HOLLA ON THE GO: Ignored and then shouted at

I wanted to try this new hair store on White Plains Road. The clerk ignored me when I tried to get his attention to pay. I told him I would go to a place that respected cash paying customers, while putting his stuff on top of other products to leave. He jumped from the counter down to where I was and said, “Why do you throw my things on the floor you bitch!!!!???” Screaming from the top of his lungs. I called the cops…


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  1. ak says:

    I’ve got your back lady! Don’t support the people with your hard-earned money who don’t appreciate that you’re lining their pockets all the time because that makes them a lousy so-and-so and it makes you look like a sucker. Hell to the No with that. And as always the disrespect towards women is a total no-no.

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