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Johamma’s Story: Nadie dijo ni hizo nada

Paseando en el casco antiguo de Lugo, un señor de unos sesenta y pico años, fumando un puro, vino hacia mí de frente y me empujó y apretó entre su cuerpo y la pared diciendo “guapa quieres ser mi amiga?” Me libré de él, pero media hora después me piyó mirando un escaparate y volvió a empotrarme contra la pared. No pasó de ahí, no me sujetó al intentar marchar. Pero era pleno día y la calle estaba llena. Nadie dijo ni hizo nada ante esa situación …

Walking in the old town of Lugo, a man of about sixty-odd years, smoking a cigar, came straight towards me and pushed me and squeezed between his body and the wall saying “beautiful wanna be my friend?” I got rid of him, but half an hour later I was looking at a showcase and he trapped me back against the wall. It didn’t happen there, I was grabbed when trying to leave. But it was broad daylight and the street was full. Nobody said or did anything to this situation …

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Ayla’s Story: Not so Mad about Memphis

Living in Memphis is a wonderful and terrible thing sometimes. There are a lot of fantastic things about this place, but the sexist and sexually violent attitude that permeates this area disgusts me.
I’ve lived here for nearly three years, and in that time, I have been followed, hollered at, groped, cussed at, and just made to feel like I am “less than”.
This city has a SERIOUS and frighteningly blasé attitude towards sexual assault/harassment and it needs to stop.

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Meghan’s Story: “I will not be subject to a boys sick amusement!”

As I was walking to the last day of a volunteer training for a peer support program, I approached an intersection and was waiting for the light to change. From about 5 steps away I could see a young man (nope, boy) start to make his way towards me. Over my podcast, as he fell in step with me, I could here the “yeah babies,” kiss sounds, ect. (girls, you know what I am talking about). As always I gave my disgusted look, and then forced myself to stare straight, and ignore. As I was waiting to cross the street, with the boys words getting closer, I felt a hand on my rear. This was not your average “good game” pat, or a little pinch, which is bad enough! No this was the type of gesture that only the most intimate person in your life would do in private. This was a full on ass grab that immediately made me feel fear, violated, dirty, angry, sad, and embarrassed.
I told him to F off, and screamed as loud as I could to him. I went to chase after him but he was much quicker and was now far from me. And as to throw salt into the wound he skipped along, looking back, and laughed! He laughed and smiled and giggled at my fear and humiliation. Tears immediately welled up in my eyes, and I started back on my trek. As thoughts swam around my head, and a cauldron of feelings tried to boil over, I approached my destination, but not before another boy (this person was well over 40 but is no man in my eyes) was able to get in a few “damn girl you thick,” and “oh yeahs!”
I told a few people at the training, all were sympathetic to an extent but the overall feeling was “oh yeah, I hate when that happens!” IS THAT IT? Is that what women of our generation have become use to? Well not me, not anymore! I will not let this happen to me anymore, I will not be subject to a boys sick amusement!

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Lynsey’s Story: Inappropriate Instructor

My driving instructor kept touching my hands and legs and making lewd comments

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Emma’s Story: not so “friendly”

He may have thought he was being “friendly” but a middle aged man grabbed me on the shoulder without my permission while commenting about how I looked and it just left me feeling extremely uncomfortable.

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Groped while walking to yoga

I was just walking to Yoga at 8 am, talking to my Mom when a guy passed me – he was quite short, dark hair and was wearing an ochre colored winter down jacket with a hood. I turned around, because I had forgotten my Yoga mat and shortly thereafter I felt someones hands between my legs – squeezing; I turned around and saw the guy in the brown jacket already running away from me and crossing the street and turning around to see what I would do. I yelled at him but did not follow him. Disgusting!

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Youth’s Story: Objectified at ACen

I am a 13 year old girl and I love cosplay so I go to every con dressed up. I was at acen in chicago dressed as gou matsuoka and a man asked to take a picture with me, so I agreed. After the first picture he said he wanted another this time he touched me, while he was walking away after the picture I heard him say “I’m using those tonight.” I think this was innapropriate but I didn’t speak up and I regret that.

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Monique’s Story: Justice still lacking

I was in the VIP section at a dance club with a group of my female friends. I was standing near a balcony looking down at the dance floor, while wearing a knee length dress with long sleeves and a crew neck. At this time I was not making eye contact with anyone, I was not talking with anyone, and I was not dancing. I was only standing there in a straight proper posture (how one would stand in a professional setting while speaking to their boss). A young male passes behind me and grabs my butt tightly. My instinct reaction made me quickly turn around, grab this male by his collar and hang him halfway over the balcony. He was yelling “it wasn’t me” but I know it was him because he was the only person near enough to grope me like that. I was so upset, I would not let go until security came. Security said he witnessed the entire incident and that male was tossed out of the club. But afterwards I still felt like justice was not served.

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Chelsea’s Story: “I felt/feel powerless”

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I was having a great night with my boyfriend and friends at the visions bar at the sands casino. I was walking holding hands with my boyfriend towards the restroom and some scumbag grabbed my ass while I’m holding hands with my boyfriend. I turned around and yelled a number of profanities at him, but I still felt/feel powerless about the situation. Whenever this happens it makes me feel like a piece of meat; like my body is public space and men feel free to poke and grope as they please. The worst part is I feel like I was comforting my boyfriend because he felt terrible that this happened to me on his watch, when in reality it’s not his fault at all. In reality men should not feel entitled to women’s bodies, but unfortunately they do. I hope things change. Anyway this happened about two hours ago, and it’s very much on my mind so I thought I would share!

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Harassed after school

i was on a school bus coming home and this boy felt up my chest. I froze and let it continue and to this day I am still traumatized by what keith has done to me. He felt around and played with my breasts. At one point he started playing with my nipples and asked “are these your nips?” As if he was trying to engage me in his violation of me.

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