HOLLA ON THE GO: “I think about his comment everyday”

I was wearing a black tank top without a bra. I passed one man on the street and he said “you have beautiful nipples baby!” He continued furiously ogling me as I walked past. A woman next to him started laughing. I didn’t say anything.

I felt so disgusted I haven’t gone braless since. I think about his comment every day. I am so disgusted. I experience street harassment in this area everyday, but this comment made me hate myself.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Jennifer’s Story

Man in car said “damn white girl I want to get with that pussy”

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week in Our Shoes: Interviews, Events, and Workshops Galore!

Hey Hollas!


It’s been a busy week here at HQ with planning for interviews and events galore! A film crew visited this week to feature executive director, Emily May, on an upcoming segment called Master Millennials. Our interns, Lan and Lucy, also got to be in a couple of shots. We had a lot of fun answering their questions about Hollaback! and we’re excited to see and share the final segment!

Speaking of features, Emily shared her tips about how to handle online harassment on CBC News.

Debjani will be speaking about street harassment at the 5th annual She’s The First Summit on August 5th. It’s going to be an amazing weekend full of inspiring and motivational speakers from around the world!

Here’s what Hollaback! sites around the world have been up to this week:


Last week Hollaback! Istanbul held an outdoor training and harassment workshop where they gathered to share stories about harassment they faced. Keep up the good work Hollaback! Istanbul!

Hollaback! Detroit also held a workshop at BFF Fest where they shared stories about street harassment and shared tips on how to handle it. Stay tuned for more events from this new site!


Hollaback! Vancouver participated in the Vancouver Pride Society Parade to spread awareness about street harassment. They took the “Cats Against Catcalls” slogan literally, dressing up as cats for the parade!

Hollaback! Oxford was featured by That’s Oxfordshire earlier this week where they discussed speaking up about and combatting street harassment. Check out their feature and follow them on Twitter to keep up with them!

That’s all for now!

Holla and out!

The Hollaback! Team

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Walking down the beach

I was walking down to the beach to meet my friends family. I wasn’t wearing anything revealing (long sleeve shirt and jean shorts). 2 men were smirking and said “hey gorgeous what are you doing tonight?” They were obviously drinking/drunk and looked as if they were in they’re twenties. IM 14. I didn’t respond I just kept waking which I now regret. I can’t stop thinking about it.

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Amy’s Story

“Hey there, would you like to buy this paper for $1?”

“No, thanks.”

“I really like your shirt. It accentuates your bold and beautiful breasts.”

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Laura’s Story: Harassed Biking to Work

I was riding my bike from work and as I was approaching a round about, I heard a motorcycle. I waited for it to pass me, but since it did not I rode on when all of a sudden I hear “Well, either to the left or to the right!!!” I slowed down and saw that the motorcycler was a young man and he had an aggressive attitude, so I just ignored the comment and went on my way when he started shouting: “You fat cow (actually, “gorda de mierda” in Spanish), I’ll crush you!!!” I ignored him again. But, the next morning, I was on my way to work and he passed me with his motorcycle and spat on my face. I don’t know if this is going to stop or get worse.

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Harassment on Campus

It’s sad to say I’ve become accustomed to being catcalled, especially on my university’s campus. I could share so many stories about how I am approached in classes or on the street when I just want to be left alone.
One of my guy friends doesn’t think it’s a big deal. He’ll always say that if I’m not wearing a ring, then I’m “fair game.”
It was my first day on campus my sophomore year. My family had just left after helping me move into my dorm room. I took my car to the parking lot closest to my building so I could unload the last of my belongings.
My university is constantly doing renovations so there are always construction workers present. The latest project was the dorm complex situated between my building and that parking lot.
As I was walking through the lot, three construction workers were coming my way.
I do what I can to minimize the chances of being catcalled. No eye contact, keep looking straight ahead. Don’t speak. Don’t smile.
Unfortunately for me, nothing I did helped. The men slowed down as I walked closer. One sort of puckered his lips and made kissing faces. “Hey, baby! How you doing?” He said.
I said hello, and then he said something lewd and invited me to go somewhere with him. After that, I started jogging back to my room. There was no way I was sticking around there any longer.
That building was under construction for the rest of the academic year. I avoided it at all costs.
I told my sister about what happened and she was outraged that men who were earning their livings through my tuition had treated me like that.

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Deirdre’s Story: “I feel powerless”

I was taking a stroll to check out an area of Geneva that I was considering living in. It was 7pm on a sunny summer day. As I was taking a stroll along the river, I passed a group of men, one of which looked pointedly at me and started to walk slowly and menacingly towards me, and trying to catch my eye, muttering what I can only guess were insults/lewd comments in a low threatening voice. He got really close to me and I turned my head away to make clear the advance was unwanted, which only served to increase the intensity of his advance. I walked on and found a group of women to walk with, and followed as if I was with them for safety. At one point the women went into a bar and I suddenly realised I may have to go back the way I had come alone – luckily I found a way not to have to do that.

This is the third time it has happened to me in the 6 days I have been in Geneva. The other times were on crowded streets. What struck me was his clear satisfaction when he got a reaction from me. I’m afraid but also of how I may respond in the future as I could nearly have screamed at him in rage. Rage that has been growing over the years as I realise that this is systemic, and not my fault.

I was unhurt physically, but it has left me scared and really really angry. I feel powerless to know how to make this change. And for a place I am moving to for work, it makes me wonder if I will just have to put up with it while I am here.

It also made me start a list of the places and times I’ve had this experience and I had the sad realisation that every place I have visited solo something like this has happened. Including my hometown Dublin.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Jennifer’s Story

Man staring at my backside saying “damn I like that sexy ass”

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week in Our Shoes: Events and Features from Around the World!

Hi Hollas!


Here at the HQ, we’ve been stewing in the heatwave–but that doesn’t stop us from forging ahead in building this movement to end street and online harassment! Despite the sweltering weather we’re very excited to be planning and prepping for the Fall. Meet our new Communications Intern Lucy, a recent grad from UC Berkeley! 


We are also thrilled to announce that we are looking for a Program and Communications Coordinator, who will be working in our office in Brooklyn. This is a brand new position and the deadline for applications is on August 15, 2016. Please share this with everyone you know and help us build our team in preparation for Hollaback!’s big, bright future!


Here’s what Hollaback! sites around the world has been up to this week: 


Hollaback! Oxford was featured twice this week: on BBCOxford Radio and BBC South Today. Check out and follow their Facebook page for the full video. You go Hollaback! Oxford!


Hollaback! Ottawa shared photos hollabackottowaof a chalk walk they recently held in order to spread anti-harassment messages and to create a dialogue about harassment in their community.
Follow them on Twitter
 to see some more amazing chalk drawings from the event!


Hollaback! Detroit has their first event at BFF Fest this weekend! They’ll be holding a workshop on responding to street harassment and how to be a good bystander on Saturday, July 30 from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm at El Club, located at 4114 West Vernor Highway in Detroit. Stay tuned to this new site for more information on this event and any upcoming events!

That’s all for this week!

Holla and out!
– the Hollaback! Team


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