Tabetha’s Story: “I’m Sick of Feeling Like an Object”

First let me say I have a boyfriend whom I love. The attention he gives me is pure and kind and he’s wonderful. However, attention from anyone but him makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and dirty.
The other day, I was biking home from my job and was almost home when a car full of guys slows down as it drives past me. They start to call out to me and whistle and hollar out things like “hottie! Over here!” They were waving me over with their arms. I was so confused because I didn’t understand why they thought that would work! I got home not long after and I couldn’t get out of my head feelings of guilt and sadness. I felt dirty and like I was a slut… Even though I hadn’t done anything wrong! I’m sick of feeling like an object males think they can pick up and use.


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  1. Ivy says:

    I understand that feeling of confusion and sadness that you’re describing, and feeling dirty even though you haven’t done anything wrong. Something similar happened to me, with a car full of guys yelling at me to get in their car… when I didn’t, they called me horrible names and then eventually drove off. It is a terrifying and dehumanizing experience, and far too many women are subjected to it every day. Remember that sexual harassment of any kind is NEVER your fault.

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