Kelly’s story: JERK-MOVES (male privilege gone wrong. way wrong.)

These photos was taken on December 14, 2012 in South Bend, Indiana. These clever gentlemen thought it was super funny to talk about how much they would like to “violently rape that bitch,” “take it from that cunt,” and “beat the shit out of her.” They mentioned being puzzled about why “whores should even get paid” for the privilege of having their small penises inside them. They also thought it was super awesome to call me a “fucking whore” when I asked them to stop yelling ugly misogynistic things across the restaurant.

Sadly the manager asked me to leave after I began taking photos of these men. I explained to the manager that the group had been talking about beating up women, raping women, and were using extraordinarily offensive sexist language including bitch, cunt, slut, etc., but the manager simply told me to “return to my seat.” I declined to do so and left, while the men continued to shout “whore” at me (and at least one threatened to rape me as well).

Since posting these photos on Facebook, I have found out that these gentlemen are Notre Dame undergraduate students, at least some of whom were recently banned from living on campus.


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  1. Sandra says:

    AHHHHHH. I’m fucking from South Bend, and I hate every one of those Notre Dame asshole dudes, who believe they should all have their cocks bronzed in gold for getting in to ND, since obviously it makes them better than EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WHOLE GOD DAMNED WORLD! I can’t stand the way ND methodically brushes sexual assaults under the rug (perpetrated by their golden cocked football players / other athletes). I have had this EXACT thing happen to me before, being a 5’11” blonde girl who grew up in SB.

  2. Conna says:

    Would it be out of line to ask the name of the place this happened at? By giving you the brush-off and giving those boys a pass on their behavior the manager is also complicit in this.

  3. Sandra says:

    Girl, I know who the one in the middle is, the smarmy bastards that’s pointing.

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