HOLLA ON THE GO: Three times

I was walking my dog at approximately 11:36 am on a Thursday. A man in his mid twenties approached in a red sedan and whistled quite obnoxiously. It frightened my dog and startled me. I proceeded walking on my route and from another street I could see him circling. He passed me three times. I eventually picked up my dog and ran home.


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  1. Karen says:

    I have 4 dogs and walk every day for sometimes up to 2 hours with them. I can’t being to say how many times I am followed, commented on, and approached. I walk with pepper spray and heavy keys on a persuader. My dogs don’t like strangers, thank heaven. Their barking and growling usually does the trick — that is what it comes to. I am so grateful for days free of this. I understand just how you feel.

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