Dog walker’s story: I just couldn’t believe a 14 year-old would say something like that

It’s been one of the best days of the year today, so my sister (22) and I (26) took our dog a walk in the park. There were hundreds of people in the park enjoying the weather. Whilst walking through a wooded part of the park we walked past two boys no more than 14 years old riding bikes up and down some ramps. When we were a good hundred yards past them one shouted “Hey girl in the blue t-shirt”. My sister looked at me and said to me “Im not a girl and this is a hoodie not a t-shirt”, trying to pass off the comment for them being daft and attention seeking. We never looked round so the boy repeated what he’d said then followed it up with some thing along the lines of “I want to lick your pussy”. We kept walking and I was worried about what would happen if they followed us to carry on but luckily they didn’t. There were other people and families around but probably not close enough to hear what the boy said. I was shocked I just couldn’t believe a 14 year old would say something like that. Anyway that ruined our nice walk in the park and I’m not sure I’ll feel as safe next time I go.


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  1. Laura says:

    Lovely sexist porn culture.

  2. VikingIrish says:

    I’ve heard things just as crass and it really does ruin things. You feel violated, on the defensive, waiting for another attack, wondering if you did something to make it happen, other than just exist. So sorry, girls.

  3. Radar says:

    If you think that is messed up,you should really hear what boys say to girls their own age. I’m 13 and one day as I’m walking down the hallway, all I hear is a boy say my name. So of course I turn around, and rite when I do the boy turns to the other boys and says “See that was the rack I was talking about. Doesn’t she look like a porn star in training? When I look at her all I see is my dick rite inbetween them!” He says of all this while I’m standing there.Rite after he finishes his little rant, the principle walks up. This makes me happy because I feel as though he will say something to them. Boy was I wrong, he calls me into his office and ask me why I am flirting with these boys instead of being in class. Wow, you have got to love the school system

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