Jill’s Story: “Thanks buddy, that sure makes me feel safer”

I was groped by a man on a bicycle two days in a row in Astoria. Considering I have lived here for 3 years and have felt very safe, this is really shocking and difficult to comprehend.

The first incident happened on the corner of 43rd Street and 30th Avenue around 3:30 while I was walking to the gym. A man on a bike was riding on the sidewalk towards me. He stopped directly behind me while I was waiting for the light and smacked my butt. I was so shocked that I did nothing as he sped away. No one else on the street seemed to noticed what had happened. I daydreamed all of the obscenities I could shout at this perv if I could go back in time, thinking that that this was a fluke and would never happen again.

Oh no, the very next day I was walking down 46th street around 6:30 pm and a guy on bike sneaked up behind me, whispered “nice ass” and grabbed me. He then sped away. I screamed “Asshole!” but really, does this affect a person like this? I got a better look at him and assume he’s probably the same guy.

I called the local precinct and the cop who I spoke to said that other women in Astoria have complained about this guy, near the locations I was at. He told me I could file a report if I wanted to. I went but a different cop said that it would be a waste of time. “These things happen,” he told me. Thanks buddy, that sure makes me feel safer.


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  1. Scarecrow says:

    That sort of stuff drives me mental. I don’t get harassed on the street because I’m a guy but going to the cops and trying to get them to help can be more frustrating than the thing you’re complaining about. Chances are this weirdo who grabbed you either does worse things or will soon. If no one is trying to stop him at this level of nuisance it may well be an invitation to go further with harassing women or some other crime.

  2. ronni says:

    this is 100% why all across the world slutwalks are taking place! its a fight against the ideas that rape culture is ok and that people caan do what they want and police will not step up because the cause is “not important enough” i wonder if you were that officers daughter, wife, mother if he would have flt different. and i mean if he can feel free to grab you why not try to force himself on people too cause i mean hes not in trouble now so why not push the limits right? FUCK THAT!

  3. Enna says:

    The first police officer did the right thing by saying the OP could file a report – the more information the police have the easier it is for them to work out the best way to use their resources and get a potential rapist of the streets. The second police officer – needs a different job! How could something like that be “a waste of time”!. I agree with Ronni, if it had happened to that officer’s wife, daughter, mother, sister or aunty he wouldn’t like it.

  4. MKC says:

    Sexual assault is a crime. Saying “These things happen,” to a crime victim shows deplorable ignorance on the part of our police force. If women are to be free to contribute to society, we must be secure from assault. If someone breaks into your home it is a crime worth reporting. Well someone is breaking into our physical sanctuary, our bodies. It is a crime well worth reporting. Report this guy to his superior officer. If that doesn’t work, take it up with Christine Quinn, she is all about protecting women. This guy has to be reeducated or reassigned somewhere he can’t destroy people’s trust in society.

  5. Amelia says:

    Seriously, you need to go to the second police officers boss and say something. That is absolutely unacceptable.

  6. Amy says:

    This happened to me too, about 10 years ago. I am usually pretty aware of my surroundings, listening for footsteps that sort of thing. So I heard the bikes approaching from behind me, but didn’t imagine that they were a) on the sidewalk, or b) ridden by jerks who would reach out and grab my breast. And then zoom off, barely hearing what I yelled.
    Turns out, just as in your case, this had happened before in my neighbourhood. Still waiting for the police to follow up. *sigh*

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