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Julia’s Story: Kiss and disgusting words

I’m Brazilian, and I experienced this many times. Two years ago, when I was 15, I was at an elementary school party and I was talking to some friends, when a guy (who I didn’t know) suddenly hold me and asked me for a kiss. I refused, but he held me closer, tried to kiss me and whispered disgusting words in my ear. I felt really bad, and the girls who were with me didn’t do anything. Luckly, my mother called me to tell me she was on her way to pick me up.

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Hollaback! Launches NEW APP

BIG NEWS: Today Hollaback! has released a new app to share and map your stories of street harassment around the world. What’s more, with the new app, you can create your own, personalized maps of street harassment and share them on social media.


Campaign graphicEver had someone tell you that street harassment isn’t a big deal? Now, with a click of a button, you can show them what your daily commute really looks like! And, if you’re waiting for the bus and want to quickly send some love, you can read other Hollaback! user’s stories and let them know you’ve got their back.


In a world where street harassment is too often dismissed or thought of as not a big deal, sharing our stories and supporting one another is a meaningful way to make our voices heard and create change. With this app, you can do both in under five seconds – freeing up your time to make the revolution go down!


With that goal in mind, we’re launching a story sharing campaign on the app and online with #iHollaback for the next two weeks. Stories shared during the campaign will be publicized in our storify and media outreach.  Join us from September 9th – 23rd, and let’s show the world how powerful story sharing can be!


The new app is available for free for iPhone and Android and was made possible with generous support from our partners at Voqal and Catapult. Check out the app today and let us know what you think!

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Random chat just to touch you 2x

This man made a funny comment with a smile showing his teeth on how my (women’s) tiny purse fit so many items while I searched inside mine. I smiled and replied politely. Just enough for later on he showed up and pressed my finger harder while I got water at the water fountain.
I looked him in the eyes with disapproval, so he patted my back a little too strong for a friendly funny “ok”. He was clearly not ok with my serious look and showed his frustration physically. Disgusting! This was Sep 7th at a nice music event, the Hoko Festival in Tucson, Az.

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Anon’s Story: “I looked the harasser in the eye, and he had the audacity to wave back at me!”

I walked out of the hotel in the afternoon today, and a group of 25-30 yr old men whilst having a barbecue started catcalling and hooting. I am 17 (minority race), and was in a baggy tshirt and pants going for a jog! There was nothing atthiractive or revealing about me. But I ignored them and went for my jog. I come back after an hour, to find them there again. They started clapping, cheering, and shouting “she’s back”. I got so angry! I looked the loudest harrasser in the eye, and he had the audacity to wave back at me! I couldn’t believe how disgusting these men were! I want to complain, but I dont want to start trouble. This needs to end. Now.

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week In Our Shoes: End of Summer Edition

Hi Hollas!

Many exciting new things are cooking at Hollaback! HQ, and they’ll be coming down the pipeline in due time. That’s why this week we were busy preparing and planning for what’s coming.

Meanwhile, here’s what’s been going on at our global sites!

Hollaback! Vancouver spoke out about the very public case of Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 3.38.28 PMharassment on transit and reminded everyone of their partnership with the Metro Vancouver Transit Police. They are also offering free community workshops in light of it. Check out Vancouver’s #TransitTuesday posts for updates on their work

Hollaback! Halifax is preparing for another rolling revolution tour of the city to showcats support for victims and survivors of street harassment and sexualized violence and to reclaim spaces of reported street violence. If you’re in Halifax, head on down!

Hollaback! Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in a video documentary of local feminist Foundation CURE (GIRLS) “Capture gender based violence.” Check it out!

Hollaback! Bahamas participated in the #GlobalSHActivism Twitter chat on Tuesday.

This week Hollaback! has been making waves in the media, including hits in Vice, Bustle and the Huffington Post, raising awareness and continuing to spread the word on street harassment.

We can’t wait to share all of the amazing new stuff next week!

Until then, holla and out!

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Judy M’s Story: Kissing noises

I was biking home from the library. A pick-up truck drives by with a man in the passenger seat loudly making kissing noises out his window at me.

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Sarah’s Story: “I used my voice to say no!”

I had some time to kill before a practice I was heading into in south philly tonight so I decided to go get a my flurry I had with a coupon. It was 745pm and still light out. As I was walking back, a man asked me for spare change. I politely responded that I did not and apologized. As I walked past, he put his hand out and ran his hand along the side of my chest. I promptly turned around and started giving him an earful about how he should never do that to anyone ever again and that he had no right to touch me in that way. I told him I would call the cops and he started making motions for me to be quiet and I let him know I didn’t care who heard and that he violated me. He then ran away. I was shaking so hard. I tried to go have a night to forget it as much as I could, but still. I did sexual violence prevention education work professionally, so I posted up to my facebook saying what happened. So my former students would see it and know that f that ever (heaven forbid) happened to them, they knew they could say something back. I’m still upset with myself for not calling the cops, but at least I did use my voice to say no, you cannot do that now or ever again.

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Emma’s Story: Scary experience

I was walking to class at about 8:45AM on Annie Glidden road and Stadium Drive, and a bigger man named John with dirty blondish hair, and short beard followed me to Graham Hall, and made gross comments about my body, “oh, look at that chick in the blue sweatshirt. She has some hot curves.” I started to walk faster, and then at the light near Graham, I turned around and saw him. He was the same shit stain that harassed me in Neptune dining hall a couple of times last year. He and his other shit face buddy gave me creepy looks, and John (shit stain) said, “Hello, miss. Why don’t you come with us.” Last year, I told him to leave me alone, but today, he followed me and did that. I barely know him, and I got scared… All I could say was “Why don’t you fuck off?!”, then I ran to my class. It was surprising that he remembered me. I wish I could have gotten a picture of him, but I couldn’t. A police report was filed. They said they couldn’t find him, but I could call the authorities if he bothers me again. I just hope he leaves me alone. I was wearing a blue courtoroy jacket that did not show anything, black pants, and “mom shoes”. I am 20 years old.

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week In Our Shoes: Wear What You Want Edition

This week, as always, a lot has been going on at Hollaback! HQ! We were so lucky to be able to collaborate with the amazing, ModCloth who launched this awesome video, shining a spotlight on how we should be able to wear whatever the heck we want and not have to worry about being harassed! Check. It. Out.

We also had a busy week planning and celebrating. We are happy to have our Program Associate Jae back in the office from maternity leave, but so sad to see our Program Assistant, Rachel go. We wish her all the best in her fumural1ture endeavors and are so grateful for all her hard work! Also, Happy Birthday to our IREX Fellow, Natasha, who also attended the unveiling of the most amazing mural in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.

The search for our fall interns is coming to an end, and with our strategic planning we are on the path to a busy and amazing Hollaback! year! Also, we’re growing the team and hope to have some exciting announcements on that front very very soon.

Hollaback! teams around the world have been busy in raising their voices XO_DykeMarchthis week…

Hollaback! Ottawa represented at Dyke March in Ottawa! This year’s event was small, but diverse. Check out site leader, Julie Lalonde’s take on the event here!

Representatives from Hollaback! Bahamas participated in a group of 500 government officials, policy experts, youth-led organizations, and peacebuilders at the Global Forum on Youth, Peace and Security in Amman, Jordan where the Amman Youth Declaration was adopted.

Hollaback! Baltimore has booked two events this fall: Hollaback Offline Coffee & Chat in September and Street harassment: Know Your Rights in October. If you’re in Bmore, check them out!

Until next week, holla and out!

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N.R.’s Story: “Control” in the gym

Today I went to my local (mixed) gym in Brussels.
An older man came up to me while I was on a cardio bike. He asked me if he had seen me before. I told him that I didn’t remember him so probably not (staying friendly but not engaging in the conversation).
At the end of my 1 hour cardio session he comes back telling me he likes my thighs and that my shorts made me show too much leg and that I should wear something else the next time I would come to the gym. Because he could “control” himself but maybe other younger men in the gym would not be able to”control” themselves. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I told him it was not my job to dress to his “standards” (less eloquent because my french isn’t that awesome). I blocked the following of the conversation and the man left.
When I was done (ten more minutes of anger pedalling and not believing this happened. I went to the desk and asked the employee if there is another female-only gym in the neighbourhood (they have it for a reason). She replies nicely and then I explain I will not be coming back and explained what happened.
I went for my bag and the head-employee storms towards me with her sandwich steaming. She was not-amused something like that happened and wanted to know who had said such a thing. I pointed out the man by saying what machine but told her I didn’t want a confrontation.
her colleague told her to confront the men when I left (which I was about to) and she almost stormed toward him. She also confirmed me that I was in my right and that being properly dressed wasn’t up to the man to decide. the short was good enough.
So I am sad I am leaving this place though.

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