Fiat Super Bowl Ad Stereotypes Women of Color

So the latest Super Bowl controversy, aside from rapper MIA flipping the bird during her performance with Madonna, is the Fiat Car commercial starring Romanian model Catrinel Menghia. Despite Fiat revealing today that the commercial achieved the highest cumulative increase in car model page traffic, we would like to pop that balloon by cataloguing several reasons why we just plain don’t like it.

Apart from objectifying females and condoning street harassment the advert plays with some very dangerous race and gender stereotyping. The commercial portrays a seemingly dumb white guy, ogling the classically hyper-sexualized woman of color. She is seen as provocative, voiceless and tattoed, a stereotype that we should be rejecting, not reinforcing. Check it out for yourself.



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  1. Allison says:

    saw the article on the below website and thought of all the folk at hollaback. glad to see its already on your page. thanks for all you do. it really makes a difference.

  2. Sebastian Michaelis says:

    That is not a woman of color. The publicity is funny…

    • Grey says:

      She’s certainly not a woman of color; she’s Romanian. And she’s not voiceless, either; she’s speaking perfectly clear Italian. But she is horribly, horribly stereotyped: that’s how all of the street harassers are fantasizing women will respond to their ogling. “Just glance, boys; this is what you get” is the message.

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