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Nightlife Photographer Constantly Harassed

So I work as a nightlife photographer and I really feel that I have to get a few things off my chest! My job involves me taking pictures of people having a good time, but often on a night I will have to deal with a few assholes! You would think a girl could get used to this sort of thing or just take things as a joke, and I do some of the time, but when you are constantly being chatted up or kissed on the cheek or whatever, it does get rather soul destroying. All I want to do is my job and carry on so I can pay bills! I am there to take photos, not hand out my number! Fair enough people are drunk but it gets so tiring, I am a photographer and an artist and not a piece of meat! Every night, it’s a constant battle, as someone would grab me from behind or try to kiss me or ask my number or pinch my bum or tell me that I would look hotter with dark hair, or ask me what I’m doing after work or give me compliments that may seem all well and good but they just make me feel uncomfortable! this constant sort of harassment from the many drunk men of Newcastle just makes me feel like an empty vessel, or like an object; like I have no soul and I’m just there for the entertainment! Why can’t people just have a normal conversation? I don’t mind normal conversations, in fact, that is a much more welcome social interaction! There are few times I have had to literally push people away because they got a bit close! I’m only 5-foot-3 but I think I’m a lot tougher than I look, although I’m always terrified that something will be taken the wrong way if I lash out.

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Groped at Hopscotch

Got my butt grabbed at Slim’s. Unfortunately, there were so many people around, I didn’t even see who it was, but watch out, ladies.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Groped by Bicyclist

I was walking on the sidewalk and two teenagers were approaching on their bicycles. One reached out and grabbed my chest and biked away quickly before I could react.

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Groped at State Fair

I was visiting Countryfile Live (I think it’s a bit like the state fairs across the pond) with my parents – I’m a 19-year-old girl. While dad used the facilities, mum and I watched a demonstration of dogs herding ducks around a cute little obstacle course, and this old guy (I’m talking 70+ here, old enough to know better) started getting closer and closer. Fair enough, it’s a popular event and the crowd is growing!
Then I realize I’m holding my handbag in front of me and therefore that steadily moving touch on my backside can only be a hand. I was so panicked, I’d been lucky enough not to have experienced this kind of nonsense before, and I just froze. My mum (greatest mum in the world, fight me) noticed my expression of ‘heeeelp’ and switched places with me. Weirdly enough he wasn’t too interested in groping someone who looked old enough to drink, dirty perv!

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Groped by a Young Kid

This happened a few months ago, it was around 6pm and I was walking home from work. I had my headphones in and didn’t hear anyone approaching me. There wasn’t anyone else on the street as far as I could tell. Suddenly I felt someone firmly grab my ass and the a young boy, probably no older than 10 or 11 running off giggling. I cannot believe that people are teaching children that young that it is okay to grope a woman in the street like that. I was left shaking and on the verge of tears the whole way home.

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Penn Station Harasser

I was standing in Penn Station, NYC – waiting to get my train out of the city, I was looking at the screen to see which platform my train would arrive on. It was very crowded and hot, I was wearing leggings and a white t-shirt. People were piling through the station and suddenly a man from behind reached and squeezed my ass in a very aggressive and sexual manner. I was shocked and I turned around to see who had done it but it was so busy there was no sure way to tell. I spoke to two cops who tried to help me identify the man but as I was not 100% sure of who did it, there wasn’t much they could do. I was escorted by the police to my platform so that I was not followed.

It was very scary and I was very upset and had never experienced anything like that before. I regularly experience cat calls and verbal harassment, but never anything physical.

I am shocked at the way anyone could think that it is ok to reach out and touch somebody like that, it is disgraceful and incredibly disrespectful. I should not have to fear standing in a public space – I should not have to worry about being inappropriately touched.

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Unsafe in my own neighborhood

I have lived in this area for years and have been out late at night a significant amount of time since I used to work nights as a pedicabber downtown. I have been harassed verbally and physically numerous times at work but I was always in a position to end an interaction by kicking a fare off my cab or simply riding away. Last night I was groped while taking a walk in my neighbourhood. Somehow this was a much more violating experience.

I was only about two blocks from home when I encountered a man passing me in the opposite direction on the sidewalk. It was late and I was alert but as we passed one another he casually reached out and squeezed my left breast. Surprised by the casualness and shaken by the violation I turned and yelled something like “What the F- dude!?” He continued walking without looking back. I called my fiancĂ©, who was at home, and he came to meet me as I walked the suddenly unsafe feeling two blocks home.

I have been bothered by the fact that I felt fearful and violated in this situation and not as much in the past. Now I see it is the unknown factor of what that man intended, what he could have done after that caused me such fear. Also, now I have a deep sadness that the neighbourhood I have felt safe in for so long suddenly seems more sinister.

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Followed me to the elevator

Just now I was waling home and as I went through the lobby a man followed me in. Not recognising him I asked him what floor he was going to, he replied 4th and walked into the lift with me. As he walked out of the lift he tried to kiss my breasts and I stabbed him in the neck with my fingernail. I was so enraged I nearly walked out to try and beat him up but luckily my flight response kicked in and he didn’t try to follow me further.

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Grabbed outside her Home

Today I was walking home, and I was about three houses away from my own. I heard footsteps approaching behind me, so I turned to see a boy, probably around 17 years old, jogging up behind me. I thought it was odd, but assumed I was being paranoid, so I turned back around, as I swung my backpack in front of me to get my keys out. Then, I felt him grab my behind, very forcefully. I swung my backpack around to hit him as he jogged to the other side of the street and screamed at him as loud as I could to get away from me. I repeated this again. He said something to me in Spanish at that point, and proceeded to the other side of the road where I think he walked/jogged quickly around the upcoming corner. I just wanted to be inside, so I ran up to my front door and inside. I’m so angry that this happened just outside of my home. I feel totally violated, and unsafe.

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Grabbed in crowds

I’ve been grabbed full frontal in the crotch in a nightclub and at a carnival – where the men could get away quickly and disappear into the crowds afterwards. I felt so angry and powerless, but also disturbed – it was so intrusive that both times it felt like it could be a warm up for something even more sinister.

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