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Andrea’s Story: Helluva Hollaback!

I stopped at Walgreens before a dressy event, and I was in a short dress and high heels. Before I crossed half of the parking lot, someone leaned out of his parked car, honked the horn, and yelled “hey baby!” I glared at him and said “NO.” A few seconds later he repeated himself and I said “that is not okay” and continued in.

When I came out, he was still there, and yelled something like “how you doin?” At this point, I stopped and walked toward him (I know, I know–I was livid but shouldn’t have approached). I said “Don’t do that. It is not flattering for you to yell at me from across a parking lot when I’m walking by myself. It’s creepy.” Of course he had some lame excuse about thinking I was someone he knew, and said I was overreacting anyway.

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Sara’s Story: Speeding Off

After returning a car I used for work, I was walking home at 10pm through my usually safe urban-residential neighborhood. A car came speeding around the corner, and the guy driving (about 19 years old, with a bunch of other guys in the car) looks at me and yells out the window, “Fuck you, you fucking bitch!” I was just walking down the sidewalk in a running jacket and a long skirt. I don’t take this personally but hate that attacking women on their own on the sidewalk at night is his way to show off to his friends how high or callous he is.

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P’s Story: Giving the Glare

I don’t have a car, so I ride my bike home from work everyday. On my way home I was stopped by a red light in the left hand turn lane, and some guy in a truck pulled up next to me in the straight lane. He looked over at me and says, “Hey, you’re pretty. What’s your name?”
I had NO idea who this guy was, so I waited a few seconds, eyes still on the light to see if it would turn green, and then hes says, “Hey-”
I look over at him, push my sunglasses down far enough so he can see my eyes, glare at him for a half second, then replace my sunglasses and resume looking at the light. He didn’t say another word. 🙂

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Shay’s Story: Fratstar Fail

I got honked at by a greasy frat boy in a beat-up car while walking home from my summer camp. I am thirteen years old and I look like it. I’m glad he didn’t try to shout anything out the car window at me, but afterwards I felt so violated and helpless and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

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Sally’s Story: “I do not exist for your viewing pleasure”

I was simply walking home from grocery shopping, only two blocks from my home, when a man in a car pulled out of the parking lot I was walking past and began making kissing sounds towards me. Internally flustered and appalled, I continued to walk without paying him any attention. Only days before this, my girlfriend and I were walking to the metro holding hands when a man whistled at us and yelled “Can I join? Get in between ya?” Both my partner and I felt disgusted, sickened and violated.

I do not exist for your viewing pleasure. No one does.

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Carla’s Story: “humiliating, degrading, scary, and completely illegal”

Took cab ride from 3rd & Market to 2nd & Tasker. At the end of my ride, I paid cabbie plus tip and proceeded to try and leave the cab. But the cabbie had locked the door. So as I struggled to open the door…

I said: “could you please open the door?”
Cabbie said: “say baby”
I continued to try and lift door lock myself but he had his hand on the front seat lock button or something.
Cabbie said: “wait… say, open the door baby please.”
I said: “open the door please”
Cabbie said: “no you have to say the whole thing with baby”
I said: “open the door baby please”
Cabbie unlocked the door and I got out.

This was very humiliating, degrading, scary and completely illegal to keep someone against their will. I never thought about the power dynamic while getting a cab ride. That being said…

I did not get cab company name
I did not get cab number
I did not get license

I know.. not good. These things all escaped my thought process at the time, was just trying to get out of cab.

It was reported to police and documented so if this happens to anyone else please, if you remember, note any information that you can and report it.

I am going to start taking quick pic of cab number every time I take a ride at the “beginning” of every ride.

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Ashlie’s Story: Nonstop Nags

So I am a 22 year old college student. I work a part time job and I have no vehicle, so I walk all over my city to get to the places I need to go. Stuff like this happens to me ALL THE TIME.

One day sometime last year (shortly after I moved here and got my job) I was walking either to work or back home and this truck full of guys passes by me and one guy sticks his head out the window and starts cawing like a crow. I roll my eyes and ignore it, but they turn around and pass by me again…and do it again.

On another occasion, more recently, I was walking home from work. A truck of guys speed pass me and someone sticks their head out the window and shouts something ugly at me. I wasn’t expecting it, so I jump. I could hear them all laughing as they sped away.

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Maddie’s Story: Violated in Public

I was on the bus going to work around 7:30. Its a free route around the PSU campus. This man in front of me was wearing white shorts and looking at porn on his phone. It was this woman being banged from behind. He started to get an extremely visible hard on. I started to feel sick and looked away. The other people on the bus were two other women. I couldn’t get off. I needed to get to work on time. He was wearing sunglasses so I have no idea if he was looking at anyone. I was trying to look away anyways. Eventually the other women noticed I think but they were blocked from direct view. The bus driver didn’t know. I was so scared since he separated me from the other passengers and the bus driver. Eventually he gets up to get off. It was almost like he was making sure he was hard when he stood up. The other women exited the bus at the front and he got off the side. I ran to the front of the bus and just started walking to my building. I think he went into the building behind me and then I looked back in a bit and he was crossing into another building.

🙁 I didn’t know what to do. I’m glad it was 8am and not 8pm. I want to feel safe using public transportation in my area. I don’t want to feel violated in public.

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Laura’s Story: “I was so ashamed”

I grew up in a house of 4 brothers plus my father. Being the only female was never any different to me because my father raised us all to be equal and everything my brothers did, I could too. Things are so much different when you grow up and introduced to the real world. Today I was downtown shopping with my friend and while she was distracted shopping I was looking around and unfortunately caught sight of two young males. They were undressing me with their eyes and talking things to me that I couldn’t make out because of how nervous I was. They kept at it and I couldn’t look them in the eye and give them a dirty look, like I am now used to doing. I didn’t tell my friend and I couldn’t even look at the people who had witnessed it. I got home and cried because I was so ashamed. I felt ashamed that I couldn’t stick up for myself like my dad and brothers had taught me.

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A’s Story: Creeped Out at the Fair

So I was at the local county fair last year with a couple of my friends. One of my friends had to meet her mom by the entrance so that she could get her sweater. We were standing by the entrance waiting for her mom when this older man, probably in his 50s or 60s walks up right up to me and says very creepily, “You’re really hot.” I froze at that moment then walked closer to my friend to get away from him. I didn’t know what to say because I was so freaked out. Then he said, “What, now you’re walking away from me?” Then, just at that moment, my friend’s mom pulled up and we jumped in her car. I was so scared and freaked out because he singled me out like that. I was so afraid that we would see him again in the fair and I was paranoid the rest of the day. The worst part is that my friends had to tell everyone what happened!

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