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Charlotte’s Story: This is my Home

My roommate and I were walking, when two (drunk?) men in their twenties (we’re both 19) were being rowdy around the intersection of Tremont and Boylston. My roommate and I ignored them–city life, right? Until they started running in our direction. We huddled a little closer under her umbrella, but the footsteps got closer and then began slowing down. She stood in front of me, since I’d had trouble with harassment in the past, and shot them a look.
“Hey,” the guys said. “So, what’s up?”
“Are you drunk?” she asked.
“We’re not weirdos,” they said, out of breath, looking us up and down.
“Uh huh.”
“So,” one said. “What’re your names?”
“Nope!” my roommate said, grabbing my hand. We immediately ducked into Piano Row, since it’s an Emerson building and we’re both Emerson students. We were safe there, since the doors lock unless you have an Emerson pass key. We decided to stay there for a few minutes before continuing our journey home.
Two minutes later, the men were at the door, pressing their faces against it and looking at us. The security guard looked to us and asked if they were students.
“No,” I said. “They’re drunk, I think, and were harassing us on the street earlier.”
The security guard told them non-students weren’t allowed in the building, especially not at this hour (it was about 11, 12 at night). The men went away for awhile. My roommate and I had to get home to our room down the road, but were sure they were still outside.
A group of Emerson students, all female, approached the door, with the guys following them. The guys are telling them they are students and to let them in. My roommate yells to the girls, “Don’t let them in!” One girl actually has to push one back with her elbow to get him to back off. The guard calls for backup and two of them go out to really get rid of them. The group of upperclassmen girls walked us home.
The worst thing is that this happened on my campus. In my home. Where I live.
It is not an isolated incident.

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Mary’s Story: Accosted

I was accosted by a man on my walk to the market. He complimented my winter coat then proceeded to ask creepily if I really needed to wear so many layers. He then followed me down the street lecturing me that women use sex to control men and that women have abortions because we are no better than murderers. I lost it. I began screaming until cars in the street stopped and the harasser ran away.

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Danielle’s Story: This happens all the time

It was mid afternoon and I was having a late coffee break at work. I was walking back to the office after my break when a intoxicated man on the street started to call out to me. He said started to say things to me like “You’re a dirty whore” and he started to say all the disgusting things he would like to do to me. He followed me through the streets for about 1km back to my work while continuing to get more aggressive, I was terrified. I rang the police when I was back in the office to tell them what had happened and they told me not to worry about it, they knew the person I was talking about and this happened all the time.

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Nikky’s Story: I don’t believe it

i’m 16. there was this man on the street and i walked next to him and he said to me that i was beautiful. I said back that i didn’t want to have sex with him. What is said was WTF are you saying but he followed me and when i saw a police man I said that he was stalking me and wanted to abuse me and the police man went to he guy to talk with him, but I just ran away because i was scared. Later the police man said to me that there was no problem and that the guy went just the same way as I went. I don’t believe it.

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Red’s Story: Language is No Barrier to Catcallers

I was food shopping with my little brother in my hometown back in France and we were waiting for the cashier to finish adding up all the articles of the previous client. While we were waiting, two men (who technically were old enough to be my father at least) wearing a building construction outfit lined up behind us, and started making comments in Spanish. My knowledge of this language being relatively limited, I could only understand that they were talking about me. I heard the words “bitch” and “slut” and other obscene words, followed by equally obscene gestures, as they mimicked anal sex and spanking. My brother did not notice anything, and although I really wanted to confront these two specimen I did not want to get my brother to see all this, and maybe put him in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation if they became violent. They ended up following us, still catcalling me in Spanish. They work in the construction field right next to my house, and now I am scared to go out without being accompanied. I should have said something once and for all.

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Ayla’s Story: Not so Mad about Memphis

Living in Memphis is a wonderful and terrible thing sometimes. There are a lot of fantastic things about this place, but the sexist and sexually violent attitude that permeates this area disgusts me.
I’ve lived here for nearly three years, and in that time, I have been followed, hollered at, groped, cussed at, and just made to feel like I am “less than”.
This city has a SERIOUS and frighteningly blasé attitude towards sexual assault/harassment and it needs to stop.

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Amina’s Story: Enfin il est parti

Un homme m’a demndé si je sais où il y a un Resto. C’était dimanche donc il y avait pas grande chose ouverte, et personne dans la rue. Je l’ai indiqué un Resto pas loin, puis je l’ai souhaité poliment une bonne journée et je suis partie . Il a marché à côté de moi en silence pendant 5 ou 7 minutes. Je l’ai pas regardé. Enfin il est parti.

A man asked me if I knew where there was a restaurant. It was Sunday, so there wasn’t anything great open, and nobody in the street. I told him about about a restaurant nearby, then I politely wished him a good day and I left. He walked next to me in silence for about 5 or 7 minutes. I didn’t look at him. Finally, he left.

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Anna’s Story: Uncomfortable in the situation, happy about the support

I was walking back home from the train station and noticed a man walking in front of me. It was dark already and I passed by him and saw another girl walking in front of me. I passed by her too, but slowed my pace a little, because I had a strange feeling and the girl had already turned around when I had walked behind her, so I thought: She might feel better if I don’t walk away.
As we were going on in the same direction I could here that the man started to talk to her to which the girl replied something like: “No,no,sorry…I don’t know…” repeatedly.
I could hear from 10 meters away that she was uncomfortable in this situation and just wanted the guy to go away, but as some of you might know situations like this – he kept on talking to her. I stopped on one corner to keep watching over her, but that’s when the situation ended and the man walked away. I could still see that the girl was a little confused so I went to see if everything was ok and I told her, that I had heard everything and walked slowly to make sure she wasn’t alone. She said the guy was really strange and I guess she was happy about the support.
I just regret not having turned around earlier to say something to address this!

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Scarlet’s Story: “Afraid to walk on that street again”

I was walking by a house on a residential street and an old man came out of his house yelling “hey!” in a gravelly voice and proceeded to follow me yelling “woman!” and other things I couldn’t make out. I was able to run away before he got close to me but now I’m afraid to walk on that street again.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Followed home and harassed

white middle age male living on my street swerved in front of me and proceeded to follow me to my home. I stopped in my driveway and he drove up calling me a f-ing slut for the almost accident. He said he would rape me and that I am a whore who deserves it. A man was harassing a girl in a close proximity and I think it was him. He drives a big white dodge I believe.

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