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HOLLA ON THE GO: Sound System cat calling

Walking my dog at 10 o’clock, apparently the new things is to have speakers installed on the outside your car and a microphone so you can more anonymously make women uncomfortable enemy you pull up beside them and cat call, backing up slowly add we walk past. Uncomfortable enough that I went and got my boyfriend and you immediately felt scared off and decided to leave me alone. Leaving me wishing I had confronted you myself, because my martial arts training means I probably could’ve kicked your ass myself, but I don’t feel that kind of confidence.

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Megan’s Story: Groped from Behind

Someone ran up behind me and forcefully groped my bottom while I was walking home. I have a stun gun but couldn’t get him before he skateboarded away. He was wearing a black coat with a camo hoodie underneath and the skateboard was black.

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Mollie’s Story: “I see a lot of pussies here.”

While with a group of friends (four other women and four men), a male (wouldn’t call him a man) approached us and said, “I see a lot of pussies here.” He continued talking about our vaginas, so one friend and I screamed at him to leave us alone. Several strangers were around and didn’t help us out, but finally told the server at the stand we were at to call the police. The person harassing us continued to make sexual comments at us. He then began calling me fat and ugly and walked away, but not before I snapped a picture of him and shared it with my mother, who works with the Oakland Police Department. We were all angry and disgusted by this harassment.

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A Week in Our Shoes

Week in Our Shoes: Get Together Edition

Hello Hollas!

At Hollaback HQ this week:

We had an lovely lunch together with the youngest Hollaback!er Ari. He was wearing our Hollaback! shirt! Isn’t that adorable? Desiree, our HeartMob Program Coordinator, Screen shot 2015-11-20 at 3.05.29 PMis not in the photo because she talked about the growing and vital role of helplines in online safety at the Family Online Safety Institute Annual Conference “Risks. Harms. Rewards” in Washington, DC. CJ, our Program and Office Assistant, attended the Audre Lorde Project’s Trans Day of Remembrance and Trans Latina Network’s Trans Day of Remembrance. And Debjani, our Interim Executive Director, held another anti-harassment training in Council Member Lander’s District.

And at Hollaback! sites around the world:desire

Hollaback! Cuenca is having its “First Meeting Against Street Harassment” at University of Cuenca where they will present their first report on street harassment in Cuenca. They are also promoting Hollaback! on all 5 University of Cuenca’s campuses. Great job Cuenca!

Hollaback! Baltimore was tabling at War On Women event for the Transgender Day of Remembrance and attended the Transgender March of Resilience. 12238144_10156398650460045_4677048034052440949_oMoreover, on Dec 10th, together with Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle they will present “Gender & Police Harassment,” a talk exploring the relationship between police harassment and gender/sexual identity.

Hollaback! Croatia will be participating at the Equality Week organized for the International Day against Violence against Women, where different aspects of violence against women will be tackled with representatives from institutions, civil society organizations, academics, etc.

Hollaback! Belfast is preparing for the Reclaim the Night Belfast march to show the need for action against gender violence and harassment, part of the 16 days of Action against Gender Violence. We can’t wait to see all the photos from this amazing event!

Stay tuned for more amazing stuff next week!

Holla and out!

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Lauren’s Story: “hey cigarette girl”

I was outisde a starbucks, on the phone with my mother of all people, when a group of 3 men in a car pulled up and said “hey cigarette girl” and when i didn’t respond they persisted with “what, you don’t like blacks?” It was dark outside, i was on my own, and i’m 14. It scared me and ruined my day.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Woman and Her Children Verbally Harass Me On My Way Home

Walking home at around 2 in the afternoon I was verbally attacked for no reason at all by a woman and her young daughters. I was a block away from my house and they started calling me a “raggedy ann bitch” repeatedly and yelling at me to get out. They continued to taunt me but I didn’t react, just continued walking. I crossed the street and apparently crossed into their ‘territory’ or something because there were two more young girls on the corner who stared straight at me and yelled at me for being a “raggedy ann bitch.” I continue walking, getting upset and yelled back to stop at which point the mother yelled at me for talking back and threatened to beat me with a brick that she had picked up. The entire family began to follow me at a distance at this point and I yelled back to leave me alone, fuck off, and stop following me. They continued at which point I tried to call a friend but her phone was dead. When they saw me get out my phone they made comments about what was I doing trying to call someone to get out of their territory etc. Finally I got to my house (in a gated community) and locked the gate behind me. Two of the daughters come up to the gate a minute later and started yelling at me that I was a bitch at which point I yelled back at full force to fuck off. One of the girls then got down and went under the car gate and started following me through the complex! I started walking towards a man in a van inside and waving at him to help me but he ignored me. I had also tried to get the attention of a cyclist earlier who continued on as well. Finally the girl turned around and left and By the time I got to my apartment I was shaking and crying.

I just couldnt believe that they started verbally abusing me like that for no apparent reason, and that it was an entire family of women involved as well! I am so upset and scared to leave my house and run into them again because I don’t know what they will do if they recognize me. I just wish someone who had witnessed this happening to me had stood up for me as well…

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Street Harrasment Comedy Show – Guest Post from Julia Nethero of SaferNYC!


Like many women all over the world, I have been a victim of street harassment countless times over the course of my life—starting from the age of 13. We all know that mixed feeling of anger and fear when we’re being catcalled. We assess the situation: is it safe to retaliate and say something to this person? Or should I just keep walking and avoid them?


Hollaback and others are doing amazing work to fight this type of harassment by giving victims of street harassment a way to fight back & a space to voice their experiences. And there is still more work to be done. About a year ago, after complaining to my boyfriend Joseph for the umpteenth time about harassment I had experienced that day, he said to me, “Well stop complaining and do something about it!” “Ok, but how? What can we do?” I replied. As a feminist and my partner, Joseph wanted to help stop this harassment, too. Influenced by all the recent videos that had been flooding the Internet at that time, he suggested we make our own videos that specifically speak to men about street harassment.


Thus SAFER: NYC was born! SAFER: NYC (Street Action For Equality & Respect) aims to end street harassment in a unique way: by mobilizing men to be part of the solution. We strongly believe that the issue of street harassment cannot be adequately solved without the engagement of men—being the root of the problem, their enthusiastic participation is essential to the solution. Our campaigns and messaging humanize the victims of street harassment by highlighting who—in men’s own lives—may be victims: their daughters, wives, sisters, mothers, etc. This serves as a reminder that by harassing others, they are harassing someone’s else’s family member or friend. This message personalizes the devastating impact of street harassment and will serve as a pivotal force for changing behavior.


So how do we actually engage and mobilize men? First, we created two videos that you can see here, as well as a four public service announcements that we will be premiering on New York City subways next Spring. Second, we are doing research on why men engage in street harassment, as there has never been research done on this subject. Armed with this research, we can design the most effective solutions and programs to address the root causes of street harassment.


And lastly, we will be holding community building and awareness raising events, with our first comedy show this Thursday, November 19th at La Luz in Brooklyn, NY. The show will address the topic of street harassment and will feature some of the best improv, sketch, and stand up comedy acts in NYC! The purpose of the show is to raise awareness (and a few funds!) about street harassment and engage people in a conversation about how we can stop it. Your attendance will bring us one step closer to ending street harassment, so we hope you can join us this Thursday!


Event details:

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Doors open at 7pm, Show 8-10pm

@ La Luz, 135 Thames St, Brooklyn, New York 11237

Tier 1 $10/Tier 2 $15

Buy your tickets here:




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A Week in Our Shoes

Week In Our Shoes: Broaching Topics Edition!

Hey Hollas!

At Hollaback! HQ this week we’ve been up to all sorts of activities…12235625_10207748025238195_2104984500_o

Debjani, our Interim Executive Director gave two talks on street harassment from a transnational perspective at Middlebury College, Vermont. She really enjoyed the discussion with the students about the realities/limitations of institutional advocacy, the possibilities of transformative justice around issues of sexual harassment and violence, etc. With a mutually respectful space, they were able to broach many topics! CJ, Natasha and Rose were tabling at Female Hysteria: A Women’s Health and Comedy Affair, a fun event organized by the NOW-NYC Activist Alliance. CJ, Rose and Natasha also participated at the Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse: From Teen Dating Violence to Trafficking, webinar hosted by The National Judicial Education Program.

And at Hollaback! sites around the world:

12182843_10153292703316902_8161494009418753897_oHollaback! Belfast participated at OUTBURST: OUTLOUD, an event with talks, exhibitions and workshops aimed at creating a space for politics, ideas and debate, with an inclusive ethos and a welcoming attitude. They are also preparing to participate at the second annual Reclaim the Night Belfast march to show the need for action against gender violence and harassment, and aid mutual support.

Hollaback! Baltimore is preparing to table at War on Women, an event part of Trans/Queer/Femme Weekend, and in recognition of Transgender Day of Remembrance. They also attended the White Ally?: An Active Partnership, Not a Passive Title, a talk together with Baltimore Racial Justice Action.

Hollaback! Croatia is preparing for the project “My place in a community” which will be implemented by K-zona from Zagreb in collaboration with Domino and Hollaback! Croatia. They will conduct a research to recognize the problems in their community related to inequality, social justice and development.

That’s it for this week! Stay tuned for more exciting news next week!

Holla and out!

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HOLLA ON THE GO: sexism exists

I was waiting for the bus to get to work, a man drove up and asked if I was waiting for the bus. I nodded, he than told me to get in his car (no he did not say, “would you like a ride”, he said ” get in my car”). I shook my head for “no”, than he started telling me what he would do to me once I got in his car, it was very vulgar and sexual. I picked up a rock and threw it at his car. It was a small rock and I’m sure it did no damage however I got the reaction I was expecting, he called me a bitch and started to drive away so I threw a soda it his car, it went through the window and soaked him. He drove away. I wouldn’t recommend doing this, it was in the heat if the moment and I was very angry, but to say the least I’ve seen the same guy since and he crosses the street when he sees me.

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Ali’s Story: “I’m tired of this. Tired of no back up.”

Well I’ve put ‘verbal’ but this guy was walking towards me with his arms out as if to hug me on a dark station platform late at night with his two friends in tow and I didn’t know if he was going to grab me, lift me up or push me into the tracks! This is in an area where there has recently been very high profile sexual assaults of several women and also the rape of a young girl just down the road. I was tired after a 12 hour shift and as a reflex (why am I even explaining the reasons for my reaction?!) I said “get away from me” as he got so close his face was in mine. At this point he immediately launched into firing insults about every aspect of my physical appearance. It was constant “look at the state of you look at the state of you look at your disgusting face bla bla etc”
I responded by saying I didn’t care and that I am 36 years old where upon he said “you look 46.” I told him very calmly that I didn’t care what I looked like and that I liked to read and learn things and that’s what was important. He shouted in my face “stop talking stop talking” “you’re so ugly you should kill yourself.”
I don’t know why and I regret it a bit but I decided to say “yes yes! Oooh im incredibly ugly yes look at the terrible state of me oh it’s awful isn’t it I’m a disgusting mess etc” then the station staff man who was in the little unit box thing on the platform opened his door, I think he could see I was surrounded by these three men. At this point the guy who tried to hug me said to him “she started on me!”
I laughed.
I said “I was just minding my business!”
My train came and I walked far away in case they were in my carriage but they weren’t even getting in the train and it sailed past all three who looked at me as the train went by.
How unnecessary the whole thing is! I wish I’d said more, of course in retrospect I thought of a million better things to say but my heart was racing and my legs were shaking. I thought he would punch me I really did, he looked so angry.
I wish I’d said something like “one day when you’re about 54 you’ll probably be married and work in IT and gave two children one probably a girl and when this happens to her, when a man walks towards her at night you’ll hope she can stand up for herself and say “out of my way” but you punished me for doing it with the typical lazy reaction of “oh god you’re so ugly!” You’ll live your daughter and want to hurt those people but now, when you could actually make a difference to your culture you choose to be a coward.
I went home and have tried to feel strong but you know what? I’ve been looking in the mirror and thinking “yes, you are ugly!” “Yes, the time you were homeless took its toll and shows in your face” “yes, the death of your father at age 7 probably gave you a permanently sad face and his absence probably also gave you no self esteem” etc etc on and on.
I know this is because I’m programmed. I look the same as I did when I left my friend’s earlier and felt fairly ok about life. Weird thing is, I was not standing there claiming to be a great beauty. His remarks were as if he were refuting done statement if made. I admit it, I feed sadder than I did before it happened. It’s one more nail in a long long coffin of comments and shouting and being grabbed and insulted, often complimented and then insulted when I haven’t wanted to talk. I’m tired. I’m so tired of knowing that I either acquiesce or have my existence and appearance torn apart. It’s so cowardly. Bored of it. Bored and angry and sad and frustrated. I have so many stories from over the years. Always I am verbally ripped to pieces when I answer back. I’m tired that I was forced into a conversation I didn’t want, yet again. I’m sure I could have avoided all the esteem destroying remarks had I hugged him or smiled or made some kind of simmering sounds of non threatening friendliness but why should I? It would be an act and an act of fear. So, there’s the deal. I think every time we answer back we risk a personal inventory of our faults so perhaps that’s why many people do not answer back and the whole thing continues. I’m tired of this. Tired of no back up. I do not drive and work hard so I am alone on public transport a lot which I should be able to be!
The anger expressed when I do not stop to chat or smile or if I just ignore the shouts. The anger and insults. I don’t want conversations with men I don’t know in the street! Why are they angry when I speak my mind? Don’t they have mothers or sisters? Daughters?
I am baffled and as I think I said. Tired.
Thank you.

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