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Felicia’s Story: Harassment in the subway

I was coming home from college, late at night. In the subway, I felt the look of a man who was standing next to me. I choose not to care. Then, he followed me out of my usual station. I was scared so I walk faster and faster. He started screaming “are you afraid bitch ? Why are you afraid” and laughing. I keep walking without answering. Then, I enter a bar so he stopped following me. I was sweating and shaking but no one noticed.

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Nell’s Story: First harassment experience

I was cat called for the first time in my life today. It was only a small incident, two men walked past me and one said “you alright beautiful” and leered at me. But when I got home I cried for 10 minutes. I felt gross, dis guested and so, so angry. I am 14. 14, and a feminist and this kind of behaviour makes me feel angry, frustrated and afraid. I said nothing, I just walked away but I wish I’d said something. I was just afraid it would escalate. This has made me want to stop wearing shorts, look less attractive etc. because I never want it to happen again. I just wish I was strong enough, physically and mentally to challenge these people.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Simply standing in line

Standing in line at the gas station a man proceed to try and get my name while telling me I’m so beautiful and inviting me to party with him. He kept this up to the point the attendant told him to leave and walked me to my car.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “I don’t need you to tell me”

I was walking out of work and as I was walking towards my car a man was walking in the other direction. As we crossed paths, he said “looking good ma” as he looked me up and down.
No shit I look good. I don’t need you to tell me.

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HOLLA::Revolution–our annual speakers’ series–is heading to London June 23!

Today’s the day! Check out the livestream from Holla::REV here, and join the conversation with #hollarev on Twitter.


This evening event kindly hosted at the Amnesty International Human Rights Centre will see leading thinkers and activists in the field expand the definitions of street harassment and discuss what each of us can, and is doing, do to create real on-the-ground change in our communities.

Join us!

Confirmed speakers and performers include:::

– Laura Bates from Everyday Sexism,
– Emily May, executive director of HollaBack!
– Susuana Antubam, NUS National Women’s Officer
– Hollaback! site leaders from around the world putting issues in their local context, from the Bahamas to New Orleans and beyond!
– Bryony Beynon and Julia Gray, discussing Hollaback London, our advisory work on Project Guardian and the Good Night Out Campaign

A one off special interactive musical performance from Richard Phoenix and Jennifer Calleja of Sauna Youth

+ Lots more!

Reserve your (FREE!) tickets today! Hope to see you there.

What Hollaback Means to Me

HOLLA-Who? Meet Hollaback! Croatia

We’re back with our HOLLA-Who series, profiling the amazing site leaders who take on street harassment in their local communities. In the HOLLA-Who series, we learn about what street harassment is like around the world, and what activists are doing today to push back and fight for the right to equal access to public spaces.


Today we’re talking with the amazing Barbara from Hollaback! Croatia. Hollaback! Croatia launched in 2011. They’re an amazing site who’ve accomplished some huge projects in their community, including a safer spaces campaign! Today we’re chatting with Barbara about why they Hollaback! and what they’re up to.


Why did you start the Hollaback! site in Croatia in 2011 – what inspired you to join on?

I wanted to speak about issues impacting women and LGBT people. I love Hollaback because it is so empowering – with its tools & a worldwide net of activists.


What’s a HOLLA-fact about your city?  

The city is considered as safe and its residents are proud about this. However, gender based harassment is ignored in considerations about safety.


Say you’re the Queen for a day. What would you do to end street harassment?

Kids will learn from early age – in every kindergarten & school – about mutual respect.”


What was your first experience with street harassment?

I was groped between my legs at the age of 14.


Given that you’ve had years to perfect it, what’s your signature Hollaback!? 

Never give away your power.


We’re all about the right to define yourself. What’s your Hollaback! on-the-ground style?

I am deliberate, think twice before acting – but nevertheless push for ambitious projects for Hollaback!. Even if it seems that we are not ready for the projects, it turns out right 🙂


What’s your super-heroine power?

Patience & humor.”


Serious question time. Would you rather have a dragon or be a dragon?

Have a dragon!


What is your proudest HOLLA-Moment so far?

The Safer spaces campaign 🙂


If you could leave the world one piece of advice, what would it be?

If the idea makes sense, if something is unjust, go for it and do something about it, even if you don’t know how – you will learn during the process and come out stronger.


What are you excited about for 2015?

We have more volunteers than ever, they are pushing our boundaries and thanks to them we will do some things for the first time – e.g. a safety audit…


What inspires you in this work?

Strong women, the energy and commitment of other Hollaback! volunteers or activists.


And finally, in the year 2020, street harassment will be…

In the year 2020, street harassment is finally recognized as a problem, and all members of the community are involved in solving it. Boys learn to respect girls from early age…


A big thank you to Barbara from Hollaback! Croatia!

Holla and out!

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HOLLA ON THE GO: On the way to a job interview

Some people yelled a lot of sexual derogatory comments when I was on my way to a job interview.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Harassment in the hallway

I’m 13 and I’m thickly built. At school, i get everything from cat calls Tomas’s grabbings. One day in particular, a boy came up to me and whispered, “you’re gonna ride my d*** like you ride a roller coaster. Once you go black you never go back baby.” I believe it doesn’t matter your skin for one, and that is was completely un-appropriate and disgusting, especially for our ages.

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Story, Verbal

HOLLA ON THE GO: Bothered on the Beach

I was in a beach area walking with my parents, when a bunch of college aged guys in a pickup truck hollered in our direction and sped off. It was embarrassing since my parents were there otherwise I would’ve told them to shove it.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Harassed on the job

I work in car rentals at an airport, a man on the upper level to where my desk is yelled to his friend (standing 2 meters away) ‘Oh f@&k, car rental chick is alright’. He then preceded to yell down to me, asking ‘give us a smile, sexy’. Ironically this happened just a few hours after I submitted to launch a South Australian Hollaback website.

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