Kristina’s story: He groped me and I started swinging

I was out with a female friend of mine on Tuesday. We went to a local piano bar and were having some drinks and singing to the music. I was standing and a man had come and talked to my friend. While I was minding my own business singing and dancing a creep grabbed a handful of my butt. I immediately turned and started swinging. I got him twice in the chest and kicked at him to get him away. The blows that I landed were of minimal impact and caused no damage to him, but it startled him. I told him, “Don’t fucking touch me!” he said, “I was just trying to light your fire.” Ugh, gross. I said, “You’re disgusting, don’t put your hands on me.” He apologized several times and disappeared.

Maybe I’m not right by reacting physically, but I’m still proud that I stood up for myself. I’ve never acted so aggressively and people don’t think that a small girl like myself would defend herself. I guess now that guy knows better.


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  1. MW says:

    I’m proud of you, girl! I’ve done exactly the same thing. For me, it was an instinctive reaction. When a strange guy grabbed my butt, I turned and punched him right in the stomach! As he doubled over, I shouted “Get away from me!”

    He’d been annoying me earlier so I knew it was him …… Afterward, I remember feeling a little shocked at what I’d done but not regretful.

  2. Lilithe says:

    You were TOTALLY right in defending your person. An as grab is assault, and you get to fight in return. There was NOTHING wrong with your reaction – good on you for taking care of yourself!

  3. Buddy says:

    You both did the right thing. Girls / ladies should not be treated as sex toys for men. So bravo for standing up.

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