Sarah’s Story: “The man had the same response to my body as a sandwich company would like you to react to their subs”

Pretty mundane, I suppose, but as I was walking to work the other day, in a modest though flattering outfit, I passed a man outside a bodega who regarded me with “mm mm mm mm mm!” – the same intonations as a Quizno’s commercial. Perhaps the product placement wasn’t exactly the connection he intended to make, but I literally carried for the rest of the day the fact that the man had the same response to MY BODY as a SANDWICH COMPANY would like you to react to their subs.


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  1. sarah says:

    I submitted this story yesterday and I want to follow up – out of frustration, I shared this story on my Facebook, and fifteen friends “liked” it. The thing is, rather than feeling for me, or expressing sympathy, all the responses I got made light of the situation. None of my friends are expressly sexist or pro-harassment (if they were, they wouldn’t be my friends!) but I don’t think anyone understands just how far under my skin incidents like this can get.

    A couple weeks earlier, I had posted a story from Jezebel to my page ( and again got “humorous” responses, including one from MY FATHER – all claiming it’s not a man’s fault that I walk around with an angry face.

    I just want to walk down the street without being bothered. I wish this was an issue people actually cared about.

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