A week in our shoes: TURNING UP THE HEAT EDITION

Hey Hollabackers!

If you remember a few weeks back, we got a grant to do some strategic planning at our first ever board retreat at the Omega Institute.  Check out the video they did on all the organizations that were invited!

Women Serving Women Summit 2012 from Omega Institute on Vimeo.

Now, for some updates:

Our site leaders win funding! Congrats to our Hollaback sites in Czech Republic, Philly, Baltimore, and Croatia for winning $1k towards their efforts to combat street harassment from Worldwide Visionaries.

Jezebel’s 5th birthday, and we got honored! The official announcement will be up on Jezebel next week, but for now check out this super cute picture of me and our interns (from left to right) Rikera, Sunny, and Natalie from the party last night.

Our 6th class of Hollabacks are in training! They include:

Sheffield (in South Yorkshire)
Edinburgh, Scotland
Lima, Peru
Melbourne, Australia
Quito, Ecuador
Victoria, (BC) Canada

Their webinar on how to localize the movement through on the ground activism takes place tomorrow.

Knight Civic Media Conference in Boston! I was honored to be invited. Check out the speaker videos, here.

Shout-out and profiles! This week I was profiled by SPIN magazine and Ashoka’s Changemakers, and we got awesome shout-outs from Scenarios USA, Sadie MagazineFrance 24 Observer, and Days of Pink Tumblr. The more media attention we draw to street harassment, the quicker people learn that street harassment is not OK!

Remember: all this is possible because some bold people (perhaps you) told their stories.  Let’s keep sharing our stories and keep growing this movement.

HOLLA and out —



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Street Harassment, Illustrated

Cross Posted from HollaBack! Boston

We spend a lot of time talking about street harassment – but sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words. From the mighty pen of Jess Finkanother illustration of street harassment.

Here’s wishing you a sunshine-y and harassment-free weekend!

image credit: Kid With Experience


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HollabackPHILLY’s Subway Ad Campaign was just funded!

Cross-posted from Hollaback! Philly

We are so excited to announce that our proposal for a two month advertisement campaign in both Philadelphia subway lines was just accepted! Check out our winning proposal here.

Below is our video intro to the project!


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Take the Healthy Masculinity Challenge Today!

The HMAP Challenge:

Don’t we all love lending our support to a valuable cause? As a Healthy Masculinity Action Project (HMAP) Ally, Hollaback! has done just that through the social media world.


But HMAP is more than Facebook posts and Tweets advocating the idea of healthy masculinity—it’s about starting a necessary conversation in society and making a difference. And despite the great advantages and global connections social media provide, we can’t forget about the power of direct, one-on-one communication.


That’s why Hollaback! is encouraging you to take the Healthy Masculinity Challenge. All you have to do is talk to two people about healthy masculinity. It’s a conversation we should all be having, and a great way to prepare for the Healthy Masculinity Summit, October 17–19, in Washington, D.C.

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Happy Birthday, Title IX!

This week, our nation celebrates 40 powerful years of Title IX, the federal law most famous for increasing female access to school athletic programs.  Although the landmark law has certainly impacted school sports, the reach of Title IX is vast:  it mandates gender equity in every educational program that receives federal funding.

Title IX is a portion of the Education Amendments of 1972, and states: No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.  Agencies covered by the law include approximately 16,000 local school districts, 3,200 colleges and universities, and 5,000 for-profit schools as well as libraries and museums.

Today, June 20th, the White House Council on Women and Girls will host an event to celebrate the legislation and discuss its impact and future.   Participants will include:

–        Keynote speaker Valerie Jarrett, Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls,

–        Former United States Senator Birch Bayh, who introduced Title IX in Congress,

–        Laurel J. Richie, President of the WNBA, and

–        U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

What does this have to do with street harassment?

Title IX has paved the way for organizations working for gender equality.  For example, take a look at the achievements of Girls for Gender Equity (GGE), an amazing Brooklyn-based coalition-building and youth development organization which recently celebrated its 10th year of promoting the well-being of girls and women.  One of GGE’s first activities was the creation of Gender Respect Groups for students, which addressed the goals of Title IX and aimed to help girls and boys understand gender equity in an educational setting.  GGE workers soon noticed that sexual harassment was a concern for most of the students, many of whom were all too familiar with being harassed at school and elsewhere.  Ultimately, GGE and its youth activists filmed “Hey…Shorty!,” a documentary about street harassment (also check out GGE’s book, “Hey…Shorty! A guide to Combating Sexual Harassment and Violence in Schools and on the Streets,” by Joanne Smith, Meghan Huppuch, and Mandy Van Deven).   The video was presented at a street harassment summit, which also included the screening of Maggie Hadleigh-West’s “War Zone,” another documentary film addressing street harassment.  Several organizations dedicated to ending street harassment—including Hollaback NYC!—joined forces at the summit, facilitating workshops and furthering the discussion on how we can all work towards achieving respectful, safe public spaces with gender equity.

For more information about Title IX:

United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, Title IX and Sex Discrimination, available at

National Center for Education Statistics, Institute of Education Sciences, Fast Facts, Title IX, available at

National Organization for Women, Title IX and Education, available at

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Cross-Posted from Hollaback! Boston

We are excited to share these awesome cartoons with you guys today! They are courtesy of Laura of Hollaback! Alberta and they are badass as hell.

Thanks, Laura! These are fantastic.


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Hollaback! Supports Healthy Masculinity

In the twenty-first century, no brand, company, organization, or movement is complete without some visual representation. The Healthy Masculinity Action Project is no different. Now, with the “I Support Healthy Masculinity” icon, you can promote healthy masculinity and the Healthy Masculinity Action Project.

The Healthy Masculinity Action Project (HMAP) is a two-year national movement to develop new male leadership that role models strength without violence. The Healthy Masculinity Action Project begins in October with the Healthy Masculinity Summit in Washington, DC.

Despite only four words in the statement, “I Support Healthy Masculinity,” it says so much more. Supporting healthy masculinity is supporting communities that are free from street harassment and domestic violence, and lives that are better for women, children, and men. Generating conversations about healthy masculinity is a vital step in creating healthy relationships of all kinds.

As the weeks leading up to the Healthy Masculinity Summit continue, your support of HMAP will become increasingly critical in spreading the message of healthy masculinity.

So, do you support healthy masculinity?

Show it with the “I Support Healthy Masculinity” icon!

For more information, contact: [email protected]



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Dear Hollabackers —

We are so grateful for your ongoing support! Here’s what’s new this week:

Campaign success!  We rounded out our campaign to end campus harassment — thank you to all who donated!

We held our first-ever city council briefing! We briefed council staff on our newly released research on street harassment with Cornell. Council staffers from 18 offices were in attendance, which was about 13 more than we were expecting considering it was the height of budget season.  Big thanks go to KC Wagner from Cornell, and Councilmember Ferreras’ office for helping us to put together the hearing.

We were in ELLE Quebec! Check out the link, here.

We moved into a slightly bigger office! With four of us crowded around one table, it was getting a little cramped.  On Thursday we moved into our new office on the 8th floor to make room for all our interns and volunteers!  Check out Sunny and Natalie taking care of business:

HOLLA and out —


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Only hours left: Margaret’s story about campus harassment


They called her a whore her freshman year. Now she wants to bring Hollaback to New York University.

Margaret is a student at a college in New York CIty. During her freshman year, she was walking across campus, when a group of men whom she did not know approached her and shouted that she was a whore. Margaret was confused and did not know what to do. She decided to keep on walking.

Soon, an older man came out of his store. The man, who was a complete stranger to Margaret, looked at her and said simply, “I’m so sorry that you had to go through that.”

In that moment, Margaret realized, “What just happened to me wasn’t okay–and it wasn’t normal.”

In Margaret’s story, a brave bystander intervened in a situation that was clearly wrong, and offered his support to a woman who was being harassed. The bystander’s brief statement created a powerful impact; Margaret immediately understood that sexual harassment was not normal, was not acceptable, and most importantly, was not her fault.

One changemaker creates another. When Margaret realized that what was happened to her was wrong, she decided to support others who were experiencing sexual harassment on campus. Now, Margaret is working with her feminist club to bring Hollaback to New York University this coming fall.

Today we’re asking you, “Can you be that brave bystander who helps stop campus harassment?” Since you don’t all own shops on college campuses, we’re empowering you stop sexual harassment at colleges across America in the following way.

Here’s how you can step up and help students like Margaret: by donating to Hollaback’s campaign to end sexual harassment on college campuses.

We know there are countless individuals out there who are brave enough to intervene when they see something happening that is clearly wrong. Use your voice and your power to show others what’s right, and donate to Hollaback!’s campaign against campus harassement. Our campaign ends tomorrow, so this is your last chance to speak up!




Congrats to all of our t-shirt contest winners:

Alison Bellavance

Megan Hunt

Andrea Pino

Courtney Young

Jaclyn Friedman

Corinne Warnshuis


Thank you to our supporters so far!

Emma McQuade-Terry Laurens Hunt

Myles Sorensen

Safe Streets AZ

Janos Marton

Heidi Patterson

David Leung

Isabel de Koninck

John Reid

Dana Edell

Carey Tan

Ashley Nease

Noelle McReynolds

Meredith Nudo

Kelsey Poole

Christina Macdonald

Meredith Hudson

Beth Lord

Alison Bellavance

Sally Laskey

David Lee

Bradford Perry

Liz Leahy

Jonathan Roth

Rachel Simon

Chad Musgrove

Loren Tripp

Sara Enright

Thao Nguyen

Peter Alsop

Julie Baumler

Courtney Young

Jaclyn Friedman

Sarah Carter

Marton Toth

Lauren Carmin

Deanna Zandt

Michael Maffei

Trent Wolbe

Marylouise Oates

Sara Tea

Paul Shalek

Allison Sesso

Kathleen Adams

Andrea Vial

Violet Kittappa

Raphael Rosenblatt

Rochelle K.

Naomi Kaufman

David Beasley

Marlboro College Women’s Resource Center

…and all our anonymous donors!


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New Comedy Video “Cat Called”


Here’s a new video from Chescaleigh, better known as the girl who did “Sh*t White Girls Say to Black Girls” — on street harassment! Check it out and let us know what you think!


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