Letty’s story:”You can’t treat women like that”

A stranger grabbed my crotch on the metro today. and then tried to deny it and get away from me when I started screaming at him. eventually he mumbled ‘sorry’ and walked away and i didn’t have the energy to keep following him. but i’m proud of myself for yelling: you can’t treat women like that! you are disgusting! you should be ashamed of yourself! that is unacceptable! next time i’ll be mentally prepared to take the next step and report it.


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  1. Gaurav says:

    this is really shameful act with women….and it’s good to see that you yelled and took an effectively step to move down such type of moron..and please guys support him who wants to take such step and be part of Ihollback…..

  2. Enna says:

    Good for you. Hopefully that will put him off from doing it again. Don’t feel bad about not chasing him – there is no single right response, there are serveral. Men do this kind of thing for power and by yelling at him you took the power away from him.

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