Kate’s Story: “I don’t talk to people that objectify and disrespect me”

As I walked past a group of 3 men, probably in their 30s, they started yelling, “Hey girl”, “Hey white girl”, “hey white girl in the black dress with the nice tits”…I continued to walk past them, trying to ignore them, but one stood up and walked after me saying, “what, are you racist or something? won’t talk to a black man?” I couldn’t remain silent any more…and I responded, “No. I don’t talk to people that objectify and disrespect me.” His cronies on the bench laughed, and he held his hands up and backed off.

Normally we do not post racial identifiers on this site, as per our anti discrimination policy.  Exceptions include when the relevance of race is central to the story, as is the case in this post.


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