Rashawn’s story: “There are things you don’t understand”

I was attacked this morning by a man: Keep yourselves safe.

This morning while walking to my car to get to work I passed two men on the street standing on a corner. One man made a B-line for me while the other called out to him, “Don’t go over there.” The man did not listen, he sped up to me, and grabbed me. I screamed, “Let go of me!”, he did not listen. “Stop!”, he did not listen. “Let go off me, get your fucking hands off of me!”, he did not listen.” I yelled, “Somebody help me!,” the man nor his friend listened. I kicked and yelled with no result, “You are just going to stand there while your friend attacks me. Help me!” The man grabbing me stared me down, he could have been drunk or high or whatever but he stared me down and made gestures to his pants. The other man slowly crossed the street coming up behind the man, “There are things you don’t understand,” grabbing his friend off of me. I immediately ran away towards my car and began to cry.

I am so violated and shaken.

This has never happened to me.

I hate this man. I hate his friend.

I hate my terrified screams.

Please keep yourself safe.


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  1. Dee says:

    I just want to understand how we can keep ourselves safe when we mind our daily business and on our way to work or after work we are harrased by people with no self value and respect?

    How can we keep ourself save when we have not done anything wrong to people who just harrase us?

    I was at the ATM when a young guy lied by asking me to help him use the ATM then I noticed he smelt of alcohol and was actually punching in all the right buttons. I quickly moved away and to my surprise he came behind me and asked me if I wanted to go drink with him? I felt sick in my stomach and told him to walk away before I start screaming my head off.

    I told my partner about it and we confronted the guy who didn’t apologise for what he did and denied that he asked me that. He began yelling and pointing fingers at my partner provoking him then a fight broke out and the public came to throw a few punches at the guy too.

    We then went to the Police who gave him a good beating too but he denied everything. I felt cheated and disguisted. His colleagues had come to bail him and he forcefully said sorry but i refused to accept his apology simply because he should have done that the first time my partner confronted him.

    I felt afraid in going out of the office in fear he or his frineds may do anything but I told myself I spoke out against being harrassed. I did the right thing. I pray in my heart that when he was sober and the pain from the beating is felt, that he is truelly sorry for disrecpecting any females thus will think twice the next time he want to do that to another female again.

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