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Memories Of Being Grabbed And Molested As A Child

When I was 14 or so, I was walking along a path along some railroad tracks about five miles from home. We lived out in the country. It was a secluded area. A guy who was probably in his mid-20s was riding his bike along the path. He asked me if I wanted a ride back to the road. I was tired and said sure. When he “helped” me onto the bike he grabbed me in the crotch to lift me onto the bike and then held onto me. I was just confused and stunned. Now looking back on it I feel fortunate he didn’t have the nerve to be more aggressive.

I also remember a male babysitter when I was about eight years old exposing himself to me and my brother. I only remember making the comment that he was really big. My older sister says he molested us too. I have no memory of that.

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Assault, flashing, groping, rape, Stalking

Attempted Rape In My Own Home

I moved from Maryland to Niagara Falls when I retired in 2012. The house is wonderfully secure, and I look forward to being here the rest of my life.

One of the 10 windows in my house was open a bit to air out the guest room, and I had not engaged the little prongs on the upper sash to prevent it from being opened from the outside.

I have a propensity for staying up too late, sitting at my laptop in the kitchen. One night, I got to bed after midnight and, as usual, finished reading the daily paper. I noted the time at exactly 1:30 a.m. when I turned out the light to sleep.

Within a minute, I heard rustling. I assumed it was out on the front porch, then realized it was coming from the guest room next to mine. I saw a short man in full silhouette against the yellow window curtain across the room. I shouted.

He came around to my side of the antique double bed and leapt full-sprawl on top of me. That made me angry. I shouted for him to get off me. He rolled off to the other side of the bed beginning immediately to get between my legs.

What little reading I had done in the 1970’s about the realities of rape came back to me clearly. Locked my ankles across one another. He could not penetrate the block either with his groin or his hands. He started to touch a breast. I realized I’d better lock my arms across my chest, because having anyone touch my breasts is too emotionally intimate. He stopped trying to touch me there.

He then took my hand and directed me to masterbate him. I acquiesced in the masterbation for a bit and his penis became erect. I withdrew and resumed the lock across my chest. He spent TWO AND A HALF HOURS mostly trying to use my body to reach ejaculation.

The man had obviously showered before coming to my house. He smelled fresh and he was perfectly clean. No sign of tobacco, alcohol, or marijuana. He wore a navy T-shirt, no underwear, and those long ugly nylon-ish basketball shorts with elastic waist. He’d clearly planned the whole thing.

He said very little, always directly in my ear, “Where your purse? Where your purse?” Very deep, very soft. Although at one point I had a long opportunity to study the profile of his face against the street light coming through the yellow curtain, I recognized neither his face nor his voice.

But I’d recognize that torso again: He had two long scars, one very straight and “clean” directly from the naval toward his genitals, the other parallel but off to one side a bit and with a rough scar. His arms were distinctly muscular and well-defined. He was a little taller than I. I still did not recognize him.

When he left, I called 9-1-1, and report an attempted rape. He was arrested on Tuesday morning outside the house of my lawn man, where he was reporting for work. He never made bail. He pled guilty. I hope I never see him again. But if we cross paths, I’m going to be so damned angry, I may not contain myself.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: He just wanted to flash a complete stranger

First off, street harassment in Miami Beach is a daily occurrence for me, and this is the worst city yet in terms of public harassment, even compared to NYC or Chicago. This is just an example. Walking on my way to work, about 9:30 am, a car pulled up next to me across the street from the Holocaust memorial. I turned around just to make sure I wasn’t about to be abducted or something, and as I see into the rolled down window, an old man has his shirt rolled up, exposing his chest. As he was rubbing his nipples, he asked if I wanted to play with his nipples. He immediately drove off, and all I could do was yell at him to “fuck off, you disgusting piece of shit.” Which is probably exactly the reaction he wanted.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Flashed while walking home

I was walking home from campus with my heavy backpack on (therefore aware of how immobile I was) and a teenage male saw me, made eye contact, walked around the back of his apartment complex and was waiting with his genitals out when I walked past on the sidewalk. I called the police to report it but didn’t feel sympathy or that action was being taken by the dispatcher.


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Story from Stockholm

Man on the street, I thought he was going to the same party I was when he said “Hey, what’s happening?”

I turn around and see him pulling his penis out. I roll my eyes, open the door with the code, close the door behind me.

I pull out my phone to take a photo – all while hoping he did not have the code to the door.

He first tries to hide his face. Then he sees I’m persistent. He storms the door and starts yelling. I tell people in the hallway what happened. Everyone starts yelling at each other.

He didn’t have the code.

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Flashed on my commute

I experience incidents everyday during my commute to the city. Some are “smaller” incidents like a man breathing in my face or holding his phone in an unusual position to photograph me and some are more serious incidents like being touched inappropriately. A few years ago, I experienced one of the more serious incidents. I was sitting on the train and reading something and didn’t notice that a man was standing in front of me. After I looked up from what I was reading, I noticed that his pants were unzipped and he was flashing me. I was shocked; I had never experienced anything like that and I thought I must have been mistaken. But when I looked again, I saw that I wasn’t wrong. At that point, the other people sitting next to me, including a middle aged man and a young woman, got up from their seats and began to move away. I wasn’t just shocked that I was being harassed, I was shocked that no one thought to help. Not one person who got up thought to tell me that someone was harassing me and not one of them tried to help. When I noticed that everyone had stood up, I stood up too and moved away. But he followed and I was too shocked to move to a different car. I still remember what he looks like and what he was wearing.

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Flasher in our building

This happened three years ago, when I was in the 8th grade. Honestly just thinking about it now makes me angry. Me, my mom and my younger sister were walking around the apartment complexes (exercising). There were these stairs, and on the stairs was this white male. I didn’t pay attention to him because I thought he’s probably out for a smoke. We walked past him and like my mom was way ahead of me and my sis, so she didn’t hear him when he was whisper shouting ‘hey!’ The third time he said that, I looked back because maybe he needed help? But when I did, it was sick. His pants was down and the look on his face was weird & terrible. He flashed us. My younger sister saw too and we were shocked. I wish in that moment I had a rock to damage him. He then took off running when I hollered for mom.
Since that happened, I feel uneasy still when we drive by those stairs.. I feel like I need to take some switchblades or at least a rock to throw if we ever come across something like that. This experience has opened my eyes in a bad way.. And I wish it didn’t.

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Native New Yorker’s Story: “sniffed my hair”

A man in his late 30’s and early 40’s was walking up and down inside the A,C,E train platform (Chambers Street) as I was waiting to catch a train. About 145-165 pounds and about 5’6″ or 5’8,” with fringe bangs and a bowl hair cut. He came up really close behind me and sniffed my hair. As I was pretty shaken up by this, I turned around and saw him jerking off his erect penis. I told a nearby couple and they saw him too, but they just kept their distance (the woman screamed, her boyfriend was appalled). The perpetrator, still with penis in hand, jacking off, walked up the stairs and disappeared. He had a tan jacket.

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Ellie’s Story: Sitting and Staring

I was sitting in a coffee shop on Dupont Circle at the bar facing the windows on Connecticut Ave and noticed a man parked directly across the sidewalk was watching me from his car. I realized after a minute that he was touching himself, and eventually saw that he wasn’t wearing pants. I tried to get a picture of him (included) but people were walking by so he stopped. He continued after they passed so I got up to leave. I tried also to get a picture of his license plate but he drove away quickly when I got up. He was an older white man wearing a yellow reflective safety vest in a bright blue pick-up truck with a construction rack in the bed and Maryland plates.

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Aslone’s Story: Follow up

This is a follow up story to the one I posted a few days ago. So, I’m at a friends house trying to get some comfort from a bad breakup and my friends male roomate is taking every opportunity to show off his penis to me without my consent or desire to see it. He had revealed himself earlier in the evening after my friend was asleep and then again a few hours later. I had went to bed, he was still awake watching TV when I came back out to the kitchen to get a glass of water, sensing another opportunity to flash his penis, he pretended he had to go to the bathroom which is located right next to the room i was staying in. As I finished getting my glass of water, I walked back to the room only to see my friends roomate standing with his penis out peeing into the toilet, door wide open. He pretended to be sorry that he had forgotten to close the door but by this point I was pissed. I went into my room, turned on my phone camera and snapped the pictures i submitted with this post. The closer up picture I snapped where he could see me. After I snapped it he got really nervous and asked what I was going to do with it, I told him I was going to post here and use it against him if he ever tried to do anything like that again. I cussed him out for about ten minutes which woke up my roomate who also cussed him out and threatened to call the police. Are all men such disgusting pigs?


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