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I am 16 years old from the UK and I get beeped at and wolf whistled at pretty much everyday. I have had guys shout ‘get your tits out’ from their cars. I had a man tell me I was going to be gorgeous when I’m older. I get stared at. I also had a man say to me the other day ‘hey how you doing, looking nice’. Some creep tried to get me to buy him a drink in starbucks, A taxi driver touched my arm and hand excessively. I got asked do I still work in a strip club when I never have .

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Week In Our Shoes: International Anti-Street Harassment Week Edition!

Hello Hollabackers! It’s International Anti-Street Harassment Week and HOLLAs have been busy. CHECK OUT ALL THIS AWESOMENESS THAT HAS BEEN GOING ON THIS WEEK.

This week, Hollaback! was featured in Athens News (twice!), Philly Mag, The Daily Beast, Frequency, Youth + Tech + Health, The New York Times’ City Room, The TJ ShowMetro News, The Post, Witness Blog, MadmoizelleNoticias Caracol, The Baltimore Sun,, and WHYY’s The Pulse. Also! Hollaback! Executive Director, Emily May, led a workshop on leveraging technology to end campus sexual harassment and sexual assault at University of North Carolina at Wilmington.

The Mothership is calling out to all you HOLLA heroes around the world – we need your help to send our site leaders to NYC for HOLLA::Revolution, the first ever speakers series on street harassment! It’s an amazing opportunity that will literally change the way that your community talks about street harassment. But we need your help to get them here. Donate today.

Here’s what HOLLAs around the world have been up to:

Hollaback! Appalachian Ohio has some awesome new street art up! They hosted an art show exhibiting works of art by Hollaback! leaders, women at the regional jail, their after school program called Girl Power, and some community members. The pieces are meant to depict experiences of harassment and a vision of safer streets in the future. AND they celebrated their first birthday at the event! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! To add, they conducted two self defense classes with the women at Southeast Ohio Regional Jail, completed a 4 lesson series with 24 8th graders at Vinton Middle School, and spoke out through letters to the editor (also here) and attendance at panel discussion on their local Take Back the Night organizers’ decision to allow men to march this year and take away the position of sideline support. They organized with the student group FUCKRAPECULTURE to ensure that sideline support would still happen and encouraged their community to take up that position if they did not feel that they were not personally affected by fear of walking alone at night.

Hollaback! Bogota was invited by a major Colombian TV channel to talk about street harassment, the work of Hollaback!, and the mayor of Bogota’s recent decision to have pink buses for women. You can view the recording (in Spanish!) here.

Hollaback! Bahamas made the front page of The Tribune newspaper on Monday morning for its chalk walk, then took the back page on Tuesday with a write up on the chalk walk. The MP (and High Commission to CARICOM) who adamantly refused to apologize for laughing at a #VAW “joke” made in the House of Assembly finally made an official apology following their emails and phone calls to the CARICOM office. Fianlly, HB! Bahamas has been invited to speak to a 4th year college Sociology class about Street Harassment and Women and the Hollaback! movement. Awesome work!

Hollaback! Baltimore hosted a breakout session at the Baltimore Proud LGBTQIA Leadership Summit.

Hollback! Bosnia and Herzegovina started presenting a set of workshops about street harassment and violence with the students of secondary schools. They’re planning to visit every secondary school in the city of Sarajevo.

Hollaback! Boston facilitated a workshop at A Revolutionary Moment: Women’s Liberation in the late 1960s and 1970s Conference at Boston University. They presented on the history of consciousness-raising and how the Hollaback! movement has adapted it for modern times with mobile technology. They kicked off International Anti-Street Harassment Week with a HOLLAoffline event complete with coffeehouse chatter and movement building, along with a film screening of the documentary War Zone on Tuesday, and the debut of their first zine. They were also on the Mara Dolan radio show with Holly Kearl to discuss street harassment and Meet Us on the Street. Last but not least, they hosted a Take Back the Bar event with Lesley University’s Women’s Center!

Hollaback! Brussels held a chalk walk in recognition of International Anti-Street Harassment Week.

Hollaback! Des Moines guest lectured on street harassment for a Gender and Violence class at Drake University.

Hollaback! Dublin hosted Exploring Street Harassment Through Film where they premiered “Out on the Streets,” a new Irish documentary about street harassment (check out their interview with director Niamh Gaskin here!), as well as showed some short films to facilitate discussions on street harassment and intersectionality in Dublin.

Hollaback! Gent worked with a graphic design student to make these awesome banners! This one says: “When mean words are hollered, you can intervene”. They have four different banners with different themes: consent, bystander intervention and street harassment. Gent community members can find these banners hanging at the Ufo of Ghent, at the KASK building in the Upper Gate and the Geuzenhuis.

Hollaback! Halifax had some of their materials distributed at this comic book shop’s awesome Ladies’ Night – an event staffed by women, for women, and featuring awesome local female comic book creators. They’re also supporting some Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) students who are planning actions at their campus for today as part of #EndSHWeek. Last but not least, they have been involved with some design students at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (aka NSCAD University). They’re developing poster campaigns to pitch to the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women as a class project. Each poster falls into one of the Council’s area’s of focus: Women and Employment, Women in Leadership, Women’s Health and Well-Being, and Freedom from Violence. The final product of the class project will be online later this month.

Hollaback! Houston tabled at Houston Community College’s Diversity and Inclusion Summit last Friday and participated in a Unity Walk to Kickoff International Anti-Street Harassment Week. They also kicked off this week with showcasing prints by artist, Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, from her “Stop Telling Women to Smile” project. The exhibit will continue to rotate throughout local area shops and cafes each month. On Monday, they recorded a lengthy conversation…even with a sore throat!… with Emiliano Diaz de Leon of TAASA (Texas Association Against Sexual Assault) on the role men play in ending street harassment. An awesome conversation regardless of the sore throat shenanigans. Hope you’re feeling better!

Hollaback! London spoke on BBC World Service about assault and harassment on nights out and they now have 9 cities across the UK and Ireland gearing up to roll out Good Night Out, their safe spaces campaign. Way to go, HB! London!! They’ve also teamed up with Rape Crisis South London for a week long photo project called London Landmarks Against Street Harassment. Using the hashtag #londonloves, participants take a photo of their favorite hollaback or message of support, in front of their favorite London landmark. They upload it on the HB! London website, on the Facebook event, or can Tweet or Instagram it to them @hollabackldn. HB! London will then send them over to the folks behind Meet Us On The Streets where it will be shared on the main site.

Hollaback! Melbourne hosted a night of comedy yesterday called ‘heckleback!‘ which featured some rad female comedians and speakers. They were also on SynFm talking about Heckleback, Snickers and Anti Street Harassment Week.

Hollaback! Montreal will be answering some questions TODAY about anti-harassment week on the Barry Morgan show with Anne Lagace Dowson!

Hollaback! Ottawa facilitated a short brainstorming session to bring together allies to develop concrete messaging around gender-based violence for 2014 municipal candidates.

Hollaback! Philly‘s Executive Director, Rochelle Keyhan, gave the keynote at Swarthmore College’s Take Back the Night. They’re also having a community meeting at Love Park on Anti-Street Harassment day, and their anti-street harassment ads (pictured above!) on Philadelphia transit launched and hit Buzzfeed!

Hollaback! Pittsburgh attended the first annual Pgh Women & Biking Forum where they provided resources.

Hollaback! Tucson‘s week has included a Meet Us On The Mall Kick-Off Event, tabling at a CHOICE Fair, and a Street Harassment 101 workshop at the University of Arizona.

Hollaback! Twin Cities held an Open Mic Night & encouraged attendees to share their thoughts and stories about street harassment through poetry, spoken word, music, and so on.

Hollaback! University of London Union (ULU) launched the Hollaback! Campus Online application system on the Hollaback! ULU Website, designed to easily help unions to gain Good Night Out venue accreditation.

WOW. Amazing work, HOLLAs!!!!

HOLLA and out!

- The Hollaback! Team

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Rachel’s Story: Standing Up for Myself

I was walking out of my office building to join a friend for lunch. There’s a nice patio area outside the entrance to the building, and I was crossing it to reach the sidewalk. I was wearing a pretty outfit, and it was sunny and nice outside. An older man was standing a few feet away from me, and I walked past him on my way. He was 60ish, with a nice face, and a brightly colored polo shirt. As I approached him he smiled, so I smiled back.

He said to me, “Oh, I just love big girls like you. You’re just what I like to have.”

I quickly felt a cold feeling descend all over me, and my pulse started going through the roof. I knew I had to say something to make him stop, and to tell him to go to hell, or I would regret not standing up for myself (this happens to me all. the. time.).

“Fuck you,” I said, giving me a cold, angry glare.

“That can be arranged,” he called as I stalked away.

I can’t stand that he had a good day after that, and that he felt like he was giving me a compliment. I’m fat, right? Why is it that they always have to call me fat, and sexually harass me? Fuck that guy. I went to lunch afterwards with a male friend, and he said maybe I was making too big of a deal. He doesn’t get it.

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Shayna’s Story: “I’m sure it won’t be my last”

I’m 15 years old, and yesterday, I was at a mall with a few friends. All of them had to leave earlier than expected, and I was left alone at the mall while awaiting my parent’s arrival. As soon as they had left and I began walking toward the other end of the mall, I began noticing men leering and eyeing me up and down, then whispering and pointing to the guys next to them. I began walking quicker and crossed my arms, pulling my sweater closed over my chest. My first thought was to walk alongside the nearest women around me, but pretty soon they were gone. I crossed the road from one side of the mall to a Doughnut shop separate from the rest of the mall, trying to find a safe place to sit inside and wait until my family arrived. However, on my way inside, a car slowed down behind me and a bearded man in his mid 30’s wearing a beanie and t-shirt slowed down, whistled, and started calling out to me. I ignored him and ran inside.

This was the first time I’ve ever felt unsafe in a public place as a woman, and, unfortunately, I’m sure it won’t be my last.

When I shared this with my father, he told me that it might help if I changed my wardrobe. As if this was my fault.

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A local rapper yelling “I love you!” to every girl who walked past. This took place on Langdon.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen”

I work at Target, and one evening we had a man come into the store, head straight into the women’s department, lay down on the floor, and start masturbating. He was partly hidden behind the clothes, but a guest saw him and ran and told a manager. It was the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.

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Laronda’s Story: Not Your Baby

I was walking home from Yogurt Jungle on Main Street when a car on the other side of the street pulls a U-turn and pulls up next to me. Dude looking like Hulk Hogan rolls down his window and leans over into passenger seat “Need a ride baby girl?” I pretended I didn’t hear him and walked faster. He started to go in reverse (on the busy Main Street mind you) to keep up with me. Traffic got faster causing him to have to go forward again.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Slut-shaming

I saw a girl called a slut for a low cut shirt.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Unacceptable

I was called a faggot in front of Randall Library at UNCW.

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I was walking down chancellors walk late in the evening after picking up subway and a guy, surrounded by his friends, yelled “I’d like to give you my footlong!”

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