Katie’s Story: Filing for Freedom

I was in the library of the University of Central Oklahoma, working on a research project for one of my classes. This guy was sitting about two computers down from me, about twice my size. He was giving me the creeps because I could see him staring at me, so I shut down the computer and grabbed my messenger bag to head to my car. He got up too and started following me. He asked me if I wanted to go grab a cup of coffee at the student cafe, but I smiled politely and invented the excuse that I had to meet my mother for lunch. I chalked up his creepy staring as just being socially awkward, because God knows I’m a failure when it comes to social interaction, and I figured that it would be nicer if I turned him down gently.

Nope. The guy just kept asking me over and over, and eventually I just snapped at him to leave me alone. Then he got angry and started to call me a “bitch” and a “fucking cunt”, that he just wanted to get a cup of coffee and I didn’t have to act like an “uptight bitch who needs a good fucking to fucking relax”. At this point I’m in total shock; I couldn’t believe someone would act like this. I just wanted to get away and get to my car, so I just began to ignore him. That only made him madder, and he grabs ahold of my messenger bag strap crossing my back and just yanks me back towards him. I trip over my feet and I go crashing into his chest, and that’s when it hits me: I’m only 5’3″ and 135 lbs, and this guy easily overpowers me and do whatever he likes. It was a horrible feeling. I tell him that if he didn’t let go I’d scream, and the instant he did I booked it to my car. Once I got in, I just sat there and cried. I had never felt so helpless or scared in my life.

I ended up filing a police report to the campus police, but now I’m furious that this jerk even thought that this was something he thought he could do.

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