Assault, Nonverbal Harassment

Public Voyeurism

Love your site-hate with a passion ignorant asses who feel the need to harass me.

Usually its just annoying, Today it got scary…

Noticed that an old guy sitting on the train across from me was playing with his cell phone…

Then I noticed he was taking pictures of me, my legs, my chest, my face, back to my chest..gave him an “eat shit and die look” and moved seats…

Noticed he moved seats too-to get a better view, continued to take pictures and give me nasty lusty looks.

Got up immediately to get off at next stop-he got up too-still taking pics and acting like he doesn’t notice me, now with a good 15 pics in his camera-sick bastard.

Get off the train, with heart racing and sick feeling in my stomach-hold back tears until I get home…just wish I had my camera phone and my mace.

Submitted by clh.

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Assault, Verbal


Downtown Portland transit center- waiting for a bus to get out to the other side of town for a job interview. Guy walks up behind me, lets out a wolf whistle. Walks around in front of me and says: “Lady, has anyone told you that you have a beautiful ass? It’s beautiful, and so big!” (Mind you, I’m in pretty good shape, at 40-something. Not fat.) Having my ass scrutinized in public pissed me off. So I looked him in the face and said: “Not as big as the ass standing in front off me.” Complete shock on his face, and he walked off muttering.

Yup, I’m a bitch. And I don’t take it from anybody.

Submitted by Laura.

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Assault, Verbal

Toronto Harasser

Yonge Street at Carlton in Toronto, Canada, April 21, 2006.

Jerk in a hideous blue Ferrari with yellow flames yells out “Hey! Can I fuck you up the ass! Not you, the other one!” while he’s stopped at a red light. About three women were crossing the street at the time, one of whom was holding hands with her daughter, who looked about 9 years old. I went up to this sleaze-bag (he hadn’t been yelling at me), and told him I thought what he said was really rude, and that there was a little girl crossing the street. I asked him: “Is that how you talk to little girls, too?” He started rambling about having me arrested (what?), to which I of course repsonded that I would write down his license plate number and have him charged with sexual harassment. I turned to walk away as the light changed, and he said “I like your ass!” So, I spit on his car, and he responded by spraying a wimpy bit of spit at me. What a pig.

Written by Daya.

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Actions Have Consequences

This guy actually ran after me and took a picture of the back of my head with his camera phone wailing “now you can’t do anything!” But I already did it honey, I already did it. :)

Submitted by Kay.

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Assault, Stalking, Verbal

Were Those Guys Talking About Raping Me, or Was I Imagining Things?

Last night I was coming home around midnight after a study marathon and having all kinds of fun experiences with leering guys on the subway. It was like “Creepy Man Stare at Lauri” Day or something. My outfit was eye-catching — a flowery dress that ended mid-thigh, tights, and corduroy jacket — but not immodest. Basically it showed off my legs. Anyway, I get off at my stop in Astoria and these two guys behind me start talking about rape. Now, I can’t be 100% sure about the exact content of their conversation, but it seemed that one of the guys was trying to convince the other guy that raping women was, you know, a bad thing. All the while, the avenue is barren. I’m getting a little bit concerned. “Why are they talking about this behind a woman who’s walking by herself at midnight?” I wondered. “That’s not so polite.”

When I got to my house, one of the guys yelled out, “I’ll get you next time.” Now, was he yelling to his friend, or to me? I don’t know. All I know is that now I feel even more threatened in my already leering-loving neighborhood, and will have to buy some mace. Great.

Astoria needs some serious street harrassment awareness training.

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Assault, Verbal

It’s so Hard to Find Good Help These Days

I am 15 right now, and at the time of this “incident” I was 14. The scene is just out in downtown Darien, Connecticut, which is a pretty safe state if I do say so myself. I was waiting on a bench right next to a family restaurant FULL of people, while my friends left to go to a Starbucks not 50 yards away. While I was sitting and waiting for my parents to pick me up, I noticed two “gentlemen” come up to me. They said a few sentences, but all I managed to get out was “Are you alright? You sure look alright. You want us to wait with you?” All the while they kept leering at me and smiling, and I could tell they were smashed. I just kept saying “I’m fine, I’m okay” until they crossed the street. I immediately went to go to my friends at the Starbucks and I said “Those drunk guys were hitting on me” to which a guy friend of mine responded “Those weren’t just any drunk guys, those were firemen!”

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Assault, Verbal

Another Marriage Proposal with No Ring

This dude’s a professsional menu distribution associate for the reputable Carribean Flavors Restaurant. His office is near the Bryant Park Subway entrance. I passed him this morning, hands full of heavy luggage. Refusing the handout, and motioning to my unfree hands I simply state,”No Thank You.” He irritatingly continues to try to poke menus into my forearm. Then he pursued me down a few steps of the subway entrance getting really close to my face and leaning in,”Marry me!” I put down my bag and grabbed my cell phone, he protests, “No. Why are you taking my picture? Oh oh, I see you want my picture so that you can go home and wack off to it.” Which is exactly what I am doing right now with my free hand (notice I am not on the subway, but in the privacy of my home enjoying my right to safely self pleasure) I want to thank Caribbean Flavors for serving up spicy delicious food and also my new favorite wack off material.


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Assault, Verbal

Nothing Gets Between Me and my Culottes

I was waiting on the corner of Lindbrook and Westwood near UCLA and a middle aged man tapped me on my shoulder and informed me that he was trying to tell me something. I had been busy talking with my friend so I hadn’t heard him so I asked him what he had to say.
him: “I like your culottes*. I really dig your culottes.”
* culottes are cropped pants
me: “oh thank you.”
him: “yeah. I really like your culottes. I want to get between them and your thighs
me: “what?” with a look of utter astonishment on my face.
him: “Think about that while you take your bath tonight.”
at which point the light changed and my friend and I crossed the street to get away from him. I was stunned and disturbed by that exchange. Luckily I haven’t seen him since.

written by Tru, Los Angeles CA

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Assault, Verbal

You can’t judge the harasser by the dog

Here’s another kind of street harasser who happens to harass by stopping people from entering their buildings when they come back home. This man blocked me physically, and when I tried to get around him he blocked me again. He started to shout my address and flat floor over and over again; I did not answer him. I tried to go away and I told him to let me go. After 2 or 3 minutes he let me go. I never met him before.

– Ty

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Assault, Verbal

Paws off

Last week, a dirty old man grabbed my arm and said “There’s a nice pussy.”

– Ann, New York City

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