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HOLLA ON THE GO: Groped on the way to work

I had decided to take a short-cut from the cantonment Stn through a small mound as I was late for work. I saw a group of dogs around its base. I was about to take the longer way when I saw a man walking towards the mound. I decided to follow him. On reaching the peak I saw another dog & started to turn around when he grabbed my left arm grazing my breast. I shrugged it off and continued down. He once again groped my left breast. I pushed him off me & slid down & ran as fast as I could to work.

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Maria’s Story: “I felt so violated”

I attended a show at the House of Blues alone. My boyfriend recently broke up with me and my friends were in Vegas. I sometimes go to events because I enjoy spending time alone and I needed to listen to live music as my form of therapy. There I was in the crowd enjoying the show, feeling happy and energetic and safe. I felt someone’s hand on my butt and I looked back but the only people directly behind me was a girl and her bf. I couldn’t see anyone who looked guilty so I just turned around and thought that was it. Not even a minute later I feel someone’s fingers on my vagina. I was wearing a skirt with pantyhose. I whipped my head around and again the same couple only this time the girl pointed at a guy next to her. Without thinking I shoved him violently and yelled at him not to f*cking touch me. He looked at me and said I didn’t do anything.

I turned back around and tried to keep watching the show but my entire being was burning. I felt so violated, so humiliated, so angry. My eyes filled with tears I felt like I was going to explode and I thought no that is not enough he needs to feel how I feel. A guy next to me noticed I was on the verge of breaking down so he asked me what was wrong. I told him and he reacted how I expected, he immediately got security’s attention and I told that security what happened. I turned back to the girl to ask her if she was 100% sure it was him. She said yes.

That security then signaled to a bigger security behind me and that security pulled me out of the crowd and up to his level. I told him what happened and I pointed out the guy. At that moment he and 3 other men went in the crowd, pulled the guy out and escorted him to the street. They allowed me to stand with them the rest of the night, asked me if I was okay, told me no girl should ever go through that and told me they roughed they go up for me so he knows never to do that again. I know someone people in my life tell me im partially to blame because of what I wore or because I went alone (my ex included). I do not agree with this and I am thankful for the men that made me feel safe and my feelings valid that night.

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Emma’s Story: “Who knows what would’ve happened if I was alone”

It’s Halloween weekend in Baltimore. My friends and I put in our time at the restaurant we served at, enjoyed some libations at the bar we frequented, and were walking to 711 for some good old fashioned convenience store treats. There were four of us, all women, enroute when all of a sudden I felt my skirt raise and someone place their hands on both butt cheeks and did what I could only say is juggled them. I, stunned, pulled my skirt down and slowly turned around. The man who did this was running in the direction he came from and never turned around as one of my friends yelled obscenities at him.

I stood there in a daze wondering what it was that I did to invoke such behavior. Was I targeted because I was fat and in the back, an easy target. Was I targeted because of my skirt? I mean, it was my uniform. I had to wear a black, above the knee tight skirt. Was it because of my clown accessories; striped socks, rainbow suspenders, and over sized glasses? We continued to the store talking about the incident and what would compel someone to do such a thing.

My friend, the one yelling obscenities to the man who groped me, approached Captain America, remember it was halloween, at the coffee bar asking where he was when the assault happened. He replied,” look at what she’s wearing.” I don’t remember the rest because I was utterly shocked to hear this come out of someone’s mouth. I thought it myself but to hear it out loud was mind bending. My friends and I eventually started making light of the situation calling the assaulter “The Butt Juggler” and laughing at the ridiculousness of it all. This was just over a year ago and it wasn’t until I stumbled upon this movement that i realized what I experienced was assault. Who knows what would’ve happened if I was alone. What if he didn’t run away but further his assault? I was lucky. So many women, and men, aren’t.

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Meg’s Story: “I walked everywhere”

I was riding on the train, standing near the door. This man gets on and stands near me. There was space for him to be near a pole or something for support, but he deliberately stood near me, making eye contact. Every time the train moved, he would graze my breast and slide his hand down my side. I didn’t want to cause a scene, but felt so creeped out that for the rest of my visit I walked everywhere, and avoided the trains.

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Noda’s Story: “I don’t understand why we should be made to feel in this way …”

So, I have been thinking about this thing for a while, and I actually didn’t realize how big of an issue it had been with me until I took some time off thinking about it.

There has been this one time, among many others to be honest, which has really tampered with my confidence of walking around at night.

It was during spring, I was going back home with a friend (also a girl) after a couple of drinks out, but was not wearing anything particularly showy and it wasn’t really late either. The area we were walking in was kind of famous for being a quite safe area to walk around, so we didn’t think much of having to walk back.

As we are chatting I noticed this guy on a bike riding past us and openly staring at me and my friend. Now as it is quite common to get stared at in Japan, I didn’t make much of it. After another ten minutes the same guy passes again, but then again, I was a little bit on the tipsy side I guess, and generally being quite self-confident I don;t mind these kind of things very much.

But when after another couple of minutes the same guy comes back from behind me on the pavement and gropes me real hard before rushing away I was left in shock for a while.

I had never experience harassment in a physical way, and was was taken aback by what had just happened. I felt like crying and screamed back at the guy who had already ran away. My friend had not witnessed any of it until my scream. She asked me whether I wanted to stop in one of those 24/7 convenience stores, but I just said I wanted to go home.

After this incident, it came quite easily to joke about it. Everyone was just saying it must have been my “popularity” or stuff like that, and I was playing along.

Until I realized that because of this experience, and some others I had later in the future, I feel very defensive walking in an area with people I don’t know, and in particular I feel defensive of men in general.

I don’t understand why we should be made to feel in this way and also why it seems to be a matter of course to take these things lightly. I want to feel safe when walking around by myself, without anyone creeping up on me from behind touching as they please.

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Sarah’s Story: “I was a woman’s body without a visible head”

My partner (a guy) and I enjoy making and wearing costumes (and in my city there is no shortage of costumed events). For Halloween, I had decided to be a video game antagonist known for the huge helmet he wears. While the helmet covered my entire face and most of my torso, anyone could still tell I was a woman because the rest of the costume was an A-line undershirt and a butcher’s apron over leggings -not skimpy but you could see my shape.

Because I have a good case of bitch-face and a fast aggressive walk, I rarely get hassled in daily life but while I was an anonymous woman wearing a mask on Halloween, I got the most harassment of my life. Even with my guy standing next to me, randoms would come over to touch me (like I was a Real Doll), to tell me how hot I was even though they couldn’t see what I looked like, and when I tilted the helmet to peer at them they would tell me to leave it on, as if I were a fetish object for their pleasure and confronting them with my personhood would ruin their good time.

Even when my partner would intervene they wouldn’t stop trying to pick me up until we relocated. Of course, when we had successfully gotten away from one jerk, another would take his place. It’s not even as if they knew my character! The worst offenders had no idea what I was even supposed to be, only that I was a woman’s body without a visible head. I have never felt so much like a piece of meat in my life. I’ve never been to a Con but think maybe now I know how the women that attend those might feel.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “He was on my bus home”

At my bus stop a man came up and asked me what school I went to, my name, my age…so I gave him short responses and hoped he would leave.

He got on my bus, sat away for me at first, then moved beside my seat and began making kissy noses at me, snapping fingers, waving hands, trying to get my attention until he grabbed me. I yelled loudly “DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME”. He got off the bus. No one said anything to me. He was on my bus home. I live by him. I was so scared

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Renée’s Story: “Everybody saw this happen, but nobody did a thing about it”

This happened to me while I was traveling alone in Spain, which I guess in our patriarchal and rape culture society means that by virtue of being female and alone, I was “asking for it”.

I was sitting at Plaza Mayor, just enjoying the sites and people watching while I enjoyed some down time for my feet after a full day of walking. An old man, and I don’t mean an older man, I mean a senior who was old enough to be my grandfather, sat next to me. I didn’t think anything of it, I didn’t see any kind of threat from somebody who is the age of my grandfather. He started speaking to me in Spanish, and I should have pretended that I didn’t speak Spanish, but it was an opportunity for me to practice. So I took it. The conversation continued and he kept asking me to go get coffee with me, and eventually tried to tickle me several times and slid his hand down my back to grab my ass.

I immediately stood up and told him that I had to leave, and he put on this simpering face and voice “don’t you want to go for coffee with me?!”. Absolutely horrified and feeling violated, I left the plaza citing that I had to go meet a friend. The amazing thing is that the plaza was full of people and everybody saw this happen, but nobody did a thing about it. Sadly, this was not the only incident of harassment that I had on this trip.

These combined experiences put me off so much that the next time I traveled alone, I cut my hair short so that I would look less feminine and the sad thing is that that actually worked and I was not harassed. Goes to show just how much we objectify women and those who do not fit a certain normative ideal of beauty…then we’re left alone. But we shouldn’t have to change the way we look and the way we want to look to avoid being harassed.

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Taylor’s Story: “There are some boundaries that need to be respected”

When you’re dressed up as Snow white, you should simply expect some (unwanted) attention because you kind of stick out. Like, when I was waiting for my dad to pick me up and a car slowed down and stopped to make a little joke (“Hey, can we be your dwarfs?”). But not on a themed party where most people are dressed up, right? All right, I can take a one-liner (“Still looking for a prince?”) but there are some boundaries that need to be respected. So yeah, I didn’t like it when that one guy lifted my skirt or when that other guy stroked my hair or when that whole ‘gang’ of guys were just blatantly staring and smirking at me, or when that other guy just grabbed me and said ‘Snow white’ in the most perverted tone you can imagine. God, that last one still sends shivers down my spine, especially the way his fingers stroked my belly when I pushed him away. But yeah, when you’re dressed up as Snow white, I guess you should simply expect some (unwanted) attention in our sexist society.

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Anonymous Story: High School harassment

When I was a freshman in high school, there was a guy that I had a crush on. My friends always told me he was staring at my butt, but that always made me uncomfortable. The first time he grabbed my butt was in PE and he told me that his friends pushed him into me. I convinced myself this was only a mistake. The second time I could hear him loudly talking about how my butt looked so nice and then he grabbed me again. I never did say anything to him about it, and I never told anyone what happened.

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