Water Pistols? Seriously, Boys…..

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture.
I was walking to a meeting when I heard some shouting. This being a crowded sidewalk in NYC, I ignored it because surely they weren’t yelling at me. Simultaneously I felt a drip of water. But being that this was the City in the summer, I assumed it was the air conditioning, and continued on. Once again, I felt a more direct spray of water, and when I turned around there were two men in a garbage truck…with water guns. These jackasses actually sprayed me with a water gun to get my attention! When I turned around they started shouting and making obscene gestures.
This made me wonder…what would happen if the women of NYC carried around water guns full of say, vinegar, or maybe some terrible cologne, to use on these kind of obnoxious men?

Posted by Jennifer

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Open Letter to That Asshole on St. Mark’s Place

My friend Mari and I had been discussing how placid our lives have become since school ended, now that we have traded the emotional highs and lows of college life for steady paychecks, steady relationships and predictable routines.

Fortunately, however, you appeared with pleasingly ironic timing to shake us out of our complacency. We were just placidly browsing along St. Mark’s Place when you suddenly told Mari and me about that very naughty thing you wanted to do with us. And not just you, but the guy who was working with you, too! Thanks!

We hurried into the store next door, and I thought about you for a few minutes (oh yes, I did). I finally decided to preserve the experience for my Internet scrapbook (i.e. my blog) by taking a photo of you with my handy camera-phone. I don’t understand why you looked so surprised. How could I let this precious moment slip by without taking a photo?

I also don’t understand why you didn’t answer me when I asked you why you said those things to us. After all, you did initiate the conversation, and I genuinely wanted to know. And I don’t understand why you got so angry when I mused out loud that it might be because you’re an ugly pervert who gratifies himself by harassing random women. After all, I thought you might also want to know how it feels to be treated like a piece of meat.

I think you should be honored to know that you’re the first man I’ve ever snapped back at. Over the three years I’ve lived in New York City, I’ve had many strange men do and say extraordinarily nasty things to me. In fact, some of the things they’ve said or done have been even nastier, and even more degrading. But you, dear sir, are the first.

I’ve been told that I should just get used to it; that, being a woman and all, I need to take it for granted that I will be harassed on the street. But while I have become a bit complacent, I like to think that I haven’t yet mutated into a doormat.

Hugs and kisses (not really),

P.S. By the way, if you’re going to sexually harass someone, try not to do it while you’re at work. I think that sock store deserves more attentive employees. Plus, with all those frilly anklets in stock, your boss might not be happy if you start scaring away the lady customers.

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Bucket o’ Jersey

I was on the PATH train minding my own damn business when I heard a bunch of grunting and laughing from behind me. It was this group of assholes – first they were making fun of a homeless man who was selling newspapers on the train. When I turned around, the one on the right yelled something uncomprehensible at me. I looked away, and heard the dumbass on the left: “What, are you a dyke or something?” The first one also had a bunch of nasty dandruff flakes all over his coat collar, gross.

They were totally absorbed in their stupidass bantering (they had moved on to other targets) and didn’t even see me bust out my phone and snap a photo. It was the first time I did it and a little scary, but I encourage all the grrls to get up close for them photos if it’s safe – these fuckers need exposure & humiliation!

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Talking Trash

three of us, 1am, walking down w. 44th street:
him: “Hey Sexy Mamas….I wanna do….Come on Baby…”
God it just keeps getting easier-He really was talking trash!

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Lend an Ear

I am commuting home late at night from a long shift at the restaurant. I am behind another tired woman who looks as though she has just come off of work too. This dude keeps trying to get her attention and trying to talk to her. Even as we pass him and go into the subway he keeps grabbing the bars and licking his lips. If it was in slow mo’ it would have looked like someone trying to be sexy in a music video. As I walk by he tries to speak to me and get me to listen to his message saying, “escucha.”
This one isn’t too choosy he just wants someone to listen.

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Wal-Mart: Always Low Prices, American Made Harassment

The one thing I find extremely difficult and unfair is the helplessness felt by women who work in the customer service industry. There are rules and regulations dealing with sexual harassment from fellow coworkers. But when the harassment comes from a
customer that we’re supposed to be nice to, what can we do?

I used to work as a cashier at Wal-Mart (or as I call it “The Den of DOOM”). There was this one guy there who would always come to my line. I saw him at least
once a week. He would acually seek me out! Once I had a technical problem with one customer’s purchase. When another cashier opened her line, everyone moved to the other line except him! I thought the creep was stalking me.

He would come up to me, and leer and stare at me. Unfortunately I had to wear a name tag so he knew my name. I’ve never heard my name sound so disgusting before. He would ask me when I got off from work, and if I would go out with him. And all I could do was be polite, say no, and try to keep busy when what I really wanted to do was tell him to back the f*** off.

The town I used to lived in at the time used to publish the names and pictures of people who had been arrested for DUI. (I guess as a way to warn others to watch for them on the road?) I saw his face in one of these columns. I wasn’t surprised, but I had noticed he had an unusual name.

One day at work a lady came up to me and asked me to page her husband to meet her at my register. Her husband’s name sounded so familiar, but it wasn’t until I saw it was The Creep walking up to her that I finally put it together! He’d been trying to spin me his tired game and he comes to find me there with *his wife*! When I saw the look on his face, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing!

The next time he tried to bothered me, I asked him how his wife was. He turned red and sped off. He never bothered me after that!

Keep up the good work!
~ Angel H.

P.S. I’d also like to mention that I am a very overweight woman. So when people say that harassment only happens to certain women or that the women should expect this kind of treatment, just point them in my direction. I have plenty of other stories to tell.

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Tales of a Female Gas Jockey 3

I had one guy insist that I was legal age (which I was not at the time, and didn’t remotely appear to be…I get carded for everything) and then invite me to his house.

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I’m from Bangalore,India.This is what happened to me a week ago…

I got onto the bus and found myself an empty seat. I sat by the window and put my bag next to me. I was in a good mood and sleepy. The BMTC buses have ladies seats in front of the bus(about 4 rows) and the rest are for men(about 10 rows) injustice thats beyond my power to rectify! I’m sitting in a Ladies seat and suddenly this huge man comes and sits right next to me. The bus is quite empty and he still sits next to me! When there r plenty of seats available. Still my bag prevented any body contact. Soon he asked me to remove my bag so that he can sit properly…I said why don’t u go behind? He’s like..No I’m comfortable here…and kept looking in front…so I thought maybe he’s sick and will get off soon…But was still uneasy and got strange(bad)vibes from him. Keeping the bag on my lap I bought popcorn and munched to prevent myself from falling asleep…

I was looking outside the window and suddenly I felt something warm on the side of my right thigh. He had been sitting with a package on his lap and his hand were hidden below it..and it cut off my vision..I didn’t want to be haste so I slowly moved my thigh and was shocked to see his thick fingers touching my thigh! I mean what the fuck did he get out of it? I yelled ” Why you touching me!??” and he got so scared and shifted with half his ass still on my seat! I said “what’s wrong with you??” He literally jumped and sat opposite staring at me with a frightened look and scared eyes. He sat next to another girl. I was seething with rage..I shook my head and looked away. Then I turned back to yell at him..before he did something to her.. // <![CDATA[
D(["mb","He was gone.



I was so angry…I dunno if he was crazy or his first time! But perverts like him need to be put in their place. I think I was more upset with myself than him! Cause I let him sit next to me!!! So much for being polite! Gosh…hate myself for doing that but at least I embarrassed the shit out of him.\n



Another incident..well it happens almost everyday...autorickshaw drivers and other strangers who just STARE\n AT U..for no reason just stare!!! iTS so buging...just because I\'m a girl doesnt give them a right to stare and make ME shift my glance.So I\'ve started to show gestures. Like I say what? whit my hands..and shrug my shoulders...and point at them..and say what u staring at. Some look away..and some laugh! man...its silly but at least They\'ll think twice before oggling!!\n



Rohini, Bangalore.

\n",0] );
// ]]>He was gone.

I was so angry…I dunno if he was crazy or his first time! But perverts like him need to be put in their place. I think I was more upset with myself than him! Cause I let him sit next to me!!! So much for being polite! Gosh…hate myself for doing that but at least I embarrassed the shit out of him.
Another incident..well it happens almost everyday…autorickshaw drivers and other strangers who just STARE AT U..for no reason just stare!!! iTS so buging…just because I’m a girl doesnt give them a right to stare and make ME shift my glance.So I’ve started to show gestures. Like I say what? whit my hands..and shrug my shoulders…and point at them..and say what u staring at. Some look away..and some laugh! man…its silly but at least They’ll think twice before ogling!!

written by Rohini, Bangalore.

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Welcome to Paris

During a weekend visit to Paris (my first), my friends and I patronized the depicted establishment called the Frog and Princess in St Germain des Pres. It was all fun and fine, we were dancing, drinking, and having a good time until I needed to go to the bathroom. Upon my return, I had to make my way through a tightly packed bar area and noticed sort of uncomfortably that it was the ultimate sausage fest. I had to squeeze myself against and through bodies and bodies of young, drunk males. I had almost made it out of the thicket when I felt a smarting slap on my ass. I stopped and turned around only to see a group of young men pretending not to notice me until the douchebag who appeared to be the perpetrator (due to his convenient butt-slapping position in the crowd) and his friends started cracking smiles and laughing. I couldn’t think of anything nasty to say in French so I just gave the jerk my big fat fucking middle finger right in his face, turned around (w/o butt grab this time) and fought my way back to my friends. Upon being informed of the offensive incident, they said sympathetically, “Welcome to Paris.” It appears that the French need a bigger overhaul of their society than they ever expected. Watch out, there might be a Holla Back Paris!

written by Anna.

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The Universal Language

This Dude encountered me on the Subway last night. He was wolf whistling and grunting and gesturing. When I realized that he wasn’t having a seizure and was trying to get my attention, I asked him if I could take his photo. He replied that he, “no speak english.” I guess sexual harassment is the Universal Language Dude.

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