A Week in Our Shoes

Week in Our Shoes: Press on Press on Press Edition

Happy Friday Hollaback!’ers!

Hollaback sites around the world have been spreading the word through many media outlets!

Screen shot 2014-10-09 at 12.56.01 PM
Jessica William’s roundabout map of harassment avoidance.

The Hollaback! mothership team was featured in The Daily Show’s segment on street harassment. Correspondent Jessica Williams used biting satire and wit to challenge assumptions on street harassment. Williams even tweeted at Hollaback! when the segment aired.

Press coverage for Hollaback! NYC continued as the MTA’s efforts to prevent harassment were highlighted in Aljezeera America. Check out Deputy Director, Debjani Roy’s comments on the matter!

Hollaback! is proud to be a part of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United’s initiative to end harassment of restaurant workers. They are utilizing our employer guide, authored by Deputy Director, Debjani Roy, who will be speaking at a rally on Tuesday to share stories of harassment in the restaurant industry.

Programmes Associate Jae Cameron and Executive Director Emily May
Programe Associate Jae Cameron and Executive Director Emily May on The Daily Show

Executive Director, Emily May commented on the tragic and disturbing attacks in Detroit and New York toward women who resisted harassment.

“Street harassment is on a spectrum of gender-based violence,” May pointed out. “When street harassment is okay, it makes groping okay. And when groping is okay, it makes assault okay. And when assault is okay, it makes murder OK. We need to stop this cycle where it starts.”

Emily has also been very busy on the road! She just spoke at the Stanford Online Feminism conference and presented at the Global Citizenship Conference in New Orleans with Alicia from Hollaback! Bahamas.

Meanwhile in Canada…

Hollaback! Hamilton site leader Jess Prominski was interviewed in The Spec, Hamilton’s online daily newspaper for the article “Catcalls, Groping and Insults are a Reality for Hamilton Women.”

Hollaback! Halifax has experienced even more media coverage of the #CatsGlareBack rally in Watch Magazine and the Chronicle Herald. You can also listen to their panel discussion “Unlearn: Rape Culture” on Dalhousie University’s radio online (available to stream and download for the next couple of months).

Additionally, there were press hits for Hollaback! Delhi in Vocativ and a re-airing of the CBS Boston spot on Hollaback! Boston and food shaming for CBS Miami, as well as a mention in the NYU News.

Great job this week, team!

HOLLA and out!

– The Hollaback! Staff

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Nonverbal Harassment, Story

Gretchen’s Story: “This creep got the message”

This dirty old man would not stop looking at me and grinning all the way home. 30 minutes later, there he was still just looking and grinning. I finally put my book down, fed up and glared at him letting him know silently his stares were unwelcome. He looked sheepishly away. Well, that won’t work for everyone but this creep got the message. Took a quick picture but only part of him came out.

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Michelle Marie’s Story: “Bitches”


dude on the street says i am a fucking bitch

you a fucking bitch!
you ain’t too good for me
keep on walk’n bitch!

so i keep on walking
and walking
because it was daylight
and my dog was beside me
and i had faith, even if small,
in witness testimony
if dude decided to kill this bitch

because we all know what happens
when bitches refuse

we wake up in this city
with a fight right outside our door

we get dressed
knowing the eye-fuck disrobes the thickest layers
and the world
of all its pretense to justice

we brush our teeth and ready our faces
not for the catcall or the hand on the arse
or worse
but for ourselves

when we leave the house
we know the real issue isn’t us
but the men who feel entitled to our time, our bodies, our lives
and threaten to make our world contract
like a blast rewound

but a blast rewound is a blast in motion

lets break the rotation of this storm

when the streets hold you hostage
turn around and bounce a bomb into
the eye of that storm
explode this cyclone

when the red fire of his words
hits the hillside of your flesh
fling that grenade
take in all the oxygen and
starve that fucker of hate

we are not on the supply side
of male demand

we are soldiers in lipstick
with our own game to kill
in this average city
where breathable sidewalks
become battlegrounds
and we
its bitches

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groping, Story

Viktoria’s Story: “I am so mad”

This happened just now. On my way home, a man (or boy? he seemed younger than me!) passed me on his bike and – slapped my butt! I was stunned and speechless for a second, then I couldn’t think of anything better than asking him if he’s nuts… then I started running and almost caught up with him as he was going really slow, and shouted “Better drive more quickly or I catch up on you and smash your face in!” And that little *** started pedalling for his life. Then I shouted an insult at him that I am not very proud of and I could suddenly see his breath vaporize as he took the next turn in a hurry. I am so mad, and that is why I’m almost glad I didn’t catch him. I wouldn’t have been any better if I had really tried and hit him.

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Story, Verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: “I was counting down…”

My first day working there and a family was coming in after a funeral.
I was walking past the first group of people and one man started saying “she’s beautiful” over and over again, I ignored him and he shouted “c**t” at me.
Another groups of men kept whistling and saying “sexy arse” every time I walked past them.
I was counting down the minutes until I finished.

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Verbal, youth

Anna’s Story: 15 and harassed for the first time

I am 15 years old and live in Helena Montana. I had just gone to a play with my mother at our community theater. she stopped to talk to a friend and I headed to our car. I was the only one on the sidewalk and it was about 10:00 at night. As I passed these two men sitting on a divider wall, one of them shouted to his friend “wow look at that whore!” I froze I looked around thinking they must be talking to someone else but I was the only one. I felt dirty and ashamed then I felt dirty and ashamed for feeling that way. I started asking myself if my shirt was to low or my jeans to tight but even if they were I should be able to go where I want and wear what I want without fear of harassment. people tell you to take it as complement but it’s not it’s a way for these men to express their dominance over my body. This was the first time this has ever happened to me and what I think bothered me the most was that I have to remember that forever as the first time I was sexually harassed.The harassers probably forgot about it five minutes after they did it. I have the right to be in a public space with out my body becoming a public space.

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racial discrimination, Story, Verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: Guy fetishizes African American woman

Guy being very mean and nasty about me being African American and how he always wanted to fuck one and is it true that our ass is big with no draws on

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Story, Verbal


“Hey Sexy” by a 6′ 180lb guy

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week In Our Shoes: Panels, Protests and Arts Edition

Happy Friday Hollaback!’ers!

Hollaback sites around the world have been busy with workshops, panels, protest and more.

Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 10.34.26 AM

Extra, extra read all about it! The Hollaback! mothership was featured on the front page of Metro New York, a free paper distributed on public transportation. Deputy director Debjani Roy weighed in on the MTA’s reevaluation of their sexual harassment policies.

While this was going on in NYC, ED, Emily May and HB Bahamas site leader, Alicia Wallace were tearing it up at the Melton Foundation’s Global Citizenship Conference.

And here’s what our sites around the world have been up to:

Hollaback! Appalachian Ohio did a 2-hour empowerment self defense workshop at the Susan B. Anthony Memorial Unrest Home Womyn’s Land Trust, as well as two workshops on self care for the women at Southeast Ohio Regional Jail AND one self defense workshop for the women at Rural Women’s Recovery Center. Workshops for the win!

Dee Dooley at Hollaback! Ottawa Cats Glare Back. (Photo by Sara Slaunwhite)

Dee Dooley at Hollaback! Halifax Cats Glare Back. (Photo by Sara Slaunwhite)

Hollaback! Halifax, collaborated with Avalon Sexual Assault Centre on a wicked Cats Against Cat Calling Event. Approximately 60 people participated: about 20 bikes, a motorcycle, an Accessibus, a rolling stage (flatbed truck with sound system) and a bunch of people walking. There were spoken word performances at several stops along the route, and speakers at our destination including Glen Canning (father of Rehteah Parsons). Here is an article and some pictures from the event! #catsglareback

Hollaback! Halifax  leader Rebecca Faria participated in an Unlearn Rape Culture Panel. About 50-60 people attended. Panelists discussed definitions of rape culture, the many ways that institutions (such as universities) systemically reinforce it, and strategies for alleviating it.

Hollaback! London is collaborating with other Hollaback!’s in the UK including Sheffield, Bristol, Norwich and Edinburgh on the ever expanding Good Night Out Campaign, promoting harassment free nights outs in clubs, bars, pubs and venues around the UK and Ireland. Fundraising ends October 24th.

Hollaback! Ottawa sent out a letter to every candidate running for council in their upcoming municipal election (all 130+ of them!) asking them what they’re going to do about gender-based violence. The responses are compiled here.

Alicia Wallace, director of Hollaback! Bahamas with the Equality Tree. Painted by artist Allan P. Wallace.

Alicia Wallace, director of Hollaback! Bahamas with the Equality Tree. Painted by artist Allan P. Wallace.

Hollaback! Bahamas pulled off the first event for Equality Bahamas at Hillside House Studio & Gallery and attracted a crowd of over 200 people. It was an art exhibition (the work of Antonius Roberts) complete with an address by Marion Bethel (recipient of 2014 Caricom Triennial Award for Women), and dramatization of quotes from Bahamas Women’s Suffrage Movement by 3 actresses. 

They also unveiled the Equality Tree – a collaborative painting which will be taken everywhere we go during the gender equality referendum educational campaign as an interactive art piece.

Hollaback! Boston participated in a Title IX teach in at Tufts University on Friday.




Great job this week team!

HOLLA and out!

– The Hollaback! Staff

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Story, Verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: Harassment on campus

I was walking around the University of Southern Mississippi campus taking pictures today. I stopped to take a picture of a building when a golf cart of 4 guys whistled at me and said, “mmm, hey girl!” I usually stand with my hip popped to the side normally, although that doesn’t validate any sort of welcome for their behavior. I gave them the rudest look after. As they passed, the boys said,”oh sh@t! Did you see her face?!” This was not necessary.

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