HOLLA ON THE GO: 14 years old, but we knew not to hang around

At the age of 14, me and my girl friends were standing outside school waiting for our parents to come and pick us up, this guy in a white car parks in front of us and points and us and makes sign for us to approach him, seeing that his tactics didn’t work, he whipped out his dick and started masturbating while looking at us and smiling, at first I didn’t understand, I though his leg was a deactivated hand or something.
Me and my friends ran away after that and notified the teachers,he fled.


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  1. Allison says:

    Jeez, talk about disgusting. And stereotypical much?
    Even among the perverts, imagination still short (not that I’m complaining. Ever the easier to tell who they are, though not all white vans are creepers. But seriously, wow, stereotypes in play.)

    I must saw ew and glad you are ok.

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