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HOLLA ON THE GO: “He grabbed my face with both hands”

A drunk guy stepped in front of me and barred my way on the sidewalk, saying, “Wait! Stop.” Then he grabbed my face with both hands and said, “You’re beautiful. I love you.”

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Physical Assault from Man In Car

A man in a car threw a glass bottle at my face and broke my nose. He then yelled faggots burn in hell and drove away.

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Groped at State Fair

I was visiting Countryfile Live (I think it’s a bit like the state fairs across the pond) with my parents – I’m a 19-year-old girl. While dad used the facilities, mum and I watched a demonstration of dogs herding ducks around a cute little obstacle course, and this old guy (I’m talking 70+ here, old enough to know better) started getting closer and closer. Fair enough, it’s a popular event and the crowd is growing!
Then I realize I’m holding my handbag in front of me and therefore that steadily moving touch on my backside can only be a hand. I was so panicked, I’d been lucky enough not to have experienced this kind of nonsense before, and I just froze. My mum (greatest mum in the world, fight me) noticed my expression of ‘heeeelp’ and switched places with me. Weirdly enough he wasn’t too interested in groping someone who looked old enough to drink, dirty perv!

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week in Our Shoes: In the Media and More!

Hey Hollas!

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 4.14.21 PM

It’s been an exciting week here at HQ! We’ve had a great week discussing the work we do in various forms of media, from radio shows to podcasts to news articles!

Hollaback! And HeartMob were featured in The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC. Debjani and Joel Stein were a part of the discussion on “how the culture of hate and trolling is terrorizing the internet, after actor Leslie Jones became a victim of cyberbullying last week.” Our Executive Director, Emily May, was featured in Stein’s article in Time that focused on online harassment. She was quoted discussing her experiences with trolls. HeartMob also received a mention!

Emily’s interview in Teen Queen Radio’s podcast went live this week! She discussed the history, mission, and goals of Hollaback! and HeartMob and answered questions about street harassment.

Hollaback! and HeartMob were mentioned in an article by NBC News that focused on Leslie Jones and the ongoing online harassment she’s faced. Debjani was quoted “More often than not the targets are successful women of color because these harassers and abusers don’t believe in our full and equal humanity…This is a deeper problem, and the various expressions of it online are repugnant. These people who are doing this are not trolls, they’re harassers, abusers and in the case of rape and death threats, criminals.”

Here’s what is going on with our sites around the world:

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.35.15 PM

Hollaback! Romania shared a video on street harassment that they made. Check out their Facebook to see the video in full (it also has English subtitles)! This is the first video that speaks about street harassment in Romania–congrats and keep up the good work Hollaback! Romania!


Hollaback! Istanbul was featured in an article by Middle East Eye, where members of the group spoke about their experiences with street harassment and actions taken when they see others experiencing such harassment.

Hollaback! London ran a workshop on street harassment with Sisters Uncut. The session “explore[d] some of the amazing and different ways women keep themselves safe before/after experiencing street harassment, and underpin[nned] this all with some discussion around the law.” You’re doing a great job Hollaback! London!

That’s all for this week!

Holla and out!

– the Hollaback! Team

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Groped by a Young Kid

This happened a few months ago, it was around 6pm and I was walking home from work. I had my headphones in and didn’t hear anyone approaching me. There wasn’t anyone else on the street as far as I could tell. Suddenly I felt someone firmly grab my ass and the a young boy, probably no older than 10 or 11 running off giggling. I cannot believe that people are teaching children that young that it is okay to grope a woman in the street like that. I was left shaking and on the verge of tears the whole way home.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Excessive Daily Harassment

I live in an apartment complex on Lawrence street and make the less than 10 minute walk down Lincoln Street to my office every day. For the past week there has been a large group of construction workers on the corner of Lawrence and South Waverly building some sort of high end townhouses. For the first few days I walked past I thought nothing of it, but now as the building site progresses there are more than a dozen men working on it. The first day I walked by i could vaguely hear yelling through my headphones and some whistling but I ignored it. When I returned that afternoon for lunch it was the same thing. The third time I walked by I turned and saw them all standing at the edge of the building staring at me and yelling and whistling at me. On my way home I took the long way around to avoid them and have done so almost every time I walk to or from work. When I don’t have the time to make the longer walk (it ends up just about doubling my commute) they do the same thing, all stoping to stare at me, whistle, and yell things that I can’t understand due to listening to music. The entire situation is affecting my day and my emotional well being and I am at the point of considering calling the building company to complain. This is not okay.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Walking to Class

Guy on street: hey cutie
Me: excuse me?
Guy: I said hey cutie
Me: you shouldn’t talk to people that way
Guy: I’ll talk to people however I want
Me: well you shouldn’t
Guy (now across the street): if you don’t like it, you don’t have to listen!

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “This should not be happening to me or any other person”

I was walking back home from tutoring a kid across the street. This guy was sitting on the bus stop. As soon as he saw me, he started following me. I was so shocked because I never experienced this so I didn’t know what to do. He kept asking me to go with him and asking for my address. I didn’t tell him. He offered to pay if I go along. I said no and i started walking faster. He still followed. As soon as I approached my house I ran inside while panicking. I am only 14. This should not be happening to me or any other person. Ever since I was too scared to get out the house for even the corner store.

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Nonverbal Harassment, Story

Man Secretly Taking Pictures of Me Without Consent

This creep was taking pictures of me as he walked behind me. Another man came up alongside and said loudly, “That guy is taking pictures of you.” I stopped, surprised and confused, and looked back to see a man of the following profile:

Smartly dressed, navy blue suit and tie
Balding-ish–had thinning hair

with his phone up, half “hidden” behind a newspaper. He dashed behind a coffee cart to “hide,” and as the second man was saying, “You can sue for that, you know,” Creep walked back the other way. I was too surprised by the encounter to react quickly and get his photo or otherwise publicly shame him, but just to say ladies, watch out and speak up when you see this disgusting carry on happening.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Catcalling from Construction Workers

Currently there is construction of a new building on Hanover street in Portland Maine. The men working there constantly catcall upon walking by. Ignoring gets old so have yelled out stop a few times with no luck and flipped them off a few times. Now having to take a longer route to avoid them. Would love for them to get spoken to.

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