Amanda’s Story: “Guess he didn’t think I could hear him”

Some d-bag walked by me (I had headphones on) and he said “I wanna eat your p*ssy”. Guess he didn’t think I could hear him but don’t worry, I did. And I. Lit. Him. Up. I shouted a large array of expletives at the guy, flipped him off, generally tried to cause him to suffer incredible embarrassment. It pisses me off when people tell me I shouldn’t have said anything and that I compromised my safety (even though it was noon on a Tuesday). My safety was already compromised by the fact that a loser piece of sh*t thought he could TRY to intimidate me. I don’t think so, bub.


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  1. Some of those guys are a good argument for castration! #IGotYourBack

  2. Hazelthecrow says:

    Good for you! these idiots deserve to be embarassed -what they are doing is showing themselves to be worthy of nothing else.

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