Ef’s Story: They need to learn why harassment is wrong

The music block at our school is shared with the neighbouring boys’ school, and the boys’ field is between the girl’s school and the music block.

So I was walking back from the music block at break when a nasty little boy from… well I don’t know what year but can’t have been any older than 13, said ‘Hey good looking’ to me in a gross ‘I’m obviously being a dick’ kind of way.

So I carried on walking like I usually have the few times this has happened.

I was already feeling stressed and annoyed about the exams coming up and how the lesson hadn’t gone so well, so I was very annoyed.

But then two steps away instead of completely just walking off I turned around and screamed ‘F**K OFF!’ at him.

The look on his face annoyed me even more, because it was like ‘I didn’t deserve that shouting’. But he did.

If this ever happens again and I’m not feeling so stressed, I’ll take the time to stop whoever he is, tell him exactly why he’s being and arse and why he should never do it again.

Because a 16 year old girl shouldn’t feel intimidated or worried walking THROUGH HER OWN SCHOOL by a boy YOUNGER THAN HER.

I also think I will make some posters to hand to a teacher at the boys’ school on why being a creep is wrong.
Because they obviously need to learn.

(I’ve written way more that i should but man I’m so angry by this. Even though it wasn’t THAT bad…)


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  1. crill says:

    Most of them already know. They don’t care. It’s not your job to educate them, either. Waste of time. Take it from an older woman! My advice is to tell them off in a short, agressive way, and move on to better things.

  2. Radar says:

    When ever someone says something like that just say “I do not like girls. If you were a real man who had a pair you would have said that.So when you decied to have some class or stop being a douche, aplogize to me because that is what a man would do.” Just embarss the crap out of him and he will never say anything like that ever again. Trust me, I’m a middler schooler and I had someone bark at me and make sexual preverted comments at me. When I finally had the courage to turn around to look this kid in the face, all I said was “I’m sorry, I think people having sex with dogs is gross.And it is illeagal.So if you have some free time,you douche, look up beasteality!” And that is how you school a douche and make yourself look smart all at the same time(;

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