HOLLA ON THE GO: road rage, harassment edition

Coming home from work, a man nearly hit me coming into my lane. To alert him of this, I honked. In retaliation, he thought following me was a good idea. He followed me for 30 minutes, including waiting around the corner out of sight while I deposited a check at the bank, which took nearly 10. Then he circled highway patrol when I ran in to get help. I’m unsure if they caught them. What’s worse is the highway patrol was unhelpful and dismissive until I told them my father was a police officer.


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  1. Amy says:

    Something similar happened to me when I was driving. I was merging into the traffic and the guy behind me decided that wasn’t cool and honked (there was heaps of room) I was driving for about 30 minutes and he was still on my tail I was getting freaked because I could see in my rear view mirror that he was really angry. I drove to the nearest police station and reported it. The police called me later and said they spoke to the guy but he apparently ‘had no idea what they were talking about’. Luckily he’s on file so if it happens again he’ll get into trouble.

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