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Public Masturbator at Popular Lunch Restaurant: “it upset me to think about a child having to bear witness to behavior like this”

Today I was the victim of public masturbation. I feel so shocked and violated by this very specific, common, and rarely talked about type of street/public harassment. I was having lunch with my boss at Panera Bread when I noticed a man making direct eye contact with me. Being female, this isn’t by any means an odd occurrence but then I started to feel very conscious and uncomfortable. That is when I noticed him fondling himself under the table! I was so shocked that it took me a few moments to confirm and wrap my mind around what was happening. I didn’t want to react because the notion of my boss seeing this horrified me and I also didn’t want to give him reason to make a scene, or perhaps give him the reaction that he was looking for, as I assume that part of the allure is having that control and ability to illicit a reaction. I told my boss I was going to the bathroom, got up and went to look for a manager and happened to find a police officer who was there getting lunch. By the time I told the officer what happened he was gone. But I proud that I got up and took action because at first I was so shocked and admittedly scared and I almost did nothing but ignore him in hopes the experience would end. This left me feeling icky, and violated in a way that is hard to describe. The manager of the store came to apologize to me and I told her it was not her fault and I hoped my description would help if he came back in. I kept thinking about all the kids that go there for lunch everyday and it upset me to think about a child having to bear witness to behavior like this. For a moment, I felt like a child myself, scared and helpless.

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“It is urgent for men to realize their stupid behavior is unwanted/scaring/shocking!”

I have just started studying in Paris, and since I com from a little town in Normandy, I am not really prepared to face harassment. Sure enough there were guys in my high school who kept asking me out or took me by the waist, but I had “only” experienced street harassment once when I was 13.
A drunk man had taken me in his arms at night and I couldn’t escape from him. I felt his hands everywhere on my body and this was quite an awful remembrance, but this is not my subject.
So I just arrived in Paris and yesterday a man followed me my way to school, very close but not saying anything. I am glad we need a student card to enter the school so he had to pass away. I also had a man yelling at me “hé mademoiselle t’en vas pas” (Hey miss don’t go away) as I tried to ignore him while walking home another day at 9.30 p.m.
And yet a young sitting next to me inn the train back to Normandy kept pushing me against the window, and I even didn’t protest because I was too scared. I saw him rubbing his parts while looking at me but he covered his hand with a newspaper so I couldn’t make sure I wasn’t wrong. When I got down at my station, I felt something touching my rear and I just hurried to go out.
As if not sufficient, I had a class in the amphitheatre today and the guy at my right kept leaning over me, pretending to copy what I had written. I wore a dress, it’s more than 30 °C here, what’s the matter ?
It is urgent for men to realize their stupid behaviour is unwanted/scaring/shocking!

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Public Masturbation on the Train… Successful Bystander Intervention!

The woman next to me noticed the man in front of us was masturbating in his pocket. I knew his hand had been in his pocket for a while and was ignoring him and trying to read. I’m glad she said something. She yelled at him to get off the train at the next stop and he didn’t. At that point, I called the police. I had to physically restrain him from leaving the station. A group of bystanders helped keep him put while the cops came. He pretended like he had no idea what we were saying. But he clearly understood what was happening.

Since he wasn’t exposed, the cop said there’s no way there could be a successful case against him, but that he’d add the guy to their file.

Watch out for this guy on the red line.

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Fawn’s Story: On the tram

Yesterday, I was sitting in Westgarth on High Street, at the 86 tram stop at around 6pm, waiting for my tram after seeing an inspirational movie at Westgarth Cinema, feeling great. There were a couple of people at the stop, but plenty of room to sit. A large, bald man, mid-forties came up to my seat and sat so close, falling so heavily next to me, he nearly sat on top of me. I flinched and moved away immediately along the seat to the side, annoyed someone was invading my space so rudely. He then noisily moved towards me again, and put a drink he was carrying down between us, lightly brushing my upper thigh. He was staring at me intently all the time and then started making low, moaning noises.

This all happened in a couple of seconds, like in slow motion. I stood up abruptly and angrily glared at him, then walked to the other end of the tram stop, very shaken and so furious someone had invaded my peaceful space to leer and moan, and make me feel so uncomfortable. I climbed onto the 86 tram and looked out for him, but thankfully did not see him at all.

On my way towards Northcote, at another tram stop, I heard a loud bang on my window. I looked up startled to see this man, standing outside the tram, staring at me through the window with his hand formed like a gun, pointing at my head, pulling the ‘trigger’. I was so shocked, and shaken and was a real mess by the time I got home – disgusted and angry. This kind of behaviour makes me feel sick. I resent being made to feel threatened and not safe inhabiting my own space, doing something as ordinary as catching a tram home after seeing a movie. Only one person on the tram asked me if I was ok, and said, ‘that guy could be dangerous, take care’.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “He’d smirk at me…”

I was on the subway with my father, and a man sitting across from me kept looking back and forth between me and his phone, and when he thought i wasn’t looking i saw him fumbling with it, i think he was trying to take a picture of me, and whenever his eyes met mine he’d smirk at me. A few minutes after i first noticed his creepy behavior, i saw him out of the corner of my eye rubbing his crotch through his pants. throughout the ride i saw him staring at other women.

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Caitlin’s Story: “Creeper”

I’m just sitting at a red light, first car in line, minding my own business. This runner stops across the intersection from me and locks eyes with me and starts staring me down. He puts his hand in his shorts and starts masturbating, never breaking eye contact. So I took a picture, because at the very least, I have proof. But when I did that, he slowly took his hand out of his pants, raises his hands over his head, beamed from ear to ear, let out a delighted whoop, and ran off in the opposite direction. Creeper.

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Native New Yorker’s Story: “sniffed my hair”

A man in his late 30’s and early 40’s was walking up and down inside the A,C,E train platform (Chambers Street) as I was waiting to catch a train. About 145-165 pounds and about 5’6″ or 5’8,” with fringe bangs and a bowl hair cut. He came up really close behind me and sniffed my hair. As I was pretty shaken up by this, I turned around and saw him jerking off his erect penis. I told a nearby couple and they saw him too, but they just kept their distance (the woman screamed, her boyfriend was appalled). The perpetrator, still with penis in hand, jacking off, walked up the stairs and disappeared. He had a tan jacket.

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Mortadella’s Story: Grocery store creep.

On Sunday, around 2 pm EST, I visited an Office Max to buy screen cleaner. I then left the store and went next door to browse at TJ Max. I left the store, got into my car, and as soon I shut the driver’s side door shut, this guy very abruptly pulled into the parking space next to mine.
He stared a bit, then looked away. I didn’t like it, but I inwardly shrugged and pulled out and drove to the grocery store next to the TJ Max.
OK. So I parked — and suddenly, that same dude pulls in next to me. I sat in my car for a while, trying to sort out all of the alarm bells going off in my head. Every time I looked over at him he would suddenly turn away, kind of guilty like.
I freaked; he actually followed me in his car to the next parking-lot.
I decided to get out of vehicle and go into the grocery store anyway (I had errands to run, and I was resentful that this creeper was intruding on my day).
So, I got out of my car, stood up and look downward. I could see the guy’s lap (his car was a low-bodied vehicle).
I very clearly saw his engorged penis. I could see him stroking off with one hand while he smoked a cigarette with the other.
OK, I freaked for the second time and trotted quickly into the store. I asked an employee if any security was on detail that day. Then I explained what had happened in the parking lot.
She told me security wasn’t on duty at the time then called a manager. At least, I think he was a manager. A dude arrived who looked all of 19-years-old. The woman employee asked if I wanted to call the cops. I told her I would, but for now, I’d appreciate if the manager dude would simply accompany me back to my vehicle.
Manager dude did just that.
As we got close to my car, I noticed that the creeper/pervert moved his car so that his driver’s side was right next to mine. In other words, he wanted to be closer when I got back and got I into my car.
I was speechless…until I snapped out of it and asked the manager dude to just stand next to me as I slipped my phone out of my purse. I took a picture of creeper’s license plate.
Creeper realized what I was doing and tore out of the plaza like a bat out of hell. The young manager dude said, “Too late, pal!” Then kept saying, “Wow, wow, ohhh wow,” as we watched creeper drive away and turn onto Sunset Blvd. in a panic.
I went home and called the cops but only got an answering service. I gave creeper’s plate number and physical description (I was a reporter for 12 years — I remembered A LOT). The guy had Ohio plates. He was mid-twenties to early thirties, Caucasian, with scruffy, short hair — somewhere between mousy brown to dirty blonde. He had ear plugs (piercings?), both red, one in each ear lobe. There were tattoos.

So far, the cops haven’t phoned me back.

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Ellie’s Story: Sitting and Staring

I was sitting in a coffee shop on Dupont Circle at the bar facing the windows on Connecticut Ave and noticed a man parked directly across the sidewalk was watching me from his car. I realized after a minute that he was touching himself, and eventually saw that he wasn’t wearing pants. I tried to get a picture of him (included) but people were walking by so he stopped. He continued after they passed so I got up to leave. I tried also to get a picture of his license plate but he drove away quickly when I got up. He was an older white man wearing a yellow reflective safety vest in a bright blue pick-up truck with a construction rack in the bed and Maryland plates.

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Mariah’s Story: World Champion Harasser

I was coming home at night from a really good job interview. I got on the train at Hollywood/Vine Metro Station and headed back towards 7th/Metro Station. About a stop or two down the track a drunk man got on the train, singing VERY loudly (with very little talent) and sat directly across from me. I ignored him until about 10 minutes later when I noticed he was opening a can of bud light (probably his 5th). I looked away trying to ignore him again and when I glanced back I saw him starring directly at me, licking his lips, and rubbing the inside of his thigh dangerously close to his small dick. I glared back at him trying to get him to stop but he just kept going so I changed seats. He began to laugh and say degrading comments toward me … so I flicked him off (I don’t take that kind of bull shit from anyone). And then he began getting really aggressive, stumbling toward me and threatening me. We continued cussing each other out until I got to 7th & Metro. As I exited the train he made a knee jerking motion and said “I will kick your ass, bitch” and that’s when I blew my top, turned around, and said “WELL THEN COME ON BABY, I”M RIGHT HERE”. Of course the dick did nothing and continued to cuss at me as the doors closed. The ONLY bystander on a train full of useless people was this angel of a woman who, as she was also exiting the train, told the man “Don’t you touch her”. I can’t thank that woman enough for standing up for me. I’m always use to standing alone, I just want someone to help me out, just fucking once. If anyone sees a short, black man wearing a red baseball cap handing out stupid black business cards on the metro promoting himself as a “world champion boxer” (he actually tried using his cards to intimidate me) call the cops and stay away from him.

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