HOLLA ON THE GO: One Less Customer

I have a cat and I’m pretty broke, so I was thrilled that Science Diet was giving out free samples near my office. Well, I was thrilled until I got there. The man giving out samples decided it was a good idea to call me “pretty eyes” as if that was my name. Igave him a disgusted look and he just said “Oh, it was only a compliment.” No, it f**king wasn’t! You, sir, are a stranger commenting on my appearance. It is unwelcome, objectifying, and it made me uncomfortable. At I know what NOT to buy.


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  1. S says:

    Original poster here:

    I just thought I’d actually applaud Hill’s (the company who makes Science Diet). I contacted them about this incident. Within minutes, they responded to my email to get the details (location, time of day, etc.) because they agreed that their employee’s behavior was highly inappropriate.

  2. G says:

    Just FYI – Hill’s definitely contracted this out to a marketing company, so it’s not a HIll’s employee who did it. However they are still representing Science Diet and it does seem inappropriate.

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