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Sethu’s Story: “Most of all, I was scared”

This happened over a year ago, but after posting one (unrelated) story on Hollaback!, I realized that I couldn’t let this guy get away with it too. I was a senior in high school and had to ride the school bus for that day. I noticed one kid staring at me on the bus but I didn’t think much of it. I knew he lived by my apartment so I was not even surprised when he got off at my stop and came to walk a step behind me. I finally reached my apartment and as I was about to head in through the main door, he asked me if I wanted to “come over for a good time” and, when I politely refused, that he would, in his exact words, “suck my tits dry”.

I was shocked and angry that he would even dare to say that. But most of all, I was scared. This guy, even though he was younger than me, he was physically much larger. I ran inside my apartment and just collapsed onto my bed, relieved that nothing more had happened.

I've got your back!

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The Movement

Press Release: Hollaback! Responds to Limbaugh’s “Human Nature” Comments


Hollaback! launches a petition to demand an apology for Rush’s latest attack on women.

[BROOKLYN, NY] On his show yesterday Rush Limbaugh dismissed a new study on street harassment and objectification by stating, “[Liberals] just despise basic human nature.” He then suggested that men should “walk up to the woman and say, ‘Will you please ask your breasts to stop staring at my eyes?'” Hollaback! has launched a petition on to demand a public apology.

Street harassment is the most common form of gender-based violence globally. Long-term impacts include depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder. At, victims report missing school, changing jobs or moving homes to avoid exposure.

“Street harassment isn’t ‘human nature,’ it’s a form of violence. Rush’s grim view of “human nature” ignores the many good men who are out there — supporting women, respecting women, and working alongside women to build a world where everyone has the right to feel safe and confident,” said Executive Director Emily May. Hollaback! was co-founded by three men and four women in 2005, and men remain an active part of the movement.

A link to the petition demanding that Rush Limbaugh publicly apologize can be found here:

About Hollaback! : Hollaback! is a worldwide movement dedicated to ending street harassment using mobile technology.  By collecting women and LGBTQ folks’ stories and pictures in a safe and shareable way with our mobile phone applications, Hollaback! is creating a crowd-sourced initiative to end street harassment. Hollaback! breaks the silence that has perpetrated sexual violence internationally, asserts that any and all gender-based violence is unacceptable, and creates a world where we have an option—and, more importantly—a response.  Find out more at

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31 days of HOLLA: Hollaback! Croatia

It’s the 10th day of HOLLA and today we’re celebrating the work of team Hollaback! Croatia!

2013 was an amazing year for Hollaback! Croatia. They had 9 press hits on TV/radio/newspaper, an increase in awesome volunteers, and were involved in 2 festivals.

Great job Hollaback! Croatia! Show them some support at

Hollaback Croatia

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31 days of HOLLA: Hollaback! Boston!

On the ninth day of our 31 days of HOLLA, we’re highlighting the work of team Hollaback! Boston!

Hollaback! Boston astounded us this year, releasing Boston’s first survey of street harassment (also titled State of the Streets), hosting their first volunteer training, growing their core team from two to six, and getting street harassment on the table (and in policy asks!) in the Mayoral election with ELEVATE Boston.

Way to go Hollaback! Boston! Show some support for the team at and donate to the movement today!











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31 days of HOLLA: Hollaback! London!

It’s the eighth day of our 31 days of HOLLA.  Who’s our HollaHERO for December 8th? Team Hollaback! London!

This year alone, Hollaback! London has sat on an advisory committee for a pioneering project with their joined forces and public transit system to make public transport safe for women and LGBTQ Londoners.  They are also working on a “Safer Spaces” campaign with London pubs, clubs, and bars, to institute a zero tolerance policy on street harassment.  Some of London’s biggest clubs have already signed up!

Hollaback! London has also just launched the second issue of their journal, Langdon Olgar, and contributed to the Today Program on BBC’s Radio 4.  For more information on the amazing work that Hollaback! London has been up to, check out their site at :










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Sarah’s Story: The “smile” request

I went into the liquor store to get a bottle of wine for a party this evening. As I was waiting in line to pay, an employee walked in front of me and leered at me. I ignored him and kept staring straight ahead. Then, as I was paying, the same employee came up and stood right next to me, and asked the cashier if I had smiled. The cashier said I had not and then asked me why I wasn’t smiling. I didn’t know what to do or say, so I just mumbled something about how I didn’t want to, and he continued to ask me to smile. At the same time, the first man was still standing beside me, alternating between joking with the cashier and telling me to smile. He told the cashier not to let me leave until I smiled. I tried to ignore it all and keep my face blank until the transaction was finished, and then I got out of there as quickly as possible. I want to report the incident, but I’m afraid that if I email the store, it will just go to one of them and nothing will be done about it. It makes me so mad because I was so excited to find a conveniently located liquor store, and now I can’t go back.

I've got your back!

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The Movement

Week In Our Shoes: Welcome New Sites!

Hello Hollabackers!


HB Pittsburgh Launch

This week Hollaback! was featured by CBS Pittsburgh, The Korean Foreigner, Ottawa Citizen and 90.5 WESA (twice in one week);

Hollaback! launched 14 new sites! Congratulations to the new members of the HB family, be sure to check them out:

Austin, TX, USA, Bengaluru, India, Durham and Chapel Hill, NC, USA, Guyana, Houston, TX, USA, Iran, Korea, Mumbai, India, Muncie, IN,USA, Niagara, Ontario, Canada, Pittsburgh, PA, USA , Tucson, AZ, USA, University of London Union, UK , Vancouver, BC, Canada. Welcome!! Welcome !! Welcome!!


Here’s what the HOLLAs around the world have been up to:

Hollaback! Gent organized a workshop on Feminism and Self Confidence as a birthday celebration. Happy Birthday, HBGent!

Hollaback! West Yorkshire held a workshop at Bradford college in collaboration with victim support, Bradford Women’s Forum & the college.

Hollaback! Ottawa has been calling out City Hall for their blatant covering-up of assaults on transit.

Hollaback! Brussels gave a talk on “Violence against Lesbians: On the intersection between sexist and lesbophobic violence” at LFestival Brussels. They also held their Hollaback! Offline N°4 event, the 4th event of the series and represented HB along with Gent at the “March of Silence,” a March calling for an end to rape culture organized by Flemish Women’s Lobby for International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Hollaback! Halifax rightfully called out politician for careless behaviour and invited locals to contact his office and suggest resources for him to educate himself about race in local & global contexts.

Hollaback! Pittsburgh launched with 50 folks at their launch party (photo from the event featured above) and has been getting great coverage on radio!

The movement is growing everyday!

HOLLA and out!

-The Hollaback! Team

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31 days of HOLLA: Hollaback! Ottawa

On the seventh day of our 31 days of HOLLA, we’re heading up north and sending a big thank you to Hollaback! Ottawa.

This year, Hollaback Ottawa started a city-wide conversation about street harassment, pushed public transit to address harassment & successfully pulled off the first research report on levels of harassment in the city. Amazing!

Show Hollaback! Ottawa some serious support at and donate to our site leader training today!

hollaback! ottawa











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Sophia’s Story: Creeper on the MAX

Me and a friend were waiting for the MAX (a lightrail public transit) under the Burnside bridge, at a stop that is very sketchy and known to be bad for harassment.
An older man came up to us and asked, “20 bucks for the both of you together? I live just down the street…” I didn’t get it at first, I was kind of in shock, but my friend immediately shot back with a “Excuse me? Fuck you! We’re underage!” and soon after I helped in the verbal defense.
Typically, he raised his hands in defense, saying something like “Oops sorry girls, I thought you guys looked 18!” and backed away. We glared at him until he was out of sight.

I've got your back!

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31 days of HOLLA: Hollaback! Czech!

It’s the sixth day of our 31 days of HOLLA!  Join us in giving a big thank you to team Hollaback! Czech!

In addition to being active during Prague Pride for the third year in a row, Ozvi se! / HollaBack! Czech is especially proud of being instrumental in bringing One Billion Rising to the Czech Republic. After its initial campaign in Prague, four other Czech cities chose to rise on February 14, 2013. Now on to 2014!

Way to go team!  We can’t wait to see what Hollaback! Czech has planned for the new year.  Show them your support at and donate to our site leader training today!


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