Assault, groping

Crotchedy Old Man

One day, a year or so ago, I was walking along 11th or 12th street, right off Broadway with Suzanne. We were happily chatting away after having done some shopping, or some activity of that ilk.

Then, a crazy old hobo man passes by, and as he does, grabs my crotch and says, “Fucking cunt!”

I was too shocked to say or do anything. Moments after, it felt so unreal. Could that really have just happened, out in public?

He wasn’t in his right mind anyway, but god men can be such assholes!

written by Christine.

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Assault, Verbal

Chocolate Chip Cookies

The other day I had a need to bake some cookies. Without a decent cookie sheet, I took the necessary trip to the store–mere steps from my house. Whilst passing the local Chinese place, some guy whistled that classic whistle. You know, the one that goes “wheeeet wheeeew!”

I turned around, saw the dude looking at me, and gave him the big, unmistakable

Yet, he persisted, mumbled, almost incoherently–even sheepishly– “I wanna lick your pussy. . . “

I held The Finger until I entered the store. Feeling relief, I carried forth on my mission, and obtained the necessary baking implement.

Upon payment, I wondered if said jerk-off reamined outside. He had, apparently, taken his spring rolls and split, but not without an extra-awesome serving of my finger.


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Assault, Verbal

Tales of a Female Gas Jockey 1

I used to work at a gas station. Being a female gas jockey is just a recipe for disaster, as I found out in my year-and-a-half on the job.

I approach a truck to ask what the guy wants. He’s sitting there, sucking away at a lollipop. Guy looks kinda greasy, looks like trouble. But I figure it’s not at all fair to judge him beforehand, so I go up and give him the usual speech. (“Hi there, what can I get for you?” and so on) He looks down at me. He slo-o-o-wly removes the lollipop from his mouth and smirks. Then he speaks. “Wanna suck?”
I walked away before I could do him violence.

So for all you ladies out there in “male-dominated” jobs who get harassed on a constant basis – I feel you! Stick it out, and if you can, snap their pictures and get them back!

written by Angela.

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Assault, Verbal

I was waiting for you to open your legs

I was on the F train going to Brooklyn. This man next to me was staring, like boring holes into the side of my face staring. So I got up and moved to another seat. He got up and moved to sit across the aisle from me, STARING.

At this point I’m just ignoring him, not talking, not looking, knowing he was going to follow me. We get to Jay St and I wait to get off the train until right before the doors close, so he wouldn’t follow me. But old dirty man figured it out and just as I was walking out of the train doors, he stands next to me and says so no one else can hear: “I was waiting for you to open your legs.”

Written by Amina

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"Show Me the Girls"

From Maggie (in Toronto):
My ex is a photographer. I was coaching the talent for him: getting them to relax in front of the camera, stand up strait, breathe etc. While my ex was taking a shot of an up and coming sports news anchor for a national Sportsnet billboard he turned to her and said, “Come on, show me the girls.” I almost kicked him in the groin for every woman who’s ever made it big on her big brains not bazoombas.

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Assault, Verbal

I Just Met a Girl Named Maria

This is a picture of Maria who harassed a gay male patron at Vintage.

“I am not a lesbian! Why are gay people always trying to befriend me. Get away from me”, and then she attempted to physically assault him, at which point she was removed from the bar and began harassing people on the street. She will harass you so be careful.

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Assault, Verbal

Tales of a Female Gas Jockey 5

Another man, whose family was in the car, handed me half a bar of chocolate and told me to eat it. (Seriously, what the hell? And not even a whole bar?) I told him I didn’t think so. He proceeded to tell me to “shut up and take it, girl.” I threw his chocolate out and went inside before I could say something that would get me fired.

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Assault, Verbal

I Love To Eat Pussy, Too

Lauren writes:

Okay it is 4am. I am sitting on the subway steps waiting for the uptown C. The D comes and this guy is running to catch it, he says, “You aren’t coming on?” I said, “Not on the D.” He walks back towards me, “Oh Sweetheart…I love to eat pussy.” I look him in the face, in awe. Wishing that my cell phone was charged so that I could practice my whip and snap technique. But of course I was not able to give him a proper holla back.

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