HOLLA ON THE GO: “We just walk away”

I was outside of a bar with two of my girl friends. For context, I am black and they are white. An older man walks up and starts taking to us. We are polite and try to ignore him. He then turns to one of my friends and says “you know, black and white go real good together.” While this is happening, a group of men surround us and one yells to me “you know black and black go even better together! shit, I’m looking right at you girl.” We just walk away while they talk about us.


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  1. Maggie says:

    I hate how men treat us as if we are toys to them and make us feel imprisoned even in our own neighborhood… I’m glad you walked away before things got out of hand. They should know better than to mess with women. I’ve experienced some things like this and I just walk away ignoring their catcall so that they realize whatever they are doing is not working.

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