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Em’s Story: “Feeling like I’m on display”

Yesterday I was standing outside of my residence hall talking on the phone, when a group of three guys started catcalling at me. I tried to ignore them but they wouldn’t stop, so I flipped them off. One of them just laughed at me, and they walked away. Later on, I realized that one of the guys was friends with my roommate. I don’t think he realized it was me when he decided to harass me (he was far enough away that I couldn’t really see his face), but I was shocked to find that someone who had seemed so nice could be so crude and obnoxious.

Today, I was riding my bike to class when some guy yelled “hey foxy” at me. I’m pretty irritated with feeling like I’m on display for people who only see me as an object for their viewing pleasure. I hate feeling scared when I pass guys I don’t know on the street, fearing that they could do something to make me feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

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Kiah’s Story: “How did he think he had the right to say that to me?”

I work as a cashier and about half the men who come through my line call me “honey,” “baby,” “sweetie,” etc. because I’m a young girl.

Worse, though, when I was sixteen and had just started my job, I was selling the store’s debit/credit card to a man in his mid-forties. He replied, “Well I’ll get one if you give me a kiss.” I was speechless. How did he think he had the right to say that to me?

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Stephanie’s Story: Parking enforcement creeper

I almost got caught by the city parking enforcement for not switching my car over. I ran outside before he got out of the car and yelled that I was leaving soon, but just switched it over and went back in my apartment. When I was about to leave for good, the parking enforcement guy had pulled his car around behind mine and was leaning against his car. I asked him if he was still going to give me a ticket. He told me no, he wanted to talk to me and then proceeded to hit on me, saying he likes curvy girls and that I have a nice butt. He also asked if I was seeing anyone. I didn’t know what to say so I just said yes and thanks and ran back inside.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Bus stop creeper

Asked me to stop when I walked from bus stop to my home, but then it he whispers “sex” and tried to get me into some house by the street.

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Yael’s Story: Standing ground against harassment

For the past two days, construction workers have been refurbishing the facade of a hotel that I pass on the way to my bus stop. Each time I have passed the building, both going and coming home from school and work, I have been whistled at and cat-called by the workers.
I looked up the number for the hotel and asked to speak with a manager. The woman who picked up the phone tried to convince me that I had the wrong hotel, and that no construction workers were working on the building any more. I did not back down. The hotel manager then tried to intimidate me into giving him a description of the man so he could reprimand him. I let him know that I did not entertain my street harasser’s inappropriate behavior by approaching him alone in a parking lot. I then told him that he is responsible for the behavior of his employees, and that it should be a policy for all of his workers not to engage in such inappropriate conduct. The manager told me he would discuss the incident with his workers. I plan on following up with him.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Witnessed harassment

A man was insisting/commanding that a woman tell him her name, calling her Shorty, while she was waiting at a crosswalk.

This was the first time I’ve ever witnessed street harassment that I can remember. As someone, myself an androgynous male, who’s been harassed/abused/stalked I wanted to help this person but felt confused and scared. If you’re reading this, I’m sorry that I didn’t do more than pause and glare at him while he wasn’t looking, I hope you’re ok.

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A week in our shoes: LBGTQ RIGHTS EDITION

Dear Hollabackers —

Check out what’s shaking with the global movement this week:

HollabackPHILLY’s Director Rochelle Keyhan wrote an iReport on street harassment for CNN!

Hollaback! Gent had a press release demanding more initiatives on raising awareness about homophobia in Gent. They got some pressottawa coverage and received an invitation from the Alderman for Equal Opportunities to come and discuss their forthcoming LGBT action plan for the city!

Hollaback! Italy wrote a post about their trip to New York City and meeting with the Hollaback! NYC staff.

Hollaback! Boston successfully got a company to take down offensive ads on their MBTA trains after launching a campaign on social media and in the press. They continued their “Introducing!” series with a post introducing Lily! They also announced their involvement in a coalition to ELEVATE Boston for the upcoming Boston mayoral election.

Hollaback! Ottawa is hosting a fundraiser at a local gallery complete with visual and performance art TONIGHT! And tomorrow, they’ll be at SlutWalk Ottawa.

Hollaback! Brussels participated in a Kiss In in honor of LGBT rights!

Until next week!

HOLLA and out —



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Was whistled at while taking a walk around the neighborhood

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HOLLA ON THE GO: “He just pretended like nothing happened”

Was walking in America Mura with my friend bel. We were trying to find a cab. It was around 2am. Some guy grabbed my boob. Not brushed it, he outright palmed it. So I turned around and said “what the f*ck?!” in English. the guy was like, “sumimasen”, but he wasn’t. So I and pushed him, and he just pretended like nothing happened as i shouted at him. he slithered across the road and started following a girl in a mini skirt… Creep. I should have kicked him in the balls.

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HOLLA ON THE GO: Holla’ed at on a run

White NYC van parked at morning side park on the running loop by the gates near the basketball court – man and woman in the van with man yelling out “hey sexy” and other things with each lap made. Def city employees. Time 755 pm today.

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