Sydney’s Story: “I was so scared I ran all the way home”

When I was thirteen, I was taking the city’s metro back home. A man, far older than me, came and sat by me. He started to talk to me and told me I was too “sexy” to be that young. As I stood up to get off at my stop, he tried to block my path and trap me in the seat. Another passenger pulled him out of my way. I was so scared I ran all the way home, and didn’t tell my parents because I blamed myself for dressing a certain way. Without that man pulling him out of my way, who knows what could have happened?


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  1. Laura Hughes says:

    When I used to live in New York City I was harassed by guys
    constantly. They used to come to me to talk to me. I told
    them I wasn’t interested. They were super persistent. I
    would get very angry at them and start yelling at them. When
    I was homeless, I slept in subway trains. I woke up many
    nights because guys were feeling me. I got into many
    fistfights with these idiots. I live in a small town. Thank
    heavens I’m not experiencing now. It’s been several years
    I haven’t been harassed by some idiot.

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