Gina’s story: I should’ve said something

I was walking down the street at about 1am on Saturday after having a celebration with a group of friends. I was with one friend who is male and slightly shorter than me (I am 5’6″). Approaching us was a group of four larger men. I didn’t think anything of it as we walked past them, and then one of them smacked me on the butt as we walked past. I did not even look at their faces because my friend and I were having a conversation — and it took me a few seconds to even comprehend what had happened. I told my friend that it had happened, but I am very angry at myself for not advocating for myself in some way. I didn’t yell. I didn’t explain how unacceptable his behavior was. I just kept walking. And that makes me feel very victimized and subservient. Yuck.


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  1. Enna says:

    You have done NOTHING wrong. There is never a “wrong” response. Maybe that man was trying to start a fight or get some reaction out of you. I’m not saying that ignoring it is the only right response – if you said something it would have been right too. Karma will catch up with that pathetic man – he might do it to a undercover policewoman and get tasrered or someone who has a blackbelt in judo.

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