Radha’s story: These crimes deserve more than a slap on the wrist.

December 6, 2011, I was traveling via Nepal Yatayat from Shantinagar to Baluwatar along with my friends. My get off at Baluwatar. I have already paid the rent. But the conductor, asked me rent again. The witnessed also supported me . But he didn’t listen and verbally abused me very badly. I tried to get on and denied to pay twice. Then he assaulted me. Meanwhile, the driver also back the bus and supported to conductor. Immediately, I took the bus number and run away from there. I talked with member of transport association and directly went to the traffic police office. I filed the case. The police arrested driver, conductor immediately.Next day, police invited me and have negotiation.they asked for forgive and released from custody.


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  1. Melissa Owsiany says:

    Good for you for standing up for yourself!! I’m sorry it did not go well.

  2. Hey Ihollaback,
    I know what you mean, Chronic anxiety disorder victims, should have a new title, something like heroes as far as i am concerned. How anyone can brand them with weak or weird is beyond me. Usually someone who has not experienced a panic attack will be the first to judge, funny thing is it makes me wonder how they would react when there times comes. The reason i wrote this article is to point out the positive things, and hopefully change the way you feel about yourselves.
    All the Best

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