Anne’s story: Horrifying and cruel

A man rushed up behind me on the car park escalator and ejaculated all over the back of my dress then disappeared . I wandered the streets in shock.
Two weeks later a woman was abducted from the same location and driven to bush land raped multiple times then her throat was slit and she was left to die. She is still alive today.
I regret not reporting my incident as it may have prevented what happened to this woman.


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  1. Justine says:

    Anne I am so sorry this happened to you. We all have regrets but please don’t blame yourself. Sexual harassment is never the victim’s fault. I’ve got your back.

  2. Ms Whitney says:

    i fear for my own safety after reading this,
    sometimes i enjoy dressing up but i keep my head down at all times. so i don’t have to look into the eyes of mean people, YOU DID NOTHING WRONG. HE DID WE LOVE YOU ALL HERE ! ! !

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