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Kris’s Story: “I was 11 the first time…”

This is an old story. This is not new. Still, I think it is important people know what happens in a “quaint tourist town.”

I was 11 the first time I was wolf whistled at while walking in town. I didn’t even have boobs.

I was walking home from school at the age of 15, dressed in baggy clothes, when an old man kept circling the block. He later followed me and my friends to a grocery store.

I was walking home from work as a waitress at the age of 16, when I had a man in his 40s slow his car down and ask me “How much for a party?” He refused to leave me alone and refused to believe I wasn’t a prostitute until a cop car came by.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Creeps at the Grocery Store

I was with my partner at the time and we were outside a grocery store. My partner was upset at the time and I was comforting her (hugging, kissing, etc.). I had noticed a car was circling the parking lot waiting for someone but they kept driving past us and after a while they kept saying, “Kiss her!” and smiling with other remarks I could not hear. It was very uncomfortable.

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Anne’s Story: “I didn’t deserve ANY of that”

This happened several years back, but unfortunately I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a beautiful summers day, about 2 pm – broad daylight. I had gone to the local bookstore to buy a book & then the corner store for a large fountain drink. At that point I started the mile or so walk back home.

About 1/2 way home a car full of idiots slows down & pulls along side me.

“what ya reading sexy?” I say nothing, keep walking.
“why you gotta be that way? I just want to know what you’re reading?” (um, cause it’s your business how?)
“Is it the Kama Sutra?” (um, no, not even close)
The creeps in the car are all clearly pleased with this “clever” guess.
“You don’t need no book for that, I’ll teach you mami!”
More hooting & hollering & one of them even (I kid you not) barks like a dog.
“1st thing I’d do is rip off that sundress & suck your tits”

Ok, I’m done, I turned around, darted behind the car, quickly crossed the street & started walking in the opposite direction hoping they’d just drive on.

No such luck, the car makes a U-turn & pulls alongside me again. “why you gotta leave, I’m just telling you about your book honey?” (WHAT!?!)
“yeah, he was just getting to the good parts”
& so on & so forth…. it was pretty vulgar & disgusting. I’m walking down the street & this car of assholes is literally stalking me & hurling filthy obscenities.

I still haven’t said anything at this point, but I am FURIOUS!!!! These 4 knuckle dragging pigs are having the time of their lives & NOT ONE OF THEM cared how I might have felt. I’m walking down the street minding my own business & I have to deal with this!?!

At that point something in me snapped. I took my fountain drink (which still had quite a bit in it) & threw it through the open car window as hard as I could. It hit the drivers side headrest hard, the lid came off & pop “exploded” everywhere.

It was a satisfying feeling UNTIL the string of profanities & threats came. For the 2nd time that day I turned directions & ran the other way. I heard a car door shut & assumed 1 of them had jumped out of the car. I was terrified, but as luck would have it a police car turned onto the street headed in my direction. The cops stopped & the car of creeps took off super quickly.

The cops didn’t really do anything about the guys, but they did make sure I got back ok, which I was grateful for.

To this day there are 3 things I don’t know.

1. Did someone somehow see what was happening & call the cops for me, which is why they turned down that street, or did I just luck out? I didn’t think to ask at the time & they didn’t say.

2. Why did the creeps just take off like that? W/4 of them they could have ganged up on me & said they just asked for directions & I “went Crazy” & threw the drink at them. But they didn’t. Did they know what they did was just that wrong? Or were there some sort of outstanding warrants or other reasons they didn’t want to deal with the cops?

3. What would have happened to me if the cops hadn’t of turned on that street?

The only thing I do know for sure is that I didn’t deserve ANY of that. Nobody has the right to talk to another person like that & make them feel as terrible as I did.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “..only one experience of dozens”

While walking through the downtown arts district, on my way to get a sandwich, a man started walking very close to me. He asked me if he could follow me. I ignored him. He asked if I was afraid of him and said that most girls are. He continued to follow me for a few more blocks, asking if he could touch my dimples. Ew. Finally he gave up and walked away. This is only one experience of dozens I’ve had with street harassment on this block.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Sat in his car for hours

Gentleman in a black Dodge Charger with the white racing stripes sits across from the Turnberry apartments condos. Sat in his car for hours and hours watching the place. Vandalism and stalking in the area. Picture shows headlights. These headlights are parking lights on

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Stalking in the parking lot

Stalking from CVS and Sleepys parking lot overlooking Turnberry. Black or dark blue Jetta, 4 door, New York license plate. Young male with glasses. Got behind and took a picture of his license plate. He took off soon as I got near him texting someone else. Stalking and vandalism in the area Queensbury, New York, the corner of Bay Street and Quaker Road

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Allie’s Story: Sitting with supportive bystanders

Walking during the day to go have lunch with my sister I noticed a group of men following me yelling at me in another language. I understood and translated that they were harassing me. They followed me for a few blocks.

I started walking faster. I then found two older college aged girls sitting on the steps of a building just talking together. I approached them and said “hey girls so good to see you!” as if I knew these women as my own friends. I explained that I was being followed and they let me sit with them until the men passed me and walked around the corner. I am thankful that these women were protective and helpful.

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Sophie’s Story: “I am frustrated that I can’t feel at home in this area anymore”

I’ve been living in Glasgow for just under six months now, as a student. I’m living in a somewhat rough area and i’m well aware it’s not safe to wander around at night on my own. However, this incident took place at about 5pm on a weekday night, in a park just down the road from my dorms. I was walking back from a lecture with two of my flatmates and we cut through a small park, as we normally do. A man emerged from the bushes, completely naked from the waist down and touching himself, and started following us up the path. We tried to ignore him and started to walk a bit quicker but as he got closer and closer to my flatmate, who was behind me, I reacted. I screamed and swore at him but he just seemed to enjoy this, and laughed in my face. He followed us through the park and disappeared when my flatmate got her phone out to call the police – who incidentally never caught him and whose only advice was to avoid that park in future.

So obviously, living in a foreign city after growing up in a small town i’m wary; this really shook my confidence. I experienced panic attacks and ended up missing some important deadlines as a result of this incident, as I felt unsafe leaving the flat. I’m glad I shouted at/reported him but I am frustrated that I can’t feel at home in this area anymore.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “I’m not your dog”

I was walking down a street to my friend’s house when I noticed a white car moving slowly behind me. A couple blocks later, the car pulled up next to me and a bunch of guys stuck they’re heads out and yelled things like “Hey girly” and “Where you goin’ baby”, some of them whistled, so I yelled “I’m not your dog!” And they drove away quickly, one of them yelling “Fuckin bitch!” As they drove away.

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Kim’s Story: “I thought I was being paranoid”

I had gone to the store with my mom. As usual, I left her to get the things I needed when I realized this older man was always around me. I thought I was being paranoid about it since I get paranoid easily. However, as I was looking through the music section, he walks by really close and whispers “mm mm mmmm” to where I could hear.

I looked right at him and he looked me dead in the eyes and I ran away. I found some loose but sharp screws lying on a shelf so I put them between my knuckles in case he came near me again. He kept following me so I kept walking the other way. I’m not going back to that store for a long time.

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