindly asked them to move. At this point the other man in the vehicle who had GREEN eyes started randomly saying “I think you would get better signal in my car as I have the best antenna in the world” at this point he start undoing his pants and took his …. out. I then looked at the driver and asked him to please control his friend and decided to walk away, although this did not deter the other man in the car. I gave him a middle finger and he started saying “hey you, dont call me middle finger” he seemed to have a non-native accent, one that seemed to be arabic. Then he started swearing at the driver saying “gawad back me up” Finally I said I would call the police but then he said “dont bump me again” after that he got back in the car and drove off.

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